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The Grey Wardens - Defenders = Godgamers

shattering the winrate of our competition

In NSGP there are winners and there are losers. There are those who inspire victory and those who do nothing but sit and allow defeats to roll in. Thankfully I am an inspirational godgamer, so I couldn't sit idly by as I was pinged that there were enemies to defeat. Therefore, I showed up and inspired us to an incredibly victorious night full of defender ability and tagger inadequacy. That is why The Order of The Grey Wardens are frankly just the best damn military to grace the eyes of Military Gameplay in the last decade, whereas our opposition simply crumble as they try to compensate in a futile manner against our unstoppable energy. A major part all of attaining victory is having that personal belief, instilling that same confidence and raw enthusiasm into your troops, because that results in a more focused coalition of individuals who are truly focused in the task at hand. At the end of the day, we're having fun doing what we do best, and what we do best is absolutely dominate when we step out onto the R/D battlefield. If you're jealous of this ability, or wish that you yourself could manage to instill that level of confidence in an army, you're absolutely welcome to come join The Order of The Grey Wardens and take your first step to godgamer status today.

Our foes didn't have much luck riding the choppy waves of update while also trying to compensate their triggers against Libcord's Godgamers, so they fell one by one to the raw energy of incomprehensible speed and ability. First The Black Hawks were chased, and they simply collapsed in the face of our elite defensive abilities - only acquiring hits when this First Warden was simping in the DMs. Following that, The East Pacific were engaged with, and credit to them they put up a fight. While only thirteen glorious victories were recorded, a fortunate number because true charismatic socialites make their own luck, this is a statistic concealing countless darkspawn misses into targets.

Regions Defended: 13

The Wasteland Of No Longer Used Nations
The Pleiades
0527 Greylag Goose
0527 Madagascar Plover
Holy Empire Of America
Hehehehehehe Kill Me Please
Alliance Of Magicians
Anti Corruption Bloc
The Kaugeon

Wardens Present

First Warden Tim-Opolis
Chamberlain Haku

Comrades Present

JTF Jinkies
RRA Jamie

In War, Victory.
In Peace, Vigilance.
In Death, Sacrifice.