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The East Pacific Ministry of Culture | Dispatch Header/Footer Contest

Dispatch Header & Footer Contest


Hello there! I am Aivintis, Deputy Minister of Culture and Director of Internal Events, and I am proud to be presenting this Dispatch Header Contest. Before we begin, I would like to introduce the other officials involved in this project, namely East Malaysia, our Chief Minister of Regional Affairs; Altys, our Minister of Culture; Evrigenis, Minister of Innovation and Steward of The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamentation Traders; and Zukchiva, Cabinet Advisor and former Director of the Bureau of Public Affairs. So now that introductions are out of the way, what's this fancy contest?

The Contest

The aim of this competition is to create a new and unified "dispatch header and footer" that gives TEP a clean look.

-What is a "header?"

A header is essentially a banner displayed at the top of official dispatches with links.

-What is a "footer?"

A mostly text and link based ending of a dispatch that can also have a small emblem-type image space also.

-Why are we updating them to a "unified design?"

Right now TEP has between 5-7 different designs. It would be nice if we could have a dispatch design that can help new and seasoned players alike. TEP has an upcoming project to overhaul our dispatch system. We're looking for flexibility, meaning the images can be changed out, links do not need to be changed or adjusted, and ultimately a modern design. Be creative!

The Ministry of Culture's seal, as displayed atop this dispatch, is a good example of a design to implement with a header. It was originally made by East Malaysia, and is a very good example of a simple but strong design that has seen extensive use by the Ministry in recent times. However, our Chief Minister thought it would be a good idea to get a new, unified header for the government to use, and frankly, we agreed. So what better way to produce a new design than a community contest?


Please follow the listed procedures below carefully. Failing to do so may result in your entry not being considered and you not receiving the participation prize.


1. Create your design. (Remember to save frequently!)

2. Upload your image to an image uploading site. Imgur is a very great site and simple to use, but I myself use DeviantArt from time to time.

3. Telegram East Malaysia with the link to the image with a TEP resident nation (explained below).

4. Wait for the results to be posted!

Note: Seals will be judged and ranked by the Regional Affairs Inner Circle.

Note: The contest will run for a period of two weeks, from September 13th, 2020 to September 26nd, 2020.

In addition to these procedures, certain requirements must be met for your design to be considered, as listed below.


Be a TEP resident.

Considering this is going to be used by TEPers for TEP, we thought it would be best for only TEP residents to participate in this contest.

Limit the size of the image.

Please don't make it too big. The image needs to be a proper fitting size of decent quality. Some great examples can be found here, including the MoC header used above.

Send your design through telegrams only.

Entries need to be organized and nation names need to be recorded, so it's easier for us to use telegrams than sites like Discord because of the ability of telegrams to be sorted into folders. Send your designs (after following Steps 1-3) to East Malaysia.

No NSFW, Nazi, fascist, or discriminatory elements/symbols/images.

These types of images go against the administrative policy of The East Pacific and will not be tolerated. These submissions may additionally result in administrative action taken against you by The East Pacific and potentially the Site Moderators.


Don't limit yourself to TEP imagery or colors.

Our region has beautiful symbols, like the mason compass. However, other design tropes may work as well. If you want to go with classic TEP colors then feel free to Linkcheck them out!

Trouble with finding the right colors?

LinkCheck out this site. It gives you the ability to generate random color palettes of five colors, and you can also lock down colors so that the program finds colors related to the specific colors you locked down. (Check it out to see what I mean!)


Of course, any cool contest will have rewards. Rewards for this contest will be in the form of NationStates cards. All cards will come from TEAPOT: The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamentation Traders.


First Place

- Will receive a legendary card

Second Place

- Will receive an epic card.

Third Place

- Will receive an epic card.

All Participants

- Will receive an ultra-rare card.


And that's it. If you have any questions, you can ask Aivintis or East Malaysia! We hope you decide to make a design!



The Tyranny of Aivintis