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Megistian Military Force (WIP)




Megistos Space Force

GALAX Shadow: 70,000,000
A speedy spaceship, the GALAX is easily the best spaceship Megistos has in stock right now. Armed with 20 heavy DSCs and 5 light DSCs, the GALAX is heavily armed and protected with a making out of fine Megistosite that has injected Colorall tech, which makes the GALAX 100% blended into the background so it makes it much more harder for enemy spaceships to spot the GALAX. The GALAX can hold up to 25 people, so it doesn't require many people on board, hence why we have more GALAXs than what would be expected. It is shielded with an force field surrounding the spaceship so that if anything is launched it just bounces back

GALAX Lightning: 70,000,000
Just like it's name, the GALAX lightning is as quick as lightning, if not faster. It is the second type of GALAX made in the MMF, and it is the fastest one. Shielded with Megistosite but to maintain the speed it has no other protection. The GALAX Lightning can also be used as a distraction advantage, ramming into the enemy's spaceships at lightning quick speeds. It has a supremely thin force field to maintain the extremely fast speed.

Starlight X: 5,000,000
A great attack spaceship, Starlight X is a very fast but also heavily armoured spaceship. Starlight X is armed with 50 DSCs and 25 LAZR-Cs, because of it's huge size. It is protected with 5 centimeters of modified diamond and 9 centimeters of Megistosite, but it also has a 5 yard protection force field around it, that can be deactivated. The Starlight X is equipped with Colorall tech.

Demon-A: 10,000,000
A heavily armoured spaceship, this spaceship is for guarding the Megistian colonies in case of invasion. The Demon A is supposed to rip enemy spaceships apart using their weapons. The Demon A is like a rocket but it has to be driven by someone. The Demon-A holds 25 people on board, with 20 huge LAZR-Cs facing each side of the rocket. The Demon-A is injected with Colorall tech. It is shielded with an antimatter field, a very thick one.

Demon-B: 76,000,000
The improved version of the Demon-B, the Demon-B is also a guard spaceship meant for destroying enemy spaceships. It is armed with 10 LAZR-Cs and 40 DSCs, with Megistosite armour and Diamond (Found In The Megistian colonized solar system, Frey Solar System (FSS).) The Demon-B isn't made with Colorall Tech. It is shielded with an antimatter field.


The D-Cannon is a cannon that shoots out Dissolver Bombs. A Dissolver Bomb burns and dissolves almost anything that it touches, but it can't dissolve things like planets, etc at it's level right now, though it has the potential to do that. It can dissolve anything up to a small moon. It has substances like antimatter, plasma and energy, so the explosion is also deadly.

The LAZR-C (Laser Cannon) is a lightning-quick shooting cannon, that shoots antilare (Antimatter + Lava + Fire). It is mostly used for short distance fire. It is protected by a outer part of Megistosite, in case a enemy launch is launched at the LAZR-C. Otherwise, it would have exploded in ultimate fury.

An DSC is a D-M (Dissolver-Material) Sniper Cannon. This cannon is different to other cannons, because instead of launching heavy, large and ball-shaped of D-M out of it, it launches big bullets of D-M that zip and can rip apart enemy spaceships, thanks to the large size of D-M. It is protected by a small force field, so it can't explode.


Colorall Tech is basically a camo tech that let's the MMF's spaceships blend in with their surroundings, making them literally invisible. Colorall can also hide spaceships from radar, so no one sneaky can find their positions. Colorall Tech is made out of [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. It is used in almost every Megistian spaceship

Amshield is a shield that allows MMF's spaceships and space-weapons to have a antimatter field around it, therefore making any shot antimatter at it useless.

Megistos Army Force

M-Gunner: 3,000,000
The M-Gunner is a heavy tank made for storming enemy forces, but mainly armoured places. It is armed with 5 AMSCs and 3 MALGs. It is protected by a heavy layer of Megistosite. It can hold 4 people, but only that much mainly because it can go into automatic mode as well.

D-Tank: 22,500,000
The most powerful tank in Megistos, it combines the power of a heavy tank and the speed of a light tank together into one, making a tank type called a full tank. It is made with Megistosite armour with added diamond for extra protection. It has 2 AMSCs.

Rekkr-8 100,000
The newest type of tank Megistos has, the Rekkr-8 is a lightning quick tank, with only slight protections with diamond, and holds 4 AMSCs. It holds no passengers, as it is operated at a military station.

Lokenhaven-8 1,000,000
A old and classic tank, Lokenhaven-8 also has some futuristic add-ons. It keeps it's classic look and weaponry, with only 1 AMSC, but it has a quick speed and great view, which makes it perfect for scanning enemy grounds from distance. Needs no passengers.


An AMSC is a Antimatter Sniper Cannon. This cannon is different to other cannons, because instead of launched heavy, large and ball-shaped antimatter out of it, it launches big bullets of antimatter that zip and can rip apart enemy spaceships, thanks to the large size of antimatter. It is protected by a microscopic field of antimatter, so antimatter can't be shot at it.

A MALG is a Mega Antilare Gunner that is meant to shoot from far, it is a Antilare weapon that has a huge scope with big needs of antilare energy to shoot efficiently.


Plaintscope is a huge scope that allows Megistian army divisions to spot enemy forces from further.

Megistos Naval Force
Trenchers and Submarines

Imperial Class 90,000
The best submarine in the Megistian navy, the Imperial Class is flat shaped with a huge circular bump in the middle, if you were to look at it. It is armed with 4 UWCs and 2 AMSCs, and is protected by a medium sized layer of diamond and Megistosite combined It can hold up to 5 people, but most of the active Imperial Class submarines are controlled at the Megistian Naval Station, located in [REDACTED].

Empire Class 50,000
A quick and speedy direct-on attack submarine, the Empire Class is a submarine best used underwater, as the Colorall tech has a huge impact on the secrecy of attacks on enemy ships. It is protected with a small layer of diamond and a small layer of Megistosite. It is armed with 1 UWC and 1 MALG

New Paradise Class 65,000
A submarine best for blocking escapes of transport ships, New Paradise Class is a big submarine that uses colorall tech to be hidden from radar and sight. It is protected with a thick layer of Megistosite, while having 2 ALSCs.

Twilight Class 72,000
A submarine meant to be invisible, the Twilight Class is protected with a layer of Megistosite. It is the quickest submarine in the MMF, and can take down many battleships with it's class.

Styx Class
A submarine that is huge and only meant for underwater use, it lets the crew board enemy ships and blow it up.

Cruisers, Battleships & Aircraft Carriers



Megistos Air Force
Air Fighters

Strategic & Tactical Bombers