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Nationstates national post issue #2. Endo caps TWP has low number of nations, defenders, how TFNOL met his wife, chickenoverlords rise and Theacia and the east pacific.

The Nationstates National Post.

| ENDO Cap | TWP has low nations. | Defenders. | How TFNOL met his wife. | Chicken rise | Thaecia and east pacific.

⭐Endo caps⭐

So what is Endo cap's? You might see this term "endo caps" In major regions, such as the east pacific, North pacific, West pacific and many more like the south pacific, so what does Endo cap really stand for? Well it stands for Endorsement caps, but what are Endo cap's? We'll explain that. First thing is that Endo caps are basically the Maximum endorsements you can have in a region, the next thing is Endo caps are actually based on 75% of the WA delegates endorsements, which result in the Endo cap, and 85% for the CRS members, so basically the more endorsements your delegate has, the more the Endo cap goes higher, that's why the North pacific has the most endorsements, and also if your delegate has the most endorsements that means the endo cap is very high, so lets review on the top four regions and the highest endo caps between those four.
Small notes
  • conderation of corrupt dictators foundder Jocospor apologises to Nationstates community for the Candidate of to Secretay general election, for the self condemnations.

  • -tHe ChIcKeN- was elected as the chicken overlords delegate.

You might know the first one already, yes you know! It's the North pacific with a 846 endo cap, the North pacific is then followed by

Southern World Assembly Initiative
The south pacific which has 508 endo cap, which is 338 off the North pacific's endo cap, after the south pacific we then have East pacific which has a endo cap of 400, 108 from second place. And finally in fourth place we have west pacific 250 endo cap, only if you endorse the delegate! So basically remember if you want to have lots of endorsements you might want to go to the south pacific and the North pacific, since the more endorsements your Delegate has the more higher your endo cap goes, so if you want lots of endorsements coming at you, join the North or the south pacific.

Anyways let's talk about the others we didn't mention yet, after the west pacific is Lazarus if you endorse the CEO, which is kind of the WA delegate, then we have Osiris with 55, if you only endorse the Pharaoh.

Setting flexible endorsement caps.
There are reasons both for and against having a flexible endorsement cap. In 2020, NationStates experienced two surges thanks to Reddit and Drew Durnil. In the case of the latter, the boom made enforcement of a fixed endorsement cap troublesome, leading TSP’s CRS to implement a soft moratorium on cap enforcement due to the large number of nations who were benignly violating it, and inevitably implement a “dynamic endorsement cap” in June 2020 with Regulation Two.

The flexible endorsement cap also addresses the summer lull that NationStates typically experiences and adjusts accordingly whenever the endorsements of TNP’s Delegate or TSP’s least endorsed CRS member decrease. By having a flexible endorsement cap, a region’s security institution does not need to discuss as often whether to raise or lower the endorsement cap.

One drawback of implementing a flexible endorsement cap is calculating whether a nation is violating the cap. In the case of TSP, an automated dispatch of the Southern World Assembly Initiative (SWAN) can quickly calculate and determine whether a nation is violating the endorsement cap, allowing the CRS to respond in a timely and effective manner.🟥

⭐Why does TWP has low nations.⭐

Well, we all know lots of things about the West pacific is that it doesn't have a lot of nations, or it doesn't have a lot of nations every week, but why does the west pacific stay normal almost every week, unlike other regions which are rapidly developing? Well the first thing is if you scroll down of the admin to the Ban list you can see a ton loads of Nations banned. But why? We star for the conclusion here, the West pacific does not like puppets, that mean's they ban almost every puppet, Card farmer who gets founded there, and only keeps long time nations. Sometimes some puppets do survive, but it's rare, even though we get the West pacific doesn't want to get clogged or keep a competition for the number of regions because it doesn't care to be at the top of the region list with nations, like some nations in other regions. Another thing about their ejections is if you compare number of ejections from TNP and TWP, the North pacific didn't even eject a single nation in a week! At also the big major thing about West pacific ejections they have about 150 ejections almost every week! Which is a giant amount of nations being ejected.
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Well as we know about ejections we can move on to other reasons, is that since they eject lots of Nations, it doesn't benefit them but the Rejected realms, but why? Since the rejected realms gathers nations which are either banned or ejected from a region, and since of the 150 ejections by the West pacific, the Rejected realms grows because of that, but there is good things about the West pacific, lots of nations who have been at the west pacific for a long time like to help other nations who are new, by providing a guide and telling them what to do, and treating them nicely.

There is way more reasons why the west pacific is a bottom feeder such as the fact they don't allow roleplay, which for some nations triggers them so they move, mostly the reasons why Nations founded in the west pacific mostly leave sometimes just because of the rule they can't roleplay. But even though of not being able to roleplay they do have some cool events, such as karaoke friday, where you get to post old song lyrics in the board and the link too! Also punday monday, where you get to shot off your puns to the west pacific and even get a chance to win, and also to be put in the hall of puns book!

⭐Are raid defenders gone?⭐

So remember how South Pacific was raided by the black hawks, and was occupied by them for one week? We'll be talking about that today. First thing in the raid was the black hawks had maintained a delegate with over 100 endorsements a hard goal for defenders to beat, since many nations tried to but in the end the black hawks made a strategy named banjecting, which was basically to ban any defender units which join south pacific to make sure they don't endorse the defender delegate.They did that just to maintain their regional security for the occupation of South pacific, anyways defenders tried update bending, how does that work? So first fact is a a group of nations flood a nation they own, it doesn't matter if it was new, refounded or even very influential. Then in a point in a update they trigger a region and target to raid, in order to cause additional variance and make it harder to calculate the update time. This had the effect of making the defenders miss the update because the triggers they had set didn’t work properly.

In the end, TBH declared victory on August 10 and ended the occupation. So, what does that ‘coalition’ victory mean for the defenders? While it is a significant diplomatic and military defeat of the defender sphere, there is no indication that the defenders are at any insurmountable structural disadvantage.

As it has already been suggested by Ballotonia, defenders could try ‘update unbending’, where they would create their own ‘buffer region’ in order to control their triggers and prevent raiders from tampering with them. Administrator intervention, as some defenders have advocated for, is not the solution to this new raider tactic – as it is not influencing update times, it can be countered.

Successful liberations are still possible. History has shown again and again that defenders, if they set their minds to it, always find a way to counter raider tactics. They were simply legitimately outplayed on this occasion.

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⭐Chicken overlords "lords rise"⭐

Remember how long North pacific held the most nations in the world? That record has been beaten by the mighty chicken overlords which was not meant to be that good, and also a odd appearance since their delegate has tiny amount of endorsements compared to a major regions they also have a inactive RMB which makes no sense for a major region to have, but anyways here's the story of their rise. The chicken overlords is not really a feeder region it's like an embassy collector such as other regions like Traveling Wilburys and also The Embassy which are the most popular right now. So how did chicken overlords go from hunkey donkey zero to absolutely hero? So first reason is Womble puppets. Let's say you search womble you'll get thousands of results. These womble puppets are made to go to the chicken overlords everyday about hundreds are made with different numbers. The biggest reason for their rise is mass puppet creating that means nations make tons of puppets everyday and move them to the chicken overlords each day which helps boosting the regions population.

The also very odd thing is many nations which want lots of nations in their regions would usually send telegrams and waste their money on stamps which uses lots of money, so the chicken overlords tried puppet making. Players will do anything to make their region bigger and better. This is an unusual way of making a region bigger; it is rare for puppets to be created for such a simple use. But what a region doesn't gain from this is the community that a region with more individual nations has, or the WA voting power that sometimes comes with larger regions. Chicken Overlords worked towards this goal of becoming the largest region in the world, and they have achieved that, but what's next? Will the region attempt to continue it's growth, surpassing 10,000 nations, or even more. Will the region stagnate and it's position as largest region fluctuate as the number of active players change. Will it plummet once the puppets CTE? To be honest, this isn't really that worrying for most unless if those puppets are used for N-day in less than a month's time

⭐Thaecia and east pacific=friends.⭐

Ever since the east pacific has elected libertanny as their delegate they have made major success with strides and alliances like embassy's and with delegate marrbuk also, a recent embassy was the thaecia pact called song of poems, something liek that anyways more about it The east pacific normally chooses regions with lots of nations and user founded regions in this month they choose Thaecia. Marrabuk initially reached out to Thaecia to establish relations sometime in October, right after the coup occurred. Negotiations were favorable Thaecia and the East Pacific had established consulates with each other by Janurary. In March, relations were furthered when an in-game embassy was established between both regions.

While the building of relationships was certainly fast, it was not without merit. Both communities share various similarities, such as having a love of memes, being democratic, and being generally inclusive communities. With their similarities to each other, the outpour of support each region has for each other is to be expected!

Soon both regiosn thought of a treaty to make and establish suggestions began in early june and soon the treaty in early august witth a huge vote with 94% of the vote for in august.In order to specify the special bond between the East Pacific and Thaecia, a poem named “Poem of the Greats” was included as the treaty’s preamble. In addition, the treaty avoided the use of treaty templates often utilized by regions ironing out treaties, with The East Pacific and Thaecia opting to write their own unique treaty instead. With these two facts in mind, it is obvious both regions sought to build a special treaty for their unique friendship.

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