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Nationstates national post, issue #1, The south pacific prime minister, Big update cancelled, Why North pacific is a major power, TFNOL parting words, Forest long time delegate steps down and Thalassia Government to reform.


North Prarie elected as Prime Minister of The South Pacific, And why Nakarisaune resigned.

[img] Prarie wins a landslide victory for the office of PM in the South Pacific, with 24 votes compared with 4, 3 and 3 votes for their opponents. The election was organized after the resignation of Nakarisaune partway through their term.
Minor News
  • 10000 Islands' discord server has been severely damaged, with most of it's history destroyed and several members banned, after someone impersonated a moderator to gain access to the sever. The NS National Post reminds readers that NS moderators cannot take action on anything done offsite, so a forum or a discord server is run and used at one's own risk.

  • Indusse was recently elected to the position of WA delegate in India.

North Prarie ran a simple campaign, with a focus on transparency, but also included several foreign and domestic policies, such as

defensive pacts, WA voting blocs and RP. In terms of the other candidates, Pencil Sharpeners 2 ran a fairly radical campaign that could be argued to be on the verge of a joke campaign. Qaweritoyu, legislator in TSP and an avid defender, ran a campaign based largely around defense, along with more interactions between the PM and the regional community. Islands of unity also ran but didn't create a campaign dispatch.

The Prime Minister in TSP is elected by the region's legislative assembly, instead of a region-wide vote. North Prarie won 24 votes,
Pencil Sharpeners 2 won 4, Qaweritoyu won 3 and Islands of unity won 3

Anyways now for the reason why the old prime minister of the South pacific, Nakarisaune, has resigned even though halfway in her term, here's the points. She first lodged her reason why on August 12 2020, on the South pacific forum, we'll give you the link, She first stated this, "you know when there's something you don't want to do, you really don't want to do that, but you have to"Then let's start with the reasoning, she then said that she didn't enjoy being prime minister since it felt like without feeling bad, and doing the other thing, she stated that's how it felt

for her to be the prime minister, she also said that the next election would bring a better Prime minister to the South pacific. She also wanted to make the south pacific still be good, so she also did it to trigger a special election which actually turned into a special election. Every south pacific citizen, or mostly should thank her for her work she has done.🟥

Big update cancelled!

Monday August 31st, a Pop-up from the Nationstates news came, saying that the Big update, which was post to come out that day, was cancelled. They stated the reason why the Whole big update is cancelled! But if you don't know what happened here's some Notes. One the rankings have been delayed, this means that no-ones rankings will be updated even though the number of nations has changed, and the top ten, five and one percent places have changed, so now if you are placed in a certain
ranking, which is the New one percent, you will not get it. The next Update which didn't happen was the WA delegate status, which means they don't get their endorsements. Also then they also said the reason, "why" the update was cancelled, here's some key notes from the passage. One the Laboratories in the NS are not working properly, since of the Moving to a New hardware, and since of to many nations are joining, or either in the world right now, is making the systems work slower, since of to much space has been taken up. Now some nations will experience Lags in the Website, when going to another page, but we trust the Moderators to fix everything, and the People who control the website.

Another key note about the systems, is all about the Data which is moving a lot, or you can say migrating to much, and since the systems are really old, it's to much data, that keeps moving, and since the Nations are going up also. We also want to thank those systems for doing such a good job, but the other news is, that we won't see population counts going up, that means you remain at your normal population, since in the Major update, it said that Population counts would be updated. The bright news is that the Game will still function properly, so basically you won't get Lags and bugs, and slow loading pages, so expect Nationstates to stay normal, until they finally get to update finished, and we hope they do.

Subscription Information
If you want to subscribe, then please TG me saying so. The price of subscribing is an upvote for every new edition that comes out.
List of Subscribers:

Another note is that the Hardware system might Be slowly going to update during the next 48 hours. We all hope to see the Bigger population counts, WA delegate endorsements go higher, and also some nations to have extra rankings. We are going to try find more Information about when the Big update is going back on track, anyways good luck to them.

Why is The north pacific such a major power?

In this section, we are talking about the North pacific, which has lots of reasons why, it is a major power, lets start with the first reason as you know they have the most endorsements all together as a whole region in the world, and also since they do WA development programs quickly, it gets more nations to endorse each other, so the more endorsements. The next reason is, since the Majority of the North pacific is covered up with WA nations it is more easier to get influence, since mostly if you scroll on their region page, and click a WA nation, you can notice they have lots of endorsements, because the bigger the region you have, the More likely you'll have more WA endorsements, and that's a reason why lots of WA nations moved to the North pacific, since most likely if you endorse lots of people, you become a keeper of the North which they sponsor you, and nations will endorse you because of it, and also the more nations you endorse, the more likely you get endorsed back. The next reason is about influence, lots of Nations in the North pacific, has lots of WA endorsements, and also they

have high influence, so basically since the North pacific has lots of WA nations endorsing each other, the influence rises, since influence goes the highest based on WA endorsements, and since so many nations have Gold influence. But still it's not the most influential in the world. Also the North pacific doesn't have the most nations anymore.The next reason why, the North pacific gets lots of nations, is the fact they don't really ban anyone, unlike the West pacific which bans nations which are puppets, since they don't want their region to be filled with puppets, and also another thing is they have lots of active nations. About the north pacific, is they have a Competition with the Chicken overlords, which has gained the most nations in the world, Congrats to them. Anyways the North pacific also has Embassy's with lots of other big regions, which make nations from other region join, since of the Opportunity's.

My parting words. From:The fake news of london

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted news yet, and that some, means about 1%, So lets' start from the begining why. I had watched the democratic convention day one to the day four, and that was good to see biden talk about reforming Healthcare, and also to see many Other people speaking about why should People in the middle, like people who don't know who to vote for, and to vote for Biden, since, you saw many people saying that Biden helped my family, and he was a good person.The next thing, which was bad for me, was the connservative leader elections, you might not know, the results were delayed because of a malfunction for the vote counter. My

The San diego, Mexico Border.
favourite which I probably would vote conservative again in 12 years, was if Peter Mckay won, The reason why, is peter Mckay is not racist, despite being white, and also He's better than the liberals, and also the thing is, I don't know what happened to the Party, which used to be great, is has fallen now in wrong hands, and being Missused, that's the sad part.

sadly this Erin guy toke over, and he's full Andrew scheer! The thing is, I have my budget really has changed in 12 years, I used to manage a company, but moved to be a sattelite engineer, and also still right now, well back to Erin, he like Andrew scheer, you might not know what I mean, but it means that, like Andrew scheer was faking speeches, he said bad things about Liberals which were not true, and I don't like people who lie, and Andrew is one of them, that's what made me vote for liberal the first time in my life. Back then we had great people such as Steven harper and many more, but for some reason Andrew really destroyed the reputation of the Conservative party, my dad remarked telling me stories how he loved seeing the conservative party speeches on TV, since I am 39 right now, and I was born in 1981, I was eight around 1989, when I watched also, I remember they helped the poor. Now days all I see is a teared up paper, with them supporting the Rich.

Now with Erin, the next reason he's like scheer, but better, is he's full on Conservative. Now days I made up that term, and it's basically people who Support the Rich like trump, and also say racist things about black people, also Scheer did nothing for Immagrants, another thing is Scheer was like trump, but a tiny bit better, since he lied about things, and said things which are not true.The next thing, is the republican convention, but why do I detest them? Well I hate trump so much, I wish he wasn't president, you see, He traps children in , seperated from their parents, and if you ask me, "do you know how it feels?" Well yes i actually know how it feels, my brother who is Tim sand, had two sons, their names Robert and tim, they also had a daughter named Lydia, and I visited them every week with my children, since Robert and Tim were Scientists, then a few days ago, Three, Lydia was coming back from Germany, a buisness trip, some how got to the border by car, and then we never saw her, it's been at least three days, we haven't seen her, we should have seen her Three days ago, and my Brother, is very sad, his wife broke down, as they have known how it felt like, it turns out My dad's brother had
the same fate in 2017, and had been returning from Germany, exact same story, and he had been killed in three days in a cage and in torture by soliders, this is Injustice, I will be back soon to write more news chao then,Musk Sand. From the last time, we talked about how trump was destroying America, making the Lives of poor people reek, and also being a big racist, by only liking rich people, and not black people. Anyways, the last story I told you was by brothers Daughter, who had came from germany at least four days now. We have thought about what was happening, but or Hope is she comes home Safe. I don't know if she's caged, but I strongly think she is, You know

Joe biden Speaking
how trump traps the poor Innocent immigrants in cages and beats them, that's what probably happened to Tim's Daughter, I hope that One day we'll see her again, and also we see a end to Trumps Evil Reign over the U.S.A, yesterday Night I watched the Republican convention, for only a few minutes, I even toke it as a comedy show, since of the Lies they all said, I also noticed it was a complete copy of the Democratic convention, which upset me, and lots of other people, and the thing which upset me most, they didn't even talk about what they were doing bad, which is a countless list, they didn't talk about the 177,000 deaths so far, which Trump had time to fix, Those people were saying Lies and many more lies, I couldn't talk it, so I went to sleep. I am grateful I live in Canada, or else I don't what would have happened.

Anyways enough with those people, I have now got a new Team for the Newspaper, which we are going to rename it, The Nationstates national post, this Newspaper, is written and also Edited by the following new team. Imperialist germany union, The windows defender system alliance, Cahrmody of the english kingdom and also Aremenia, I want to thank them, for standing up to help us, make this Newspaper better. Now I want to go back to real life, more about Trump, I don't know why, but about 50% people living in the united states loves trump, I have seen an Article, which was good for a Democratic Supporter, that about 87% people think that Republicans are doing a bad job, handling the Covid-19, and the racists terms, which trump calls, you now, I'm not going to say it, Since It's a racist Remark, they should re-name it the Trump Virus, since basically America is still having more cases, even thought, it narrowly is getting better, I just want to say, that I'm not a full on democratic Supporter, but I only support them, to hope that Trump will lose, and also his Evil spell over america will break, since he really does nothing to do for the virus, everyday he says the virus will magically dissapear, it will not, I'm not sure if he wants to do that, but he rules america like his business, and also his Son is more Like him, except worse. And also Biden will help Americans by revolutionising jobs for everyone, and also Handle the Virus better, also the Republicans got people who support them, and the democrats only had people, who wanted to speak, since there was three republicans speaking there.

Anyways let's not talk about trump anymore, and more about this, I now this sounds weird, but The team and I, are going to try making a Nationstates worldwide Newspaper, it'll be hard, but if we work together, and cipher each others mistakes, everything will work out, We also will have something called :subscriptions: Which will be based on Upvoting the Dispatch, so basically the small price is to Upvote the Newspaper, and just like that you subscribed, the Newspaper is coming Weekly, since of Six articles in the whole thing, so basically when it comes out, please Upvote it, since it toke us long to make it, and also You can Subcribe by just Upvoting it, and also If you want a story in it, you just contact me, saying who is in it, what happened, and Info so we can make it a Enjoyable story, thanks.

Forest's long term delegate steps down.

After 13 years, ransium has stepped down from the WA delegate postion. In this news article we will honour his service has being one of the Longest WA serving delegates. Ransium was made at least a very long time ago, even before nations in real life were even born, that was the time about when my cousin's Daughter came, when he first arrived to Nationstates, since it was still small, he joined the World assembly, and also wrote some resolutions, he also decided to Join moderation, and issue editing, and Soon became the Delegate of forest.

The WA delegate which is chosen in forest, is not actually picked by elections just like other Major Regions, Instead WA delegates are chosen by the forest keeper who is Verdant Haven. He had chosen Ransium to be the WA delegate for the past 13 years, which is considered antiquity, and soon after choose Ruinenlust. After 13 years, Ransium WA term ended, right now probably the Second most of Nationstates WA delegate service time. Imagine if he stayed as Delegate for two years, probably would beat the Nationstates Delegate Service, of 15 years. It was weird for just a very helpful nation in Forest just to pass on, afterall Ransium was one of the earliest citizens to ever go to forest, and helped it build up to be so Influential for the past 13 years. We all hope we see a good future for the Forest delegate and Ransium.

Another strange thing, is that we should have to move on with life, with the good things, it's also sad to see a Nation who had been honoured a lot, just wanting to Step down From Delegacy for a long time, it's sad when you see these kind of things, but you need to keep shining on the other side, we all want him to stay as Delegate, but you have to move on, we all wish and hope Ransium a good future in Nationstates.

Thalassia Government to Reform.

14 days ago, August 23 2020, the Thalassian Government had made a statement which caused the reform of the whole Government forming the Interim Council, so why did the very young region already reform? Well first thing is in the statement dispatch, they wrote that since of the Government was too inactive, they had no choice to reform, since of all with an inactive government your region starts to go Banana's, since there's no-one ruling, another thing they said is, since of the inactivity of the Big government it is giving a big trend down for Thalassia, and ever since 2019 they said, that it went from a shocking number to only 4 or five members of the government who were active, and also stating that there will not be no coherent plan being developed with regards to the regionís long term future on internal or external matters, due to the constantly changing governmental leadership. The decision to dissolve the government was made by the founder of Thalassia Sho, Arenado and also Wymondham to create the Interim council. Other than the three nations we mentioned right now, Arenado and Wymondham, have concluded that replacing the constitution would be a unworkable purpose to dissolve the current one right now, with an inactive government. The most biggest thing though is that the Thalassia founder has password protected the region, that means that no-one can join the region for the meantime, since the of the inactive government and regional safety, they also said the password change had no vote of going in for

the region, that means it was done randomly. The New Constitution was also made without vote just made when the Government dissolved or else the region would be chaos. They also made the OOC admin, which would be headed by the monarch, the other thing which said in the new constitution was that the OOC admin may appoint anyone as the successor the position of Cheif Admin, And also in the constitution it said, that by no law, the Constitution shall be dissolved and also destroyed, by any law in the Thalassian Government, so basically no matter what the Law is they can't abolish it. Now with the Government of inactivity Thalassia needs to work things out quickly, we all hope them the best.

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