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Giovannilandian Artwork Ministry Homepage

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Welcome to the Giovannilandian Artwork Ministry Homepage!

About Us

The Giovannilandian Artwork Ministry (GAM) coordinates all artwork collections, trades and publications of Giovanniland. Funded by 900 farmers, some of Giovanniland's biggest works are regional collections for the West Pacific and a large collection of Giovannilandian puppet nations' artworks. The strategic trading commanded by the Ministry has also allowed the country to earn more than 1,200,000 deck value, earning a spot of 2nd most valuable artwork deck worldwide and 1st regionally. Furthermore, the Ministry also has a foreign affairs subdivision, which takes part in several regional artwork organizations and aims to maintain good relations with other traders on the market. The Ministry is not related to any region or organization in any way, shape or form.


The largest collections gathered by the Giovannilandian Artwork Ministry are season 1 and season 2 regional collections of the West Pacific. A complete list of Giovannilandian artwork collections is available on a dispatch (including collections on satellite states). The Giovannilandian treasury contains almost 40,000 bank, which is guarded for future investments. The nation also supports foreign collections from other traders by selling artworks found in farmer nations. The Ministry's pioneering work on the largest regional collections has inspired other nations to create their own versions for different regions as a result, resources such as the Regional Collection Leaderboard and the Collection Collection v2 forum thread are maintained.


The Ministry has also published many artwork-related resources. A complete list of publications by the Ministry can be found in this dispatch. Some are standalone resources produced entirely by Giovanniland, others are part of bigger projects such as the Gardener's Gazette, The Western Post, and Card News. This is part of a goal by Giovanniland to improve relations between the main artwork traders and also provide resources to newer nations wishing to start trading.