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St. Abby Times

Publication I, September 10, 2020

St Abbaddon Reborn

Over the last 14 days, St Abbaddon has been under some very active changes. While several senior leaders resigned from their post, this opened up for some new life in the region. Over the past 14 days the new Supreme Council has been busy with reworking several things in the region. So far the Council has passed a new regional constitution, renewed former embassies, made a new WFE, and even laid to rest the former regional flag designed by former Monarch Topid! The greatest accomplishment now is the incredible design work of the regional banners, flag, and much more by our very own Elder of Interior/Defense Niktobr! The St Abby times is also the official newspaper of St Abbaddon! The region officially is back!

St Abby Revitalization Project

The Supreme Council has coined the new rebuild the St Abby Revitalization. As mentioned in our above article St Abby has finally saw some new life in the region. From the new Supreme Council members, and all the new changes, there seems to be a lot of optimism here in the region. The Revitalization Project's goal is to bring St Abby into a new light of positivity in the international Community, setting up a community we call home, offer a nice Roleplay Community, and write a new chapter in St Abby history. This week we can say while leaders come and go, the region of St Abbaddon will always stand. This has been the first sign of life in awhile. Below in this dispatch link, you can meet the Supreme Council of Elders,




Chief Elder

Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
Elder/Minister of Foreign Affairs

Elder/Defence & Culture



Head of Media Relations/Gameplay Ambassador

Player Engagement Officer

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The New Chief Elder's Monthly Newsletter

My fellow citizens;

September is a great month filled with revival here in our great region! As you probably have noticed, there has been a lot of changes here in St Abby. The first major change is our government leadership. A lot of former St Abby government leaders have retired after many years of dedicated service to our great region. I personally like to thank Dragonisia, and several others for their outstanding committment. But now it's time for us to pick up the torch, and bring our region to even cooler heights. I'm extremely excited to be serving as your Chief Elder of such a historical, and treasured region. We will work together to build a better tomorrow! We are in preparation to host regional elections for our Outer Council. The new government has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to re-establish our government that will fit our regional needs. My biggest priority is building a community that will help our core, focus on setting up important relations with key regions who will help us succeed, and build a community we can all call home! I will be releasing a monthly newsletter, or special statements by using this dispatch! Long live St Abby, and a big thank you to you for being apart of this great journey!

The New Chief Elder's Statement on St Abbaddon's New Flag

Good Day St Abby;

As you maybe logging in, you may have seen some massive changes in our region. Over the last week, we have accomplished so much great things. The Supreme Council has deemed this as the official revitalization of St Abbaddon! This region is extremely special here! We have worked on passing a new Constitution, restoration of some of our closest embassy partners, new WFE, new Supreme Council members, and a brand new flag designed by our very own Elder of Internal Affairs, and Defense Niktobr! This flag is the center piece of our revitalization program here. Our region has many eras. Some good, and some bad. As we ceremonially lay Topid flag design to rest, their work here in St Abby won't be forgotten. Today though marks a new era to begin in St Abby! I believe this new government will lead our regions to new heights. I am excited for our Council, and for the new era we are about to enter. As for Nik's design of our new flag, it's just a great piece of Artwork. Leaders after us will look at this flag, and say this is one of the most important eras in St Abby history! I'll drop his factbook below for more information! I want to start this era with this quote, "Trust the Climb!"


To all citizens of St Abbaddon and people of NationStates,

Flag & Mermaid design by Topid
For the last few years, the essence of St Abbaddon's roleplay legacy has been perfectly captured through the traditional St Abby Crest - Two mermaids, the keepers and guardians of St Abbaddon's azure waters, back to back, guarding the fabled Trident of King Abbaddon that has been lost to time between them. For years, this has been our regional symbol and it has been displayed proudly through a number of iterations, until now. As part of our mission to bring St Abbaddon in the future, we saw it was time for change and where better to start with than the symbolism of St Abbaddon?

As the Council Elder of Internal Affairs, I am proud to announce the implementation of our new Royal Arms and our new Regional Flag. Firstly, I present to you our new Royal Arms:

Dexter a Mermaid wielding King Abbaddon's fabled golden trident, sinister a dragon clutching onto the royal banner. This represents the Union and friendship between the indigenous people and races of the Isles of Abbaddon, and the Dragonfolk who tore through into reality several thousand years ago to escape the destruction of their own world. Since then, dragons have served as soldiers, politicians, legislators and philosphers in the Abbaddon ecumene, becoming a well established race among the men, Heroes and mermaids of the Isles. Above the Royal Banner is the royal Crown of the Monarch, a golden circlet encrusted with emeralds, rubies and sapphires on which golden figures embrace the Trident symbol.

Lastly, the new Regional Flag of St Abbaddon portrays the Royal Arms proudly on a field of pale blue. The green stripe that runs horizontally represents the Isles of Abbaddon caught inbetween a never ending expanse of sea and sky.

Thank you for reading! For any queries, please reach out to myself.

Kind Regards,

Council Elder of Internal Affairs

Rowandale, St Abbaddon

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