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Emissary Report - August 2020

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: August 2020
Population: 1503
Delegate Endorsements: 604
Forum: Link
Discord: Link

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Markanite.
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), THX1138, Controlitia.
~Executive Officers: Aschente, Hakketomat.


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~WA Delegate: Kuriko
~Senior Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Grea Kriopia
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Thedairos
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Controlitia
~Senator for Himes West (RP): Wille-Harlia
~Minister of Labor: HumanSanity
~Minister of Immigration: THX1138
~Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

Delegate Kuriko posted an official statement after recent incidents with our Discord. You can read it here.

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

New Government Appointments

~ Senator Thedairos appointed Free Las Pinas to serve as their Deputy Senator for Lyonnesse East to help out with maintaining XKI Houses and hosting competitions.
~ As N-Day approaches in September, Haivon was hired to help coordinate N-Day efforts with The Potato Alliance on behalf of XKI.
~ In line with new legislation creating a Discord moderation team separate from XKI government, 10 new appointments were made to the new mod team. You can find the full list of members in the Ministry of Labor payroll.

Around the Islands

~ August's LinkFeatured Nation was Margaux, a prolific roleplayer who has also served in TITO, as a recruiter, and as Deputy Senator for Himes West. Keep up the good work!
~ XKI's first-ever LinkTacoVison, hosted by Hakketomat, was a resounding success, with over 20 participating nations, a Discord listening party, and a live vote count. HN67 proved his excellent music taste with his winning song entry LinkMoney Run Low by The Score. Congrats!
~ Minister of Immigration, THX1138, gave recruiters a chance to win tons of Tacos during the LinkTreasure Beach Summer Recruiter Event. Although the event was briefly interrupted for Accelerator maintenance, recruiters were eager to continue the race to draw in new nations, and the competition has been extended into September.
~ A multitude of fantastic flag designs were submitted for the LinkA Taco Archipelago Flag Contest, sponsored by Taco-Island-Charities. After much consideration, Islanders chose the entry by Free Las Pinas, making it A Taco Archipelago's official flag! Congratulations FLP and thank you to all who participated.
~ Additionally, Taco-Island-Charities is hosting a Short Story Contest on our forums with a taco prize! Find more info Linkhere.
~ The Cultural Office was hard at work this month, introducing two brand new events! First, they asked everyone to put on their thinking caps with a Weekly Riddle competition hosted gameside. They also gave Islander's a chance to share a laugh and snack on popcorn during XKI's first official Linkmovie night, watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Big thanks to the Cultural Office Staff for their amazing work!

Islander Achievements

We're trying out a new section for this report, dedicated to the individual achievements and efforts of XKI members. Don't forget to drop by and congratulate them on their success!

~ Blogotopia was ranked as the #6 Top Issue Player early in August. Little wonder, given that they're Number 1 in Welfare, Public Education, and Youth Rebelliousness, and are in the top 0.1% for an astounding 38 stats.
~ Not to be outdone Tzo was ranked as the #4 Top Issue Player in the same dispatch, being first in Intelligence, Culture, and Inclusiveness. They are also in the top 10 ranking for a grand total of 16 stats! Congrats to both of XKI's premier issue players! We hope to see you both continue to rise in the rankings.
~ Paffnia has been busily typing away with his latest issue draft Parking? Lots! Filled with humor and Paff's signature charm, the draft is shaping up nicely for submission. Here in XKI, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a quick publication!
~ Wischland was too humble to mention her own issue drafts when writing this section but she has at least two in the works, Spare a Couple Endorsements, Leader? and Of Wealth and Health, as well as one already submitted! Most definitely a promising career of issue writing in her future and fingers crossed on publishing!
~ Despite being just a few months old in NS, Free Las Pinas has already become an important figure in the realm of trading cards. With a deck valuation at an incredible 2553.78, FLP is already ranked in 100th place for International Artwork. As if that wasn't awesome enough, he's also been a boon to the region with his card mentorship and contributions to the LinkXKI Card Co-op. Thank you FLP, and keep up all the good work!

XKI Game-Side

A poll by THX1138 held this August made stomachs rumble, asking Islanders about their favorite type of pie as we approach the fall season.

The RMB just kept giving this August with these wonderful gems...

Dress in layers
Poker face
Wrong kind of celebration!
Don't jump the gun
Riddle has 6 letters
To CTE, or not to CTE
Hope you're at cat person
A little wisdom
Collective groaning
Gif me a break

WA Affairs

Going forward, you can catch the WA Affairs found in the vote tracker created by the 10KI WA Secretariat. This section will not be included in future editions.

World Assembly Supremacy Program

Current Proposals:

GA, Repeal: “Supporting And Valuing The Humanities”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Current Regional vote: For 2 | Against 10 | Abstain 0
Current Delegate vote: Against (weight 599)
Current WA vote: For 3,847 (39.0%) | Against 6,011 (61.0%)
Result: At Vote until September 16th.

General Assembly Resolution #495 “Supporting and Valuing the Humanities” (Category: Education and Creativity; Area of Effect: Educational) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly,

Reminding member nations that the General Fund, which relies on “donations from member states”, is not a bottomless pit of money;

Appalled that GA 495 does not sufficiently ensure that the World Humanities Fund does not pay for wasteful programmes that are only tangentially related to its objectives or permit member nation subdivisions to request funding for local educational needs;

Troubled that GA 495 fails to require that Fund-bankrolled programmes could not be paid for adequately by recipients without WA money;

Dismayed that this failure creates incentives for member nations to pawn off costs to the World Assembly and then pocket the difference, encouraging reckless spending of other peoples’ money;

Incensed at section 5’s requirement that “the GAO... cease the allowance of funds to the transgressing nation or organization” “if incorrect use of funds is reported” without adequate due process;

Interpreting that provision to apply to all GAO disbursements, rather than just World Humanities Fund handouts, even if nations or organisations receive funding in separate programmes with different oversight for separate purposes, such as:

a. preventing radioactive leakage,

b. primary education,

c. healthcare for people in poverty, and

d. economic development;

Extremely concerned that, by cutting off member nation ministries from resources voted to them in previous resolutions for the wrongdoings of unrelated ministries, GA 495 would then:

a. weaken safety standards in uranium mines, increasing the risk of widespread nuclear disaster,

b. worsen primary education in other topics, harming literacy and basic education as a whole,

c. hamper the ability of health systems in developing nations to cope with infectious diseases, and

d. destroy jobs in weak economies, plunging workers into poverty; and

Convinced that GA 80 “A Promotion of Basic Education”, which already requires schools in member nations to offer more humanities courses than the bare-minimum single course required in Article 2 of the target resolution, renders the target resolution unnecessary, hereby:

Repeals GA 495 “Supporting and Valuing the Humanities”.

Co-authored with Imperium Anglorum.

SC, Commend Altino: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Wymondham
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Current Regional vote: For 0 | Against 17 | Abstain 1
Current Delegate vote: Against (weight 599)
Current WA vote: For 3,486 (25.0%) | Against 10,449 (75.0%)
Result: At Vote until September 14th.

The Security Council,

Recognizing that the nation of Altino, founded four years ago, has made many exceptional contributions worthy of commendation by this council, through their work to develop regional communities and leaders, as well as to build inter-regional camaraderie;

Observing Altino’s work in connecting regional leaders and founders by hosting and inviting them to “NationStates Leaders”, which they have constantly striven to improve, where nations can discuss and debate the principles of regional leadership, access resources to improve regional government, share leadership techniques, and learn from experienced nations' wisdom;

Acknowledging Altino's service to the region of Karma, in the following capacities, among others:

• as the region’s founder, thanks to their steady hand, it has grown into a vibrant and prosperous community, achieved partially through the unique “enlightenment” process that all nations must undergo to serve in senior government positions and to vote in the regional legislature;

• as Editor of “the Augury” - the region’s newspaper, through which they ensured the nations of Karma were kept well informed and up to date about regional events;

• and as a member of the Council of Sages, where they assisted their fellow sages in guiding the region on matters ranging from legislation to the appointment of new members of government, thus ensuring that it was governed competently and fairly;

Lauding Altino’s efforts to foster inter-regional relations helping, in various roles, to forge treaties between Karma and Caer Sidi, Anteria, and The West Pacific, all of which cultivated strong relationships and broadened Karma’s diplomatic reach;

Honouring Altino’s service to The West Pacific as Commander of The West Pacific Armed Forces for 5 months from October 2017 to February 2018, which under their leadership:

• developed innovative recruitment methods which drove membership and activity to unprecedented levels in a short space of time;

• adopted the iconic West Pacific Pirate theme, allowing for purveyors of cutlasses and swillers of rum to be put into the spotlight;

• expanded the officer corps fivefold, while also improving training standards;

• integrated the Armed Forces with the wider regional community, enabling several recruits to transfer their skills to the government of The West Pacific;

• authored articles for “The West Pacifican”, the regional newspaper, detailing the Armed Forces’ work and helping to improve regional understanding of the Armed Forces’ efforts;

• trained several talented officers and future Commanders, including Overthinkers - the current commander of The West Pacific Armed Forces;

Praising Altino’s work in Osiris, as both its longest serving Pharaoh and as Chief Vizier, where they ushered in a new philosophy of government, leading to the emergence of a new generation of Osiran leaders, with their principles serving as the region’s guiding philosophy to this day, alongside transforming the region’s sense of community, and increasing activity and governmental participation to a level that, due to their stellar leadership, became both unprecedented and sustainable;

Appreciating the significance of Altino’s continued presence as a "beloved pillar" of the communities of both The West Pacific and Osiris, as shown by their work to uphold community standards, promote regional culture and advise community leaders using their vast experience, as recognised by the respective communities in the form of their honorary status as the first recipient of The West Pacific Medal of Honour and the honorary title of "Soul Sista", as conferred by delegate Bran Astor, alongside Osiris' highest honour, the Violet Jewel of Atum;

Believing that the accomplishments detailed above have improved creative and productive participation in many communities and are worthy of recognition by this august body;

Hereby Commends Altino.
Co-authored by Nieubasria

Recent Proposals:

GA, September 11th 2020 Ensuring Effectual Recycling: A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.
Author: Honewdewistania
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 9 | Against 0 | Abstain 3
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 611)
Final WA vote: For 13,205 (85.2%) | Against 2,300 (14.8%)
Result: Passed with 85.2%.

The General Assembly,

Acknowledging the large volume of waste produced in member nations partly as a result of rapid economic growth;

Recognising that large amounts of this non-compostable waste could cause serious damage to the health of animals and ecosystems;

Convinced that promoting and mandating recycling could reduce waste and prevent it from contaminating ecosystems;

Believing it is the duty of the World Assembly to promote such practices in order to protect the health of all beings and the ecosystems they inhabit; Hereby:

1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution:

a. "recyclable waste" as waste that can be safely reprocessed into a material or product that can be reused for a practical purpose such as in manufacturing,

b. "recycled materials" as recyclable waste that has undergone the recycling process and has become a reusable material;

2. Compels member nations to ensure the availability of easily accessible, safe, and usable recycling systems for use by their businesses and inhabitants;

3. Mandates that member nations regularly upgrade and update any structures or buildings involved in the recycling process, pre-existing or otherwise, with the best possible improvements given the finances that might reasonably be allocated;

4. Authorises the use of the World Assembly General Fund, by member states, in order to ensure effective and reasonably-affordable compliance with clauses 2 and 3, for those that states that are reasonably unable to achieve these mandates otherwise;

5. Requires member nations to create initiatives, through penalisation or incentives, to:

a. raise awareness of recycling as a method to reuse waste;

b. encourage inhabitants and businesses to use recycling centres to recycle recyclable waste;

c. promote the usage or purchase of items made from recycled materials;

6. Mandates that member nations implement these initiatives to practical benefit;

7. Obligates member nations to create further accessible collection systems for recyclable waste, such as door side recycling or properly marked recycling bins;

8. Permits member states to incinerate or create and use landfills for certain types of waste when the technology or infrastructure does not exist, in that nation, to process the waste efficiently in a more environmentally-friendly way;

9. Mandates that member nations employ recycled materials wherever reasonably feasible;

10. Recommends member states to collate and conduct research to create or delegate the creation of more efficient or safer waste reduction or recycling methods, and to share this knowledge between each other;

11. Despite the above, requires member nations to pursue the least environmentally damaging viable alternative regarding waste reduction and recycling in cases where following any of the above mandates would result in a worse net outcome for the environment than not following them.

Co-authored by Kenmoria.

SC, September 9th 2020 Repeal: “Commend Kuriko”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 16 | Against 1 | Abstain 2
Final Delegate vote: Abstain
Final WA vote: For 12,197 (89.2%) | Against 1,470 (10.8%)
Result: Passed with 89.2%.

The World Assembly Security Council,
Noting the fact that Kuriko, a well-respected nation who has helped better the world through both international diplomacy and other means, was formally recognized with the passage of SCR#300 "Commend Kuriko",

Maintaining the fact that Kuriko is highly commendable for their actions both in the Security Council itself and abroad in the international community,

Believing, however, that SCR#300 does a poor job of representing Kuriko's accomplishments, and instead relies on the then-recent election of the nation as the World Assembly Secretary-General to boost the resolution into passage, as opposed to passing based on its own merits,

Concerned that the acknowledgement of Kuriko's contributions to the Security Council rely more closely on the quantity of their proposals, while failing to recognize the quality that comes alongside it,

Saddened by the fact that the commendation of Kuriko reads akin to a basic list of accomplishments, without truly explaining the significance of those achievements or accentuating their magnitude,

Further disappointed by the inaccuracies present in this list, including:

i. Calling the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization merely the "Thousand Islands Treaty Organization," an error which underestimates the magnitude of the organization tenfold,

ii. The assertion that Kuriko mobilized many defending forces in regards to the attempted 2019 coup of The East Pacific, when in fact they only mobilized TITO,

iii. Claiming that the Rejected Realms Treaty of Friendship was negotiated by Kuriko, when in fact the majority of negotiations were made by Alkasia, whereas Kuriko merely presented it to the Council of Nine after the negotiations were complete,

And certain that the candidate will undoubtedly achieve many more feats in their time, and that any commendation of Kuriko should include as many accomplishments as it possibly can, and any one written prematurely will do a grave disservice to both the candidate and the Security Council as a whole,

Hereby repeals SCR#300

GA, September 8th 2020 Marine Protection Act: A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.
Author: Cretox State
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 11 | Against 3 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 617)
Final WA vote: For 11,880 (76.4%) | Against 3,672 (23.6%)
Result: Passed with 76.4%.

The World Assembly,

Noting the importance of a healthy marine environment in maintaining biodiversity, enabling sustainable fishing and other commercial activities, and ensuring that people are fully able to enjoy recreational and cultural activities,

Applauding the commitment of this august body to the preservation of environmental health, including the integrity of marine environments,

Lamenting the lack of existing World Assembly resolutions designed to address destructive practices in essential marine environments, including unsustainable harvesting of marine organisms, heavy tourist traffic, waste dumping, and industrial activities, and

Wishing to remedy this deficiency by establishing an international framework for the protection of marine environments, hereby:

1. Defines "regulations" as reasonable restrictions on any of the following, for the purposes of this resolution:

a. the types and scale of fishing and other harvesting of marine organisms;

b. the dumping of waste;

c. access to tourists and the activities tourists may undertake; or

d. industrial activities, such as oil drilling and refinement;

2. Establishes the Committee for the Preservation of Marine Environments (CPME) to oversee the protection of critical marine environments in international waters, with the following responsibilities:

a. identifying areas within international waters which would benefit from sanctuary designation due to said areas meeting any of the following conditions:

i. being critical to the survival and growth of a species due to serving as a major spawning, breeding, or feeding area;

ii. serving as a habitat containing an exceptional level of biodiversity; or

iii. containing a notable shipwreck or other site of high cultural or historical significance;

b. designating such areas as sanctuaries, and implementing and maintaining regulations in said areas to further the purpose for which said sanctuaries were designated;

c. compiling and maintaining a comprehensive report on the state and health of the marine environment within each sanctuary as applicable to the purpose for which that sanctuary was designated, to be available upon request to any member nation; and

d. ensuring that member nations are appraised of the regulations enacted within a sanctuary should they desire that information;

3. Clarifies that any regulations implemented under this resolution must comply with other World Assembly resolutions;

4. Permits member nations to petition the CPME to remove sanctuary designation from an area or modify regulations implemented pursuant to this resolution in that area, which the CPME shall thoroughly review before making a decision on the matter;

5. Mandates that member nations implement regulations within areas of their territorial waters meeting the conditions outlined in section 2a of this resolution, to the extent reasonable and effective in those areas;

6. Urges member nations to take further measures to protect marine environments within their territories; and

7. Encourages member nations to finance the implementation of measures pursuant to this resolution through financial penalties on industrial practices harmful to environmental health.

SC, September 5th 2020 Repeal: “Commend The Red Fleet”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Bormiar
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 12 | Against 2 | Abstain 3
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 625)
Final WA vote: For 11,044 (82.6%) | Against 2,330 (17.4%)
Result: Passed with 82.6%.

Security Council Resolution #184 “Commend The Red Fleet” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The Security Council,

Lauding the noble goal of fighting fascism within NationStates, but recognizing that such a goal does not instantly make a region commendable,

Noting that the Red Fleet is now a decent antifascist region, but the region's commendation is a remnant of a time when the region was plagued by toxicity,

Aggrieved that “Commend the Red Fleet” is a blatant self-commend, as most of the resolution was written by Misley, then the Fleet Admiral of the Red Fleet, who intentionally instructed the “author”, New tuva ssr, not to give credit to them in order to hide the fact that it was a self-commend,

Unimpressed by the operations by the Red Fleet listed in the commendation, as their involvement was heavily exaggerated, for the following reasons:

• While it’s true that the Red Fleet came to the aid of the Internationale, this was merely an act of self-defense, as the Internationale was a recruitment ground for the Red Fleet, and the Internationale later hosted the Red Fleet’s center of communications. The region’s contemporary founder had also been a senior member of the Red Fleet,

• The destruction of Nazi Europe was coordinated by Evil Wolf, the North Pacific Army, Lone Wolves United, and the United Imperial Armed Forces. While their commendation redirects credit to the Red Fleet, the Red Fleet didn't move in until the region had already been captured and secured, making them only a footnote in the operation,

• Leninist Russia was a backwater region which never had more than a handful of nations, so the liberation was hardly as important as the commendation makes it appear. As the Red Fleet reported at the time of the liberation, there was only a “small team” of fascists, making a liberation rather easy. The region ended up being taken in a sleeper operation by Captain Woodhouse,

• The liberation of Anne Frank had participation from almost 30 militaries. The Red Fleet neither organized the operation nor was vital to its success,

Concluding that, while these operations are laudable, “Commend the Red Fleet” implies greater importance and altruism behind the Red Fleet’s actions than that of reality, thus misleading the reader,

Hesitant to commend a region where at least 4 of its major members which built the organization have incurred smiting, often for atrocities committed under the guise of "antifascism". The entire region was also decimated in an act of God and was made impossible to rebuild for a time. Their atrocities were not necessary or helpful to the antifascist movement, and instead embarrassed it,

Deploring the Red Fleet as an organization which has actually weakened the antifascist movements through deplorable actions that encouraged disunity, including attempting to push Asgard, which had assisted in major antifascist operations like Hitler Youth, out of Antifa because of a diplomatic feud,

Disappointed that the Red Fleet has attacked regions innocent of fascism, including anti-fascist regions, simply because of right-wing connections or "witch-hunt" accusations, such as:

• Libertarian, which was raided in a 4 day occupation due to an embassy with a soon-to-be member region of REATO, which the Red Fleet has warred with. Libertarian likely did not know REATO was fascist, as the organization pretended to be anti-fascist, and the Red Fleet did not attempt to inform Libertarian of their innocent embassy mistake,

• Corporate Profit Alliance, which had had an embassy with Antifa prior to being falsely accused of fascism and destroyed by the Red Fleet. The Red Fleet justified their raid by claiming that the word “corporate” meant “fascism”,

Disgusted that the Red Fleet founded Capitalist under the claim that "capitalism is cradle [sic] of Fascism", and had the region's World Factbook Entry endorse the “[suffering]” and “Extremely violent re-education process” for capitalists, graphically describing a “Tormented Poor little Capitalist Crying it's Agony of Horrible Destiny and Eternal Despair”,

Shocked that a major early leader of the Red Fleet, Proletaurus, stated that they did not need to prove that any regions they seized were fascist, and that it didn’t matter whether any regions they ever seized and denounced as fascist truly were fascist,

Attributing these incursions and radical actions to have wrecked much of Antifa’s good public standing and appearance,

Therefore finding extremely insufficient justification from this self-commendation of the Red Fleet,

Hereby repeals SC#184 “Commend the Red Fleet”.

GA, September 4th 2020 Land Reclamation Regulation: A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.
Author: Orca and Narwhal
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against 11 | Abstain 2
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 625)
Final WA vote: For 7,709 (49.1%) | Against 7,997 (50.9%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The World Assembly,

Acknowledging the use of land reclamation in member nations to increase their land area for purposes such as alleviating overpopulation;

Concerned that unregulated land reclamation could lead to serious environmental damage, such as:

• the destruction of coral reefs and wetlands,

• erosion of beaches in nations that sell sand to be used in land reclamation,

• use and harmful depletion of nonrenewable resources during the initial and continued phases of a project;

Hoping that by regulating land reclamation, these environmental damages can be prevented;

The World Assembly Hereby:

1. Mandates that member nations obtain all resources used in the actual physical construction phase of land reclamation projects in a manner with minimal damage to the environment;

2. Requires that impact studies be conducted by the Environmental Survey of the World Assembly (ESWA) to evaluate whether any land reclamation causes any of the following:

a. the extinction of any animal species residing in the land being reclaimed,

b. significant disruption to a food chain involving endangered or rare animals,

c. loss of plant or fungal species with a particular, known, unique importance to medicine,

3. Prohibits member nations from moving forward with a land reclamation project if the ESWA deems a place not suitable to reclaim land or if the land reclamation projects drain or destroy coral reefs, mangrove wetlands or other exceptionally biodiverse areas

4. Encourages member nations to use other less environmentally destructive methods to alleviate overpopulation while also minimizing the ecological and environmental impact of land reclamation; and

5. States that clause 1 of this resolution shall apply to both freshwater and saltwater land reclamations projects while the rest of this resolution will only apply to all land reclamations projects in saltwater environments.

Co-authored by Honeydewistania.

SC, September 1st 2020 Repeal "Commend Evil Wolf": A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Marxist Germany
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote:: For 5 | Against 0 | Abstain 21
Final Delegate vote: Abstain
Final WA vote: For 2,813 (19.2%) | Against 11,811 (80.8%)
Result: Failed to pass.

Security Council Resolution #169 “Commend Evil Wolf” shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly Security Council,

Recognising Evil Wolf's efforts in combatting the spread of Nazism and Fascism,

Acknowledging, however, that Evil Wolf is a nation notorious for raiding and initiating coups,

Deploring Evil Wolf's more recent involvement in Lazarus, a region that it was commended for helping, in which Evil Wolf, other members of Lone Wolves United, and their allies, Aleister and Funkadelia, committed the following crimes:

• Ejecting numerous native nations without a fair trial;

• Establishing an autocratic regime led by its proxy Killer Kitty;

• Making several changes, such as declaring Lazarus a "Khanate" and flying a flag derived from the colours and symbols of Lone Wolves United, followed thereafter by changing the World Factbook Entry to include the phrase "the Dictatorship of the Raider"; and

• Appointing regional officers from the Condemned raiding region Lone Wolves United,

Decrying the actions of Evil Wolf that preceded and helped facilitate the aforementioned coup in Lazarus, which include allowing for the smuggling of foreign voters as part of a scheme to undermine the democratic process and lying to natives about preventing a coup from happening as part of the propaganda used to legitimise their coup,

Appalled by the contradiction arising from commending a nation that is the founder of a region condemned by this body in Security Council Resolution #74, Lone Wolves United: a region infamous for its coups in Feeders and Sinkers and which continues to raid and wreak havoc in undefended regions,

Observing that whilst the actions taken by Evil Wolf to destroy Nazi Europe were noble and greatly cherished by the NationStates community, they do not justify a commendation on their own as the invasion of Nazi Europe was merely another griefing activity to add to its list, as indicated by several leaked telegrams between the leaders of Evil Wolf and German Dragons, in which Evil Wolf's leaders admit that the attack on Nazi Europe was nothing more than an opportunity to raid and was not ideologically motivated,

Further observing that the target resolution contains factual inaccuracies, such as a mention of Killer Kitty having been delegate of Lazarus in 2006-2007 for two terms, which is incorrect, as Killer Kitty served its first term in 2005 and its second in 2006, and never served as delegate in 2007,

Recalling that the previous commendations of A mean old man and Sedgistan had been repealed after the former's involvement in a coup of Lazarus and the latter's lead of a coup in The South Pacific,

Dismayed by the actions of the commended nation in actively seeking to discredit attempts to warn natives of a coup in The East Pacific as 'lies' from 'conspiracy theorists', and the detrimental impact this had on attempts to prevent the crimes that were subsequently done, and

Discerning that the actions of the nation Evil Wolf, when considered, are not befitting of a commendation;

Thus, the World Assembly Security Council repeals Security Council Resolution #169, Commend Evil Wolf.

GA, August 31st 2020 GMO International Trade Accord: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Cretox State
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 10 | Against 3 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 631)
Final WA vote: For 10610 (71.7%) | Against 4187 (28.3%)
Result: Passed with 71.7%.

The World Assembly,

Admiring the potential of agricultural biotechnology to revolutionize food production, bolster commercial growth, and ensure food security for peoples throughout the world,

Recognizing genetically modified organisms as a crucial product of agricultural biotechnology, which offer immense benefits in crop yield, pest resistance, and other areas,

Understanding that genetically modified organisms by their very nature present a potentially extreme hazard to national populations, due in no small part to the unpredictability of novel genetic material, which poses substantial risks such as increased selection pressure on native organisms, gene transfer resulting in resistant pests and microorganisms with increased pathogenicity, and the impossibility of removing many such organisms from the environment after their introduction, and

Wishing to encourage the development of agricultural biotechnology while addressing this potential hazard and supporting global conservation and agricultural sustainability efforts through the regulation of the international trade of genetically modified organisms, hereby:

1. Defines for the purposes of this resolution:

a. "biotechnology" as the application of genetic modification techniques that overcome natural barriers of physiological reproduction or recombination, and are not techniques used in traditional breeding and selection; and

b. a "genetically modified organism" (GMO) as any living organism or product made from a living organism, including viruses and similar particles, that possesses genetic material in a novel combination obtained through the use of biotechnology, excepting sapient organisms;

2. Establishes the Committee for the Regulation of Modified Products (CRMP) under the International Trade Administration for the purpose of overseeing the implementation of measures pursuant to this resolution, with the following responsibilities:

a. establishing and maintaining guidelines regarding the international trade of GMOs, in order to protect conservation efforts and biodiversity;

b. providing guidance on environmental risk assessment of GMOs;

c. facilitating the exchange of information concerning GMOs;

d. assisting member nations with the acquisition of resources to safely develop and effectively regulate biotechnology;

e. assisting member nations with the implementation of measures pursuant to this resolution; and

f. providing funding to member nations for the purpose of implementing measures pursuant to this resolution, in the event that the member nations in question are demonstrably unable to otherwise implement such measures due to economic limitations;

3. Mandates that member nations:

a. make decisions regarding the import of GMOs based on scientific environmental risk assessments where reasonable;

b. take reasonable and effective measures to prevent the illicit shipment or accidental release of GMOs or their genetic material;

c. take economically feasible measures to promote public awareness of the benefits and risks of GMOs according to a cost-benefit analysis of said measures; and

d. assist with scientific and technical training regarding GMOs;

4. Reserves to member nations the ability to set their own policies regarding the sterilization of plant GMOs and the use of sterilized plant GMOs, with the following requirements:

a. said policies must permit the use of sterilized plant GMOs in cases where the environmental benefit of using sterilized plant GMOs would clearly outweigh any downsides of their use; and

b. said policies must implement reasonable and effective measures to prevent the spread of sterilized plant GMO pollen to any nearby fields of similar plants;

5. Encourages member nations to facilitate more expansive research and development of biotechnology.

Last updated September 7th.
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Meet A Nation Interview

This month we had the pleasure to sit down with a relatively new nation in XKI, Free Las Pinas, and chat about their work in the new XKI Cards Coop that launched recently within the region. Aside from within the Coop, FLP works assisting the XKI Casino, as Ambassador to Texas, and as Deputy Senator for Lyonnesse East.

GK: Thanks for doing this FLP, why do you talk about how you ended up in XKI?

FLP: Like everybody else, I began with founding my nation, which was pretty boring. I did everything most of us probably did. Once I was done with the issues and reading the new policies, I noticed I had a few telegrams. I read through a few and laughed, but what I really liked in particular was this one I got that mentioned me being “a hot commodity”. After reading the telegram in full, I decided to see what 10000 Islands was all about, and thought huh, white-sand beaches and blue-green waves? This region is perfect for me [my nation being an archipelago and all]! So I hit the join button and never looked back.

GK: Of course! Obviously you quickly got involved here, especially in cards, what/who got you into trading cards?

FLP: A few days after my founding, I created new puppets, because I got really bored of waiting hours to answer issues. I soon also applied for the Cultural Office Assistant position, and one thing led to another, I was handling about 50 nations, with half of them devoted to the Cultural Office. With that many nations, I quickly got involved more with cards and I began farming every single day.

GK: So, then what exactly do you do in your new role as a Cards Coop Administrator?

FLP: As of now, I handle the Co-op Mentorship program, wherein I assign members to a mentor and I also teach Co-op members who are new to card farming. I also help in processing recruits, and I’m soon going to handle our Shared Transfer Card System.

GK: Can you explain what the Cards Coop is for those who don't know?

FLP: The Co-op is XKI’s own cards-based organization that stockpiles legendary cards and cards of significant Islanders. We’re mostly based around cooperation, wherein we help each other build collections by allowing members to request any card on our Co-op farms.

GK: Overall, do you feel like the Cards Coop has boosted regional card activity?

FLP: Definitely! These few weeks, we’ve seen individual deck values nearly double or triple for some nations. I became the first Islander to reach 2000 DV on a single nation, then HS beat that record and broke 2500 DV, and now we have Constantinolia who broke 3000, 3500, and now, 4000 DV. Additionally, Megistos has decided to begin on their own NS Sports card collection, which is off to a good start with their massive hoarding of Vilita and Turori cards, wherein they have double the amount that even Vilita has!

GK: That's fantastic! I know the Coop has adopted a more community style of organization and contribution. How do you think the cooperative community model of the Coop impacts the way it functions?

FLP: This cooperative model allows us (the card farmers) to work more flexibly, and again, easily build up collections and contribute to the region. To expand on what I said earlier, Megistos wants to create an NSS card collection. However, it can be exhausting to farm on a hundred puppets every single day, which is where the Co-op comes in. We have a rule of not selling, gifting, or junking cards until 72 hours have passed. This is so our members have an adequate amount of time to look through the cards of other Co-op members and request any cards they'd need for their collection.

GK: Very interesting. Are there any goals for the XKI Cards Coop for the upcoming future?

FLP: One of our goals would be to create an efficient cooperative cards program for any resident of XKI. What I mean by this is that we'd want to give our members access to a huge supply of cards to build up their collections. It's important not only because it creates a community in itself, but also because of the potential incentive for new players looking to create a huge card collection or help out around the region. We've started off with the Mentorship program, wherein HS and I suggest scripts and give tips on how to farm more efficiently, how to transfer more bank, etc. How I see it, there's no big rush on this. While I know it'd be fun to host events and have some fun with our legendary cards stockpile, I'd prefer we take it slow. After all, if we party now, we'll have nothing left for later!

GK: Those sound like great goals, and definitely good long term planning for the future. To wrap things up on a lighter note, what's been your favorite lucky pull so far?

FLP: By far, it has to be when I pulled a Testlandia. It was one of the first legendary cards I pulled, and when I saw that huge spike in my deck value, I couldn't help but keep going!

Until next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off - Grea Kriopia and Wischland

The Empire of Kuriko