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Printed Cablegram

Printed Cablegram


Type: Limited company

Industry: Financial services, Communications

Founded: 6 September 1951

Founder: Victor Radson

Headquarters: Bocaugh, Bocaugh Province

Area served: Worldwide

Key people: Jon Kelvin (CEO),
Mark Santiago (General Counsel)

Products: Wire transfers, Money orders, Money transfers, Charge cards, Traveler's cheques, Telegrams, Mailgrams

Number of employees: 5,638 (2020)


Printed Cablegram

The Printed Cablegram Corporation is a South Baban worldwide financial services and communications company. Its headquarters are in Bocaugh, Bocaugh Province. Printed Cablegram provides money transfer and checking services for dozens of countries as well as worldwide messaging through transoceanic cable, communications satellites and the internet.

Founded as The Cardoza Printed Cablegram Company in Cardoza Province in 1951, Printed Cablegram grew from a small business to presently offer more than 15,000 branches worldwide and having almost 6,000 employees (as of 2020) operating and holding licenses in more than 80 jurisdictions globally. Its Cablecheque network is well known as an international payment method, accounting for more than 55% of total traveler's cheque transactions.

Other than its massive Bocaugh headquarters, Printed Cablegram is building a network of Regional Dispatch Hubs, state-of-the-art regional control centers that will handle the financial and communications giant's ever-growing operational presence worldwide.


Printed Cablegram is headquartered in Bocaugh in a complex designed by a board of architects led by Michelle Pryor and built by the architectural firm Pryor & Schatz. The complex has served as the official headquarters of the Printed Cablegram Corporation since its completion in 2002. Printed Cablegram has additional subsidiary regional headquarters, or Regional Dispatch Hubs. These adjunct offices help represent company interests, facilitate logistical activities, and enjoy certain financial privileges, but do not contain the directorial departments of major divisions and initiatives. The following countries are not only serviced by physical locations and an online presence but also host an aforementioned Regional Dispatch Hub (updated as of October 2020):

◾️ South Baba, Republic of
◾️ North Baba, Democratic Republic of
◾️ Mon Island, Federal Maritime Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Cereskia, Federal Islamic Republic of
◾️ Railroad Crossing, Small Golden Sign of
◾️ Intion North, Federal Republic of
◾️ Republica guilleana, Federal Republic of
◾️ Salzburg-Nassau, Incorporated States of
◾️ Kartujia, Mauryan Republic of
◾️ Eraver, Springbok Republic of
◾️ Cokoland, Republic of
◾️ Rimausean, Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Bala Mantre, lusī Mn Te Yuti Dgu of
◾️ 2 and 2 is Fish, Technodemocratic Republic of
◾️ Jinju-do, Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Solphine, Grand Dominion of
◾️ Austro-hungarian slavia, Empire of
◾️ Teostirias, Northwest Republic of
◾️ 🇨🇦 The Canadian Peoples Republic, Pacifist Dominion of
◾️ 🏳️ Nanchotoji, Republic of
◾️ Lorigia, Confederal Union of
◾️ Vyata Temor, Jingoistic States of
◾️ 🏳️ Sirwadia, Boer Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Backwardia, Erratic Eccentrics of
◾️ 🏳️ Cuetuo, Federation of
◾️ 🏳️ Iheslaria Island, Colony of
◾️ Tameside, Republic of
◾️ Katuda, Kingdom of
◾️ Weeeest viiiiirginiaaaa, Holy Red States Union of
◾️ Pinguioris, Allied States of
◾️ 🏳️ The American Anarchist Empire, Democratic Superpower of
◾️ 🏳️ Veminovska, Republic of
◾️ Tringapore, Often Satirized Nation of
◾️ TyGerria, Somewhat Democratic Republic of