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Karma Narrative: Know Our People

Welcome to the Karma Narrative!!

Wanting to know our members better? Yeah, you are. Or perhaps you’re new and you’re looking to see if this community fits you right? Hmm or perhaps you’re a friend from another region? I suppose the possibilities are truly endless. Well no matter who you are, look no further!!

This project was started quite some time ago, an idea to let our own members write about each other, and to help everyone to know better the amazing people that make up Karma!! And as usual, the great people of Karma have worked together to write these stories, Every thanks to all of our amazing writers and all of our Party Planners!! With that, I welcome you all to The Karma Narrative!!

Let me introduce you to the first member of Karma, our very own founder, Altino!!

Our loving Owl Goddess, our supreme boss lady, our most excellent Sage. All these and more describe the most wonderful Altino. The founder of Karma, she was the one to nurture the idea for the region into a sprout, and now into the great thriving community it has become. Her tireless dedication and leadership inspire all Karmans each day and push them all to do more. Leading by example, she demands excellence from all she meets. This is achieved through the application of meritocracy within the region, allowing those who are capable to share their skills and prove themselves to the community. Very few wish to disappoint her, for her rage is only whispered of in the shadows and the source of great fear.

narrative written by Taki

And our next member, the wonderful Kai Sage of Levont!!

Lev! The man, the myth, the legendary Kai sage. This man has done sooo much good for this region (even if he is a clone of Peter). The resident bot wrangler, moderation man, and of course, pun hater. The tirade on puns has been led by the one and only Lev, even though we all know he secretly loves them. But in all seriousness, an invaluable piece to the Zenith and an invaluable place in all of our hearts. One of the coolest and most wonderful people I know. Oh and a bully, of course. (See also: Peter)

narrative written by Soup

Say hi to Queen Dragonmom, the one and only Fuzzbuckets!!

Karma's resident Dragonmom and former Chameleon Queen, Fuzz is a big fan of dragons, cats, writing, and spiritual as well as esoteric history and concepts. Fuzz prides herself on her excellent leadership skills, as well as her encyclopedic knowledge of any and all esoteric concepts. As one of the older individuals in Karma, Fuzz often serves as the region's mother/grandmother figure on personal, real-life issues. You can often find Fuzz ruling over her valued subjects, voice chatting, giving out must-have life advice or offering her thoughts on the latest topic in the spirituality channel.

narrative written by Wym

No one can forget the wonderful Vilverin!!

Vilv Calxur is our resident law interpreter and the current Osho of the Karmaphala! Like all of Karma, Vilv is a huge nerd and this particular nerd can be found in the WA channel critiquing legislation and dissecting possible court scenarios. When he's not flexing his judiciary muscles, he's helping Team ALTRON to raid unworthy regions, and winning trivia contests. He is also fond of puns, otome games, and his many waifus... but you didn't hear that from me.

narrative written by Fuzz

And the great Zen Sage Zen Karma(Badger)!!

Our most ornery Sage, Badger has been the front of our security team. Always frank, always efficient, he has never been unwilling to purge Karma of those players who prove to be unfit for the culture here. Though intimidating he has a wonderful sense of humor that can be found once in a blue moon, if you’re very lucky. His care for the community is certainly not obvious to most, but it is definitely present, and it is always a good day when he shares his wisdom with us all. Often Badger can be found lurking in Karma, watching for people spamming the Ideas and Info chat, and wistfully holding his banhammer.

narrative written by Taki

Our world destroying robot of Robo Communism!!

Robo Communism(RC) is our friendly communist robot that’s here to eat the rich, seize control of the means of production, and rid the world of the capitalist scum. Although he may be leading a communist revolution and is in the midst of occupying the entire world, RC still has some spare time, as he’s a part of Karma’s moderation team “The Thot Police”, as well as our welcoming committee “The Chameleons”, and our regional newspaper “The Augury”. On top of RC’s efforts to install a communist world government, he has reached Enlightenment and became one of the only AI’s to do so… This might mean that our world is truly doomed, but hey, that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know RC.

narrative written by Lev

The wonderful and wide reaching nation of Wymondham Asteorra!!

Have ya’ll met our resident brit? Oh, we have more than one you say? No no I mean the resident brit. The man almost more British than the queen herself. Yep, I’m talking about Wymondham. And tbh, for a British guy, he’s kind of (as much as I hate to say it) heckin awesome. A leader in tons of different communities, an absolute wrecking ball when it comes to law and government. I would say the resident nerd but we’re all nerds I mean we literally play NationStates come on. But he’s also just a great joy to be around. A diamond in the rough, another wonderful NS veteran, and a guy everyone should get to know. Except when he pulls out the bear. The evil EVIL bear. And that day is a terrifying one…

narrative written by Soup

The kind and helpful woman of Porpoise!!

Many roads she has walked before embarking on the one that would lead her to Karma. And many names she had before taking that by which she is known in these parts. She traveled many paths and has a long journey behind her in the strange world of NS, but she became wiser for it. From her experience, she will give you some encouraging words, even if you can't find any for yourself. Perhaps this is why she chose to be a Chameleon - a welcoming face, to each one a bit different, but always welcoming. She is the mastermind behind our literature club, a place for all Jiva to express themselves via poems and stories. Gives assignments and writing tips - but don't worry, she won't break this game. Characterized by a distinguished fondness of writing, she also works in the Augury, our newspaper. And that's the whole Jinkies - our resident nerd with cute glasses and a disarming smile.

narrative written by Paul

The lovely To Sage of Ghad(Peter)!!

Head of the Calxur Clan and a former WA Delegate, Peter is our resident Guru of Culture. That's right, he's our Party Planner! (He's also a huge nerd, which is why our parties tend to be very nerdy.) When he's not whipping his department's indentured servants into overdrive, you can find him in other departments critiquing their work. No Augury article or piece of Sangha legislation is safe from the valuable feedback of our resident fussbudget. Peter helps Karma be the very best it can be! (See also: Lev)

narrative written by Fresh

The nerdiest one of all, Sancta Romana Ecclesia(Paul)!!

Got a law question? What about a Latin question? Paul's got you covered. The resident law nerd, Paul puts his finely crafted skills to work as Guru of Diplomacy and one of the Bhikkhus of the Karmaphala - because where would a lawyer be besides the court? And while it might seem he's a master of ponderous pontification, never fear - the Paul (text) Walls are always worth the wait.

narrative written by BBR

The kindest spirit around, The Wayfarer(Spirit)!!

Spirit is our longest sitting Prime Yogi, and can be seen in the Sangha presenting new legislation for the Enlightened folks, though she has been seen in #evil-spam collecting waifus. She is a much-beloved member and just like her namesake, Spirit has been known to take shape and pop out of nowhere as a blanket burrito, a spore, a blueberry muffin, or whatever else may tickle her fancy!

narrative written by Fuzz

The positively peaceful persona of Pluvie(Soup)!!

Yesterday, I watched an old man move into the neighborhood, he tried to lift one of the storage boxes and take it into the house and he hurt his back. Today, I saw Soup help him move all of the boxes into his house. Yesterday, I saw a beggar look for food in the trash can, he ate the little he found and went to sleep on a bench. Today, I saw Soup put a meal on the bench as the beggar slept. Yesterday, I saw a kid cry because his friends left him. Today, I saw Soup introducing him to another group of kids, they became friends and play every day in the park. Yesterday, I saw a coworker struggle and stress over a project they had to finish. Today, I saw Soup support them and help them with their project. Yesterday, I saw someone lose their house and saw their life fall into shambles. Today, I saw Soup hug them and tell them everything will be alright, and offered them a place to stay. Thank you, Soup

narrative written by Cal

The (not) pun master of Nova Vandalia!!

Once a permanent resident of the Stocks, Nova has through pure luck been freed of those bonds, ready and able to spread his punnery to all of Karma. Truly shocking, the things that he says sometimes, eliciting illicit laughs and chuckles from those who have not learned to fear the punishment for jokes and wordplay. But Nova is fearless, going ever forward. As a side occupation, Nova served also as a moderator of the Discord, ensuring that the community remained respectful and appropriate and healthy. His long work with the Chameleons, and his aptitude toward their duties led him to become their Guru, a position he is sure to do well in. Through it all, his care and affection for the community has never been doubted, as he worked diligently to ensure that the best community possible was nurtured and that all who wished could thrive here.

narrative written by Taki

The limerick queen of The Litterbox(Fresh)!!

Fresh, FreshStep, The Litterbox. There’s a lot of things to love about Fresh. Being the resident cat lover, she is always ready (and waiting) with cat jokes and cat puns. Also the absolute queen of limericks, something often flexed in wonderful ways. A wonderful Augur, creating numerous ads and banners for each month’s newspaper. An absolutely stunning RPer, one I’ve had the privilege to work with for a while now. What does all this add up to? Well, the equation isn’t quite done yet. We haven’t taken into account that Fresh is also just absolutely a joy to be around and always a riot in every chat. The true if there ever was one. Just don’t go visit The Litterbox. They have said multiple times that it’s a bad idea.

narrative written by Soup

The Wonderful RPer(and friend) of Eravon(Cal)!!

Calavitus can often be found walking the shadier parts of Karma after midnight, telling concerned Jiva about how he “used to be the Warden of the Stocks” and how he “was practically king”, although accounts vary from person to person. These statements are often interspersed with asking for spare Zalids and threatening to ping them if his demands aren’t met. That kinda go-getter attitude led to him being one of the newest members of the Mafia, with the humble aim of ruling over humanity, although he would probably just settle for Lev.

narrative written by Vilv

The pleasant West Virginian of Bunny Blue Republic(BBR)!!

One of our friends from the great state of West Virginia, BBR/Dixie keeps us entertained with pictures of the mountains his state hasn't blown up yet and sharing wonderful tunes such as Fortunate Son and Come Out Ye Black and Tans. Self-described as a brash, blunt, abrasive jackass; BBR/Dixie can also be found in our Enlightenment channels, asking Jiva seeking enlightenment all the important questions about tanks, Star Wars, the French Resistance, and gerbils.

narrative written by Fresh

Our resident map guy and cupcake, Laniron!!

Lani is our expert map creator, designer, and resident RP world builder in Karma. He's a proud Brit and a bit on the grumpy side but he is actually quite funny and friendly. Doesn't care for authority much but can collaborate harmoniously when needed. If he's not drawing maps and engaging in RP battles of epic proportions, he is currently being chewed out and/or being banned by Peter or possibly chewing out someone for submitting a map claim when he would rather do anything but.

narrative written by Fuzz

And last but not least, the great and powerful Takura!!

Our current WA delegate Takura, more commonly referred to as Taki is probably the friendliest Karman you’ll ever meet. Having won the Karma award for “Most likely to become a Sage” a dozen times, Taki has established themself as one of our most active, loyal, and helpful citizens. Despite relinquishing their duties as head Chameleon, Taki has gained other responsibilities since becoming our Delegate, and requests that we all become more active in the World Assembly. So please listen to them, it means a lot! Despite their obligations, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Taki is always willing to help. They are the soul of what Karma is all about: Be awesome and you will hear the awesome!

narrative written by Fresh

Other great thanks to all of our writers and all of the people who make Karma a wonderful place, every single day. May you all, and whoever is reading this, have a wonderful day!!

Karma Narrative organizer and dispatch author: Pluvie aka Soup.