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Coronation of Atotoztli

Aztlan State wrote:*After the 3 month construction of the 4 floor Imperial Palace is finished being built, The Blood Ritual that will coronate Atotoztli I as the new king of the nation would take place, as soon as the sun rises the next day, Atotoztli I is taken to the highest pyramid in the village where a Royal priest will be waiting

Soon civilians begin arriving to the pyramid for the ceremony

The Royal Priest then grabs the young prince's hands and begins chanting as the drum rolls begin playing*

Royal Priest: May Xiuhtecuhtli in heaven bless Atotoztli I as the new Sunrise King of The Aztlan People and may he see his blood as pure and worthy!!!

*The Crowd soon begin chanting as the Royal Priest rises his knife upwards and makes a mark on Atotoztli I's hand to pronounce him as the new Imperial King
The Crowd begins cheering for the newly coronated King