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Augustin Alliance

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Unparalleled in Efficiency, Quality, and Professionalism.

The Augustin Alliance is a multi-region network that is unlike any other in the world. That is not hyperbole: since its founding in 2016, it has accumulated over a thousand nations, three N-Day victories, influence and WA voting power that place it on par with the game-created regions, and a reputation for machine-like efficiency. Though it may keep to itself most days, it is always present and never ceases to strive for greater heights.

So, what makes us the best at what we do?

Our four member regions have distinct themes and cultures, and act independently in matters of government and foreign policy, thereby providing a wide array of opportunities to their residents. The regions cooperate on offensive, defensive, and foreign outreach operations via the Joint Task Force, the regions' collective military and diplomatic branch. Finally, the Alliance itself is led by the Central Strategic Committee, a supragovernmental body of appointed officials who set and enforce policy across the organization.

Put together, these pieces form a sprawling and incredibly active single community. Why take our word for it, though? You are Linkinvited.

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The overarching purpose of the Alliance is to allow players to focus on their favorite part of the game, while giving them access to a wider community, and maintaining a high level of quality across the whole experience. To do that, we built a loose coalition of six regions: Ridgefield, Cape of Good Hope, Conch Kingdom, Lands End, Dawn, and Narnia. Each one has its own theme, its own purpose, and a completely unique form of government. To find out more, read the descriptions below!

A gameplay region themed as a small town and governed as a meritocracy. WA membership is required for residents in order to prevent puppets.

Cape of Good Hope
A casual, laid-back roleplay region with a map, no forum, and no rules.

Conch Kingdom
A beachside region with an intricate political structure, a tropical theme, an offsite forum, and no WA requirements.

Lands End
A capitalism-centered region, organized as a public corporation, and run by its shareholders and a Board of Directors.

Based heavily on the fantasy series by CS Lewis, and operates as a "living story" of sorts, where power can change hands at any time with the outcome of battles, negotiations, and trickery.

Originally formed outside the Alliance, now politically and thematically modeled after an Athenian city-state.

The Alliance also has a military branch called the Joint Task Force (JTF), which is the only major organization to engage in regular raids and defenses of other regions. The JTF regularly works with other militaries on operations around the world, specializes in difficult occupations, and manages exceptionally high activity for its size.

Discord chat server
While an RMB works well for communications within a region, the Augustin Alliance uses Discord to bring multiple regions together, along with ambassadors from foreign shores. The chat server has regular conversations, games, political debates, and regional planning. A public invite link can be found Linkhere.

Now that you know a little more about us, we would love to have you stop by one of our regions or the Discord server to chat or ask questions. Thanks for reading!

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To inquire about the Augustin Alliance, please telegram CSC Media Officer Free Azell or message Ellenburg#8639 on Discord. For matters concerning only one member region, please contact that region's designated foreign affairs official.

To inquire about World Assembly approvals and recommendations, please telegram CSC Defense Officer TESDAI or message TESDAI#3151 on Discord.

To inquire about military operations, please telegram JTF Director Cognitive Realm or message Aav#7546 on Discord. To see whether the JTF is currently raiding or defending, check the Joint Task Force WFE.

To inquire about offsite matters, please telegram Administrator Cle Brait or message Babylon98#7188 on Discord.

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