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NationStates Flag Bracket II - Final Results!

NationStates Flag Bracket II
Final Results

After four months, the second NationStates Flag Bracket is finally over! Dozens of great flags competed for the grand prize of a Season 2 Luna Amore card and 7 other legendaries.

For those of you who are asking if there will be another bracket, the answer is maybe. I'd like to be able to spend more time doing schoolwork, and so for at least some time, I'd like to avoid the definite obligation to post new matches to the Flag Bracket every day. But maybe in a few months, if I have free time and I'm still on NationStates, I'll post a new Flag Bracket.

Since I am relatively confident that the thread wll be archived, this dispatch will not include all submissions. You can go to the thread for those. Instead, I will focus on the top 8 and honorable mentions!

The Thread

The Winners

1st: Fallen Albali - The Albalian Kingdom

2nd: Valentine Z - Samantha-Higgs

3rd: Paradeavenlisian States - Main Flag

4th: Paradeavenlisian States - Esceanian Union

5th: Onocarcass - Kycci Province

6th: North German Realm - Sildorian Empire

7th: Bloodshade - Main Flag

8th: Valentine Z - Alanis Star

Valentine Z - Animated Flag

Onocarcass - Main Flag

Khoronzon - GIF

Paradeavenlisian States - Paradisia Heavenlonia Stralisia Union

Thakia - Trymia

Vidinaz - Main Flag

Diarcesia - Duolin Midnight

Valentine Z - Garden at 6th Mile Road

Thakia - Huktharia

Dukin Donuts - Two-Oh-Four

Greenwichian Arcadia - Main Flag

-Astoria - Main Flag

Velosia - Main Flag

Onfande - Eternia Autonomous Region

Fallen Albali - Catalibla

Haruhi Japan - Five Nights At Wario's

Thanks to everyone who submitted a flag. In addition to those mentioned above, the competition included flags from:
Greater Cosmicium, South Reinkalistan, Barfleur, Apabeossie, New Solaurora, New Spiedska, The Perpetual Peace, Hiems, Velosia, Confederate American SU, The Zravvisk, Galtonel, La fiorita, Zeritae, Gig em Aggies, Wapistan, Hammer Britannia, Kongfuzia, Haudegen Reich, Awesomeland012345, HUElavia, Nappon of threefold riches, Demirestad, Vaspelia, Newark Aristocracy, Pencil Sharpeners 2, Third ZSeparatists, Lura, Voxija, Hakinda Herseyi Duymak istiyorum, Glurponia, Aurevbush, Drongonia, A z a n i a, Hugstopia, Sapporo hyperspace riftgate laboratory, High umbra, Demirestad

And thanks to those who didn't submit a flag, but participated in the discussion!
The Allied Tribe, The Batavia, Ignis States, The Libertarian States, Lincolnite States, Tharlocchia, Kromi, DoLlYsTaNa, The Anarchic World Order, Trumpy America, Deltia-, Grootfries Rijk, Fennoscandia Union, The Grob, Aroni, Occidens Praseodymia, Wolfana