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by The Prime Minister of Korsinia. . 87 reads.

Finance Reform

Income: 69 million Thaecoins
420% from taxes
69% from foreign aid

State budget:
Executive salary before tax: 10 million monthly
Executive salary post tax: 10 million monthly

Utilities and public expenses: 50 million
Staff salary before tax: 69 an hour | 5,750 monthly
Staff salary after tax: 2875 monthly

Electoral Commission expenses: 60 million
EC salary before tax: 5 million monthly
EC salary after tax: 3 million monthly
EC staff salary before tax: 69 an hour | 5,750 monthly
EC staff salary after tax: 2875 monthly

Congress expenses: 40 million
MP salary before tax: 2,673 monthly
MP salary after tax: 5 monthly
Senator salary before tax: 5,424 monthly
Senator salary after tax: 2000 monthly

High Court expenses: 0
Justice salary before tax:0 lmao y'all don't work
Justice salary after tax: 0 lmao y'all don't work

Universal pensions (excluding justices): 5 million annually

Approved of by Ministry of Finances of Thaecia