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Indian Parliament Simulator

The cabinet has decided to begin a new RolePlay for Indian citizens. The RolePlay will simulate Indian Parliament.


1. It will be a tutorial based simulation, means the roleplay will be conducted for 1-2 weeks. After that a huge and extensive simulation with more features shall be released. The aim of this simulation is to make the citizens familiar with simulation.

2. The Parliament will be unicameral, that is no Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha.

3. Only two pre-defined parties shall be there (one of centre-left and one of centre-right). Participants will have to chose one among two parties.

4. Elections will be conducted to fill the seats of the parliament.

5. There shall be some pre-adopted laws, that is laws already present in the hypothetical constitution. MPs can vote to delete or ammend the laws.

6. There will be pre-defined laws, that is laws not present in the RP (hypothetical) constitution, but MPs can propose them in the parliament.

7. Laws shall be of two types: Constitutional Laws (requiring 2/3 majority to pass/ammend/delete them) and ordinary laws (requiring 51% of the votes to pass/ammend/delete them).

8. Currently Hindu Mahasabha will be acting as the Speaker of Parliament and Moderator to help the citizens make familiar with the simulation and teach the basics of the RP.