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Place Region Yesterday Today

#1 Chicken overlords 10,165 10,179
#2 The North Pacific 10,020 10,132
#3 The East Pacific 8,660 8,784
#4 The South Pacific 8,363 8,484
#5 Osiris 7,731 7,757
#6 Lazarus 7,580 7,649
#7 Balder 7,567 7,589
#8 The Rejected Realms 6,681 6,810
#9 The Pacific 6,559 6,636
#10 The West Pacific 5,846 5,964


In the GA, Marine Protection Act was passed 11,880 votes to 3,672.
Also in the GA, "Ensuring Effectual Recycling" is up for the vote, and it is ranked SAFE FOR.
In the SC, "Repeal "Commend Kuriko"" is up for the vote, and it is also ranked SAFE FOR.

Welcome back everyone! Although it has only been 4 days since the last edition, breaking news has erupted and just cannot simply wait. First of all, elections for the most endorsements in all of NationStates (Delegate of the North Pacific) is up for grabs between 9003, Pigeonstan, Gorundu, Praeceps, and Kranostav, with the latter two being in the lead. For Vice-delegate we have Dreadton, Bobberino, and New francois, with Dreadton in the lead, and finally for Speaker we have Madjack, Comfed, and Lady Raven Wing, with Madjack in the lead.

Speaking of The North Pacific, after North Pacific Vision 8 ended, the winner, Kartujia now hosts the next North Pacific Vision! And in Europeia, the second edition of the Europeian Basketball Cup is scheduled for December 31st, and all of the nations participating will be selected on September 10th! Ask Baobab-bumbaria for more about that.

IN R/D NEWS, TGW defended and/or liberated all of this, and Anti Neko Alliance was raided by TEP with the flag of, well, a neko. the South Pacific has now taken Warzone Australia from Lardyland.

Speaking of TSP, it's coup Tuesday over there, and they actually made a "commie coup." You can now get founded in People’s Republic of the South Pacific and endorse the glorious Chairman Amerion! More info can be found here.

Onto NoN', TRR beat TP, ATOMIC beat Europe, and Big Farma beat Europeia, The Communist Bloc, and The free society of Tic Tacs. The region Dead Sea fell dramatically between September 5 and 6, and NationStates (the region) is still on their long decline since July 10th.

Anyway, Middle Vers is giving propaganda for dictators. Oh man. The TNP Vice-delegate weekly update is out, and the TEP Ministry of culture is having a header & footer contest! In terms of delegates, Theberstan has been elected Delegate of First World Order, Agarath has become delegate of Codex Ylvus, and Nolandisland has become delegate of Lone Wolves United! The featured region today is Lemuria! Congratulations!


Creator's note: The following is a complete joke and should be treated as such.

Don't be fooled: TSP being "Communist" means something else.

By La xinga

As you know, the South Pacific has been "Couped by Commies." Uhuh. I'm sure. If so, why are the same people in government? A real coup does not involve the same people. The only thing to say is that the TSP government changed ideologies, but why?

First of all, on this day, September 8th, President of the United States Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon. Some people considered this an act of corruption, so it's only obvious TSP would absorb this aura.

In any case, whatever your opinion on Communism is, the government of TSP will be acting corrupt with it, and here's why: How can you have communism in NS?

Well, you can own all the land. Will the TSP government do anything good with this land? Well, no. If corruption is so prevalent, can you imagine if the government of TSP controlled every nation in it's boundaries? We'd see the RMB of TSP filled up with propaganda about the excellence of Glorious Leader Chairman of the Revolution Amerion, we'd see nations being used as tools by Auphelia as pets, we'd see TSP in complete isolation from it's allies, it will be a disaster.

The government of TSP will tax your Cards by each card's market value, and YOUR card bank will become EVERYONE'S card bank, rather Auphelia's actually, used by her to continue growing her ever-expanding luxury palaces with 500 Bugatti Chirons in her garage.

The army? Serving the revolution? Rather serving the Comintern's every whim, using nations to vote for whatever proposal and coup their 13-year old allies.

Therefore, we need to put a stop to this madness before 'Oh How Glorious Leader' starts turning us into brainwashed sapients, made to fulfill every small need of Auphelia's 20,000 servants.

I rest my case.

Oh, yes, the memes.

Credits to Australia-oceania for the first 2 memes, Republica Guilleana for the 2nd, Melicorium for the last.

Also, if you found a mistake, inaccuracy, or error, ping or telegram La xinga immediately!

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