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IAFF - How To Get Started

Be kind and UPVOTE!

Welcome to the IAFF! Get started here.

⚽ How do I make my team? ⚽

Head over to the #lineup-roster channel, where you will see a long list of team details and lineups. In the pinned messages, you will find a text template that you can fill out and post as a message in that chat for your own team (you can make it all up, but make sure it is realistic!). Alternatively, you may like to create a more comprehensive and interactive version using a wiki software like TLAwiki, such as Linkthis example from Llorens (that's me!).

Stuck for players? Try out Behind The Name's LinkRandom Name Generator.

⚽ How do I know which teams I will be playing? ⚽

The fixtures for all friendlies, which are held every two weeks when not in cup season, will be published at least 48 hours before the scheduled date. Your opponent will be randomly selected from the existing participants. More specific details about the format of the World Cup (in August) and Mid-Season Cup (in February) will be shared closer to their respective dates.

⚽ How should I roleplay? ⚽

There are heaps of different ways for you to roleplay. As a general rule to give you some direction, have a look through #roleplay-central and see what others are doing. Some broad ideas that you may want to consider include match previews/reviews, team announcements like lineup changes or internal drama, or player/coach interviews. It is really up to you!

Try out the LinkBreak Your Own News tool for some more visual content.

⚽ How are the games scored? ⚽

As with all good roleplays, there is a balance between randomness and your contributions. We use an application called Xkoranate to generate match outcomes - the only inputs we provide are your nation name, your style modifier (this is included in your team details and influences how high or low-scoring the outcome will be), and your skill modifier. The skill modifier is a rating between 0 and 1, which is determined by both your rank in the IAFF Rankings and the amount of quality roleplay that you've contributed since the last matchday.

Have more questions?
Ask questions in #the-hill-hub or DM one of the official organisers.