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Homo Homini Lupus - the Many Faces of the Commissariat [WIP]

⠀⠀OPDES: Ticker
⠀⠀Name: Yaroslav Dryagin
⠀⠀TDS No.: 095
⠀⠀Status: Active

  • Investigative Wetwork

  • Intraplanar

  • Prep>Exec (weighted)

Footage opens within a badly-lit space of unclear size. The floor appears to be concrete. Neither walls nor ceiling are visible. Periodic interruptions indicate blinking on the part of the observer - the point of observation begins to move forwards, unsteadily.

Voice 1 (Unknown, distant): “...far [UNINTELLIGIBLE]”

A pained grunt is heard, followed by the sound of something heavy being dragged across an uneven surface.

V1: "Go! Get back! You [UNINTELLIGIBLE] here with your..."

A shriek interrupts V1, though it does not appear to originate from them.

Voice 2 (Male, near): “Give up. We're done here.”

V1: "Oh no no no, no! We've only just... only now [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you see?"

V2: "There's nothing to see. Stop kidding yourself. You're-"

V2 descends into a brief coughing fit. Dark fluid can be seen to drip onto the floor - it is quickly left behind.

V2: "-just drawing it out. Don't make me come to you."

V1: "You, with legs to walk - and walk you will!"

V2: "This has gone too far."

Footage quality gradually deteriorates, as flooring material appears to change. Patches of concrete appear to have eroded away, revealing a material vaguely resembling bone. Such holes grow more frequent as the observation point continues moving forwards.

V2: "You're not helping anyone like this. Least of all yourself. Look what you've become."

V1: "I have... have have have HAVE-

Lengthy, entirely unintelligible tirade, punctuated by screaming. Footage distortions grow noticeably more severe.


V2: "There's no-one else left - not here. Maybe not anywhere. Only me."

V1: "Little judge. Tiny little man, broken, rent! So little life! So little time!"

V2: "It will be enough."

Footage quality has deteriorated significantly. The floor now appears to be composed entirely of the bone-like substance, but this is difficult to ascertain. Vaguely spire-like objects of uncertain provenance may be seen jutting out of the floor at irregular intervals. Light levels rise steadily as the observation point moves closer to an as-of-yet unidentified source thereof.

V2: "You've made yourself a shell. That's all. Can't hide the rot beneath."

V1: "No rot save your lies. Their lies. All lies!"

V2: "Then what's all this?"

Though poor footage quality makes identification difficult, an arm appears to pass before the observation point, as if broadly directed at the surroundings. Exactly what is being pointed out is unclear. A heavy sleeve, such as one would expect from a greatcoat, is barely discernible. The point of observation seems to cease movement for several seconds - no reply is heard from V1. Motion resumes.

V2: "You're still fragile. No matter how many layers you build up. It's all a house of cards."

V1: "House... home. You are in mine! LEAVE!"

A large, indistinct object emerges in the distance, and moves towards the observation point at high speeds. Footage is briefly replaced with static - cut-in frames appear to show the object suddenly decelerating, flexing in response to an unseen force, then disintegrating. Once footage resumes, it is no longer visible.

V2: "Not yours. Not anyone's. Can't own a void."

V2: "And here you are."

All movement ceases. Footage quality has deteriorated further. Point of observation appears to have reached the source of light - a sizeable object or entity of unclear shape occupies most of the footage-window. Sections of the entity appear to glow brightly at irregular intervals.

V2: "Look around. You never wanted this. Any of this."

There is no reply from V1.

V2: "You know what I have to do now."

V1 (now seemingly in close proximity, and far less garbled): "You have no obligation to them. Not anymore. Your duty rings hollow."

V2 appears to begin speaking, but stops abruptly. There is a pause of approximately 12 (twelve) seconds. Footage quality degrades near-utterly, to the point where only static remains visible.

V2: "You're right."

Another pause of approximately 5 (five) seconds.

V2: "But I still have my duty to you."

A second shriek, seemingly far closer than the first, followed by the sound of grinding metal.

V2: "I'm sorry."

Footage cuts to black. In the frame immediately preceding termination of footage, quality seems to briefly improve - the previously-seen arm, now appearing to hold a handgun of unclear manufacture, is pointed away from the point of observation, and towards the glowing entity. Further details remain difficult to make out.

Observational Note: The above footage is to remain sealed. Investigations are underway to determine context, veracity and setting, and are to be maintained via the appropriate channels. Care must be taken to avoid the transmission of footage, or any related investigatory matters, to OPDES Ticker until a concrete conclusion may be reached, and an event profile established.

⠀⠀OPDES: Even
⠀⠀Name: Ivan Ćosić
⠀⠀TDS No.: 449
⠀⠀Status: Active

  • Obfuscation

  • Intraplanar

  • Prep/Exec (conditional)

⠀⠀OPDES: Doppel
⠀⠀Name: Eva Goncharova
⠀⠀TDS No.: 203
⠀⠀Status: Active

  • Broad-spec Wetwork

  • Transplanar

  • Exec>Prep (weighted)

⠀⠀OPDES: Lot
⠀⠀TDS No.: 162

  • Obfuscation

  • Planar-irrespective

  • Prep/Exec (conditional)

⠀⠀OPDES: Scission
⠀⠀Name: Bogdan Korol
⠀⠀TDS No.: 021
⠀⠀Status: Active

  • Blocker Clearance

  • Planar-irrespective

  • Exec>Prep (weighted)

⠀⠀OPDES: Voodoo
⠀⠀Name: Lješ Borovnjak
⠀⠀TDS No.: 106
⠀⠀Status: Active

  • Vector Pressure

  • Transplanar

  • Prep>Exec (conditional)

⠀⠀OPDES: Stray
⠀⠀Name: Zrina Czermak
⠀⠀TDS No.: 668
⠀⠀Status: Active

  • Broad-spec Wetwork

  • Planar-irrespective

  • Exec/Prep (conditional)

⠀⠀OPDES: Sound
⠀⠀TDS No.: 900

  • Broad-spec Wetwork

  • Planar-irrespective

  • Exec>Prep (conditional)

⠀⠀OPDES: Deuce
⠀⠀Name: Eduard Timurovich
⠀⠀TDS No.: 004
⠀⠀Status: Reserve

  • N/A