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TSARUS SUPER MEGA FACT-BOOK!!!! (Factbook Directory)

It will streamline your search for information about Tsarus.

Random stuff and Tsarus in General

Jozef "The Light" Kaiser

TLDR: A simplified overview to spare you the time

Under "The Light", offers the most information about Jozef anywhere. Has pictures of him, his mom and dad, details about them as well as his wife, a biography etc. Go here for Jozef stuff.

Jozef as the Ederik, all at the top.

Jozef as "The Light", gives information about Jozef's rule in 2142.


OOC factbook info about me irl

Inspiration for 2142 a pretty ooc thing, self explanatory

Creation of Tsarus (UDT) details the history of Tsarus throughout my life.

United Districts of Tsarus (2030-2035)

Culture Factbooks
This one is essentially a culture overview.

Ethnic Breakdown factbook, moreso sub-racial breakdown but alas. It details sub-ethnicities and phenotypes.

Tsarusian Language

Racism in Tsarusian form details race and such things.

Photography currently shows 1. "Nature" and 2. "Life as it happens" in Tsarus. It just gives you some more insight here.

Guns! Tsarusians love guns. This details all the guns Ive made so far for this world, as well as the calibers.

Military stuff

Assets, Numbers etc. is the most CONVENIENT for f7ers, gives you details on how many soldiers and vehicles we have.

Overview, lots of words. Soz.

Ground-forces (details, imagery respectively) gives a lot of details about our infantry. Lots of cool stuff.

Vehicle-sector (ditto) gives information about our tanks, planes etc.

Politics and whatnot

Strazhnism, Ideology of Tsarus and of me IRL.

Politics and Govt details how it's all applied to Tsarus and gives some lore to Jozef.

Thats about it for this one.

Hell Tsarus (2142)

Culture Factbooks

Hierarchy details life as various Classes. Kind of like a Caste system.

Schools of the Stoik details life in the upper classes, these are basically the colleges here. Its kind of like Hogwarts or Warframe's Focus Schools (mostly the latter).

Guns, again! God I love guns.

Photography is essentially an Image alternative to Hierarchy.

Living Conditions in Tsarus is probably the more underrated of 2142's culture factbooks.

Military stuff

Infantry gives info on our infantry. Our infantry is pretty much our whole military, partially because I never got around to adding planes or jets or tanks, but also because there's no real need for it in the setting we're in here.

WMDs. Haha! You thought you were only against our infantry? Think twice! HAHAHAHAHAAAA! Yeah we have only 2 kinds but can make a lot.

Assets and numbers and production speed details. How many soldiers we have and whatnot.

Classified factbook! Do not click here, and don't go onto 'off world', 'teleportation', or 'dark matter'! It doesn't tell you about our secret production capabilities, or that our real assets are far superior to what we will tell you! And we don't have teleportation either....

Logistics will tell you how we get our soldiers around. Haven't actually touched this in a while, kinda boring.

Govt and International
Map of Tsarus 2142 gives details on Tsarusian territory and allies.

Worldwide Situation tells all about what's going on in the world, what Tsarus is dealing with etc.

Crime and Punishment lists all the cool and creative ways we punish people for being bad.

Universil-Unoyz Wintarros (25 Jan 2411)

A brief overview is a very basic overview of what UUW is, compared to the other Tsarus's. Nice and convenient. Includes info about Jozef too.

Infantry gives some information on what we have to use against bad guys and whatnot.

Assets currently offers THE MOST insight into the realm of this nation.

Brightmatter offers insight on our coolest technological discovery. This I came up with in Gmod while RPing with a friend. Good times.

Rules is basically the only federal rules of the intergalactic empire.

Strazhnist Tsarus (1928, Post-War)


Infantry details our various infantry types during the war, which are still in use afterwards.

Military Assets lists number of military units.

Navy details the Tsarusian Navy, which is at its height of influence as of now.


Liebstrumika or Life as it Occurs, Life as it Happens, the Going-Ons of Life etc, details various day-to-day occurrences in Tsarus

Hachlars, Native Tsarusians details information about the Hachlar people. This includes folklore as well.

The United Districts of Tsarus