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Wojakiewism - An official political ideology of Marsoslavia

We aren't tankies, or communists. We aren't fully automated luxury gay space communists. We aren't nazbols. We aren't Stalinists. We are too liberal for names like that. Communism isn't our goal. So who are we?

Wojakiewism (Polish, Slovak and Interslavic: Wojakiewizm, Russian and Byelorussian: Воякевизм, Ukrainian: Воякевізм, Czech: WojŠkiewizm, Serbian: Војакиевизам, Slovenian: Wojakewizem) - an official ideology prevailing in Marsoslavia. Its name comes from its founder - Lutosław the First Wojakiewicz. That ideology has been formulated in January of 2138 and based on the slogans of the unity of Slavs and socialism. One of the scriptures explaining Wojakiewism is "Towards the Unification of Slavic Nations", a book written by Lutosław the First Wojakiewicz, before he came to power. His masterpiece became very popular in Republic of Marsoslavia, and to the July of 2139, over 21 million of copies of that book were sold. After that professor Jan Wojakiewicz coronated himself, his book became an obligatory reading in schools.

Political assumptions

Economic affairs
Wojakiewism assumes the rejection of wild capitalism, Marxist conception of "dictatorship of the proletariat" and other radical economically leftist or rightist ideologies. According to the theoremes of Wojakiewism, the moral traits of capitalism should be tolerated, but also workers' rights should be also respected, while being employed, or leading the economic activity (jobs which give almost nothing to society like e-sport, playing instruments on the street, prostitution etc. don't count, but they can be recognized as an extra work) should be compulsory for everyone (except of people in education, or retired) who is capable of it, and the voluntarily unemployed people should not get any help from the state in form of benefits. According to the idea of Wojakiewism, people doesn't deserve free money (except unable to work, elders, families with many children whose parents are working etc.) but deserve for things like good working and living conditions, good wages, right to life, free water, healthcare and education, and small private property like houses, business, vehicles, animals, small farmlands etc. The most important sectors of economy like roads, energetics, natural resources, banks, armament plants etc. should be a state property.

Social affairs

WARNING: In this part, not all assumations of Wojakiewism have been presented in this factbook. Some of them have been omitted, because they are too controversial to present them in this factbook.

Wojakiewism is characterized especially by idea of the unity of Slavic nations, Pan-Slavic ethnic ultra-nationalism (which partially is based on the research led by the pair of the Russian anthropologists, professors Cheslav and Svetlana Guskovs), moderate traditionalism and also return to the militarization of Slavic society, which was a tradition of their ancient and medieval ancestors. According to that ideology, Slavs should be taught in the spirit of Wojakiewism, stay united and stop the fratricidal national conflicts between themselves. In "Towards the Unification of Slavic Nations", Wojakiewicz recalled the consequences of inciting the Slavic nations against themselves, which are tragic like: Serbian-Croatian conflict during WW2, Polish-Russian wars, Volhynian Genocide, Yugoslav War etc. He described it as a reason of his claiming, that separate nationalisms like Polish, Russian, Ukrainian etc. of Slavs shouldn't be tolerated (only civic nationalisms from separate ones should be accepted). Wojakiewism also assumes that the Slavic culture must be preserved from displacement, or deprivation of its significance, and nationality isn't entirely a social construct.

"Were it not for the Slavs' disputy, they would be the most powerful human force in the world."
- a quote from "Towards the Unification of Slavic Nations"

Wojakiewism also is standing up for illegality of abortion, or public promotion of homosexuality. But Lutosław the First Wojakiewicz stated that even homosexuals should be tolerated, but not let them flaunt their sexuality in public, and comparing them to pedophlies etc. is the height of stupidity and absurd.

The official ideology of Marsoslavia assumes that religion shouldn't have any influence on policy of the state, or education, but religious freedom should exist.

Political affairs
Wojakiewism definitely rejects democracy. Lutosław the First Wojakiewicz claims that people are not intelligent enough and too naive to rule themselves, but they needs a one strong, competent leader, who will properly take care of the whole country and convey his positive traits to his descendants. That's why he stands up for absolute monarchy.