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What is happening? | Coup Tuesday

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Coup Tuesday is a fortnighly event when the South Pacific is 'couped' by a fictional individual or organisation with nefarious intentions. The event typically lasts for 24-48 hours and is marked by a change in the regional graphics including the flag and World Factbook Entry.

The Delegate usually will host a regional poll to gather suggestions from South Pacificans about which coup they would like to be subjected to. Unless controversial or touching a sensitive topic, the Delegate will likely build the coup around one of the suggested themes.

Since August 2020, there has been two Coup Tuesdays:


Darth Amerion

Minions of the South Pacific,

On this momentous day, we mark a grand transition.

For a millennia, we have stood as the Coalition, a region thriving on our democratic norms and principles, opposed to all the wrong in NationStates. We have fought for these values in faraway lands and places, against awesome beastly forces who have desired nothing more than the destruction of our way of life.

All the while, we never suspected the enemy to be from the within.

The dastardly Maxtopian Order, who we entrusted with the security of our most sacred institutions, have conspired under the shadows of Democracy to overthrow your beloved Delegate and Supreme Leader. They had hoped to destroy all which we have laboured to build, to replace it with a horrendous version of liberal utopia! But their wicked ways could not be hidden from us forever. At last, they revealed themselves for who they truly were.

To our eternal good fortune, loyal forces of Minion Guard contained this treacherous Maxtopian insurrection. Led by their heroic and dare I say handsome Admiral General, our platoons crushed these would-be usurpers. The remaining Maxtopians shall be hunted down and destroyed!

Alas, this attempt on my delegacy has left me scarred and deformed but I assure you that my evilness has never been stronger!

To ensure the stability and security of the Coalition, the Republic shall be reorganised into a new force for law and order, into a New Minion Order!

Our Order shall shine as a beacon throughout NationStates. It shall be a bastion for harmony and obedience.

I hereby dissolve the Council on Regional Security and appoint its members to a new vanguard of the Order, the Council of Grand Minions.

All faithful Minions of the South Pacific are hereby instructed to endorse the Supreme Admiral Delegate General, Darth Amerion and the Grand Minions.

Those who defy me shall be summarily exiled to the Rejected Realms, or should they be particularly insolent, to Balder.

Two days of Coup Tuesday Ten thousand years of regional progress begins today!


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People's Republic of the South Pacific




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Chairwoman of the Presidium

Justice of the People's Court

The South Pacific, officially the People’s Republic of the South Pacific, is a Worker’s Republic Game-Created-Region. With approximately 8,447 nations, it is the fourth largest region in the world and the only socialist utopia. Governed solely by the Minion Party and led by the wise and virtuous Chairman, Supreme General Secretary Admiral Amerion, the People’s Republic stands as a lone beacon in a corrupt liberal world order for all minnows throughout NationStates. The Chairman is truly remarkable for winning the last 21 people’s elections, having never received less than 99.98 per cent of the popular vote (even 10 out of 10 dentists would recommend).

The South Pacific is nominally led by a Council of People’s Ministers, chaired by the Premier North Prarie. The Council has two ministries; the Ministry of Minnow Affairs (Minister PenguinPies) which coordinates and implements regional directives aimed at improving the lives of all comrades and the Ministry of the Comintern (Minister Qvait) which manages relations with lesser socialist states striving for utopia along with imperialists powers. The Council also includes the Liberation Army (commanded by Grand Marshall FiHami) whose purpose is to protect the Chairman with a secondary focus on safeguarding the territorial integrity and population of the People’s Republic.

The Presidium (overseen by Chairwoman Nakarisaune) is the unicameral legislative body and consist of one Party Member from each of the 54 national legislators, elected to serve life terms. As party members, the only method of recorded dismissal is by ejection from the Party at the command of the Chairman. The Presidium is notable for only meeting once a calendar year, on the second Tuesday of every February, to conduct its business and ratify the decrees passed down by the Council of People’s Ministers on behalf of the General Secretary Admiral.

The People’s Court is the sole judicial authority in the People’s Republic and is presided over by Justice Kringalia. International observers have questioned the independence of the South Pacific’s judicial system with several notable incidents of ‘minute trials’ for enemies of the state. The World Assembly’s judicial watchdog, the International Court Observer, has previously reported the lack of presence of the Justice at judicial proceedings. Instead, much media speculation has been centred on an anthropomorphic rabbit in a judge wig with a miniature hammer and sickle.

The gameside of the People’s Republic is regularly monitored by the Committee for Minnow Security (Auphelia, Drystar, Volaworand), a police force which carries out internal security, intelligence, and secret policing functions. The World Assembly’s Office of Welfare has repeatedly singled out the CMS in its annual reports for what it labels as a ‘blatant disregard for civil liberties and a highly dubious track record of extrajudicial punishments’. Several WA condemnations have been proposed to denounce the mass deportations of entire populations to The Rejected Realms. Curiously, the authors of these proposed resolutions have all mysteriously disappeared.


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