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Eastern Fardelshufflestein - We're The Real One, Believe Us. - WIP

Eastern Fardelshufflestein is the real Fardelshufflestein. WF, and their drunkard king Alastair IV is a scam by Kenneth Branagh and Queen Elizabeth II to make Pepsi smell like Coca Cola. So, talking about this completely legit, real country, here's an overview.

Eastern Fardelshufflestein

Eastern Fardelshufflestein


"Well, We Tried"
National Anthem "Eastern Fardelshufflestein's OK"

Capital City
and largest city

New Copperfield
(420,000 inhabitants)

Official Languages

Fardelshufflesteiner, English

Other Languages


Ethnic Groups

100% Fardelshufflesteiner


78% Alistairism
22% Irreligious/Others


Eastern Fardelshufflesteiner, Drug Addicts


Constitutional Monarchy

• Monarch

Alistair IV

• Prime Minister



The Parliament

• Upper House

The House Of Lords

• Lower House

The House Of Plebes


1500 - Immigration From HRE
1800 - British Colony
1955 - Independence
1956 - Bepis-Cola Scandal

Total Population

690,000 (est. 2020)



Total Area

4,200 km˛


Schlub (₩)

GDP (nominal)

$ 42 Billion

GDP per capita



0.900 - Very High


25.0 - Low

The Kingdom of Eastern Fardelshufflestein, commonly known as EF, is a Federal Constitutional-Parliamentary Monarchy in The South Pacific. It is a tiny, peaceful country a few hundred miles off the coast of New Zealand, which was known by a few countries to be "that obscure, little German island" before the 1960s. After the infamous Bepis-Cola scandal, all the little memories and records of the nation's existence were wiped out, replaced by the fake Western Fardelshufflestein.

The country is ruled ceremonially by His most benevolent and beloved Majesty, King Alistair IV, a descendant of the Holy Roman Empire's throne, and the government is led by His Excellency, Towelie, the Prime Minister. The nation's citizenry are known for their love of marijuana, the American TV show South Park, and have a separate religion, Alistairism, whose adherents believe the king of EF is the reincarnation of the Mother Grass, the holy goddess of cannabis, on earth. So, learn more about this high glorious nation in this factbook, from the scandals to the achievements, from the weed to the, uh, weed. Here you go, buddy.


Early Settlers

In the early sixteenth century, a group of about 100 citizens of northern parts of the Holy Roman Empire set off from their native land upon the order of their King, to explore and claim new virgin lands in the Indian Ocean in the name of the crown. Thus, the sailors, around 60 men and 40 women, left in the search of islands for their monarch.

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