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New World Union Chronicle #3



    >A Minor raid on the region has Brought an overhaul to our Defense system
    >massive war in the RP
    >Constitution draft is now on the WFE

Roleplay News

    The Great Pacific War is Well underway with the Amaan State of Niue falling under Allied hands and Samoa under heavy assault. The Allies FNU, Unified Empiricus, Aleciton Lands, and German Livonia Have Steadily Pushed Back Amaan forces in Battle after Battle. More News as it comes out.

    Major Discord Events
    The Constitutional convention is still happening, What has come up so far can be seen on the WFE. I would like to Thank Unified Empiricus for putting it together

    A Word from the Delegate
    As Delegate to The NWU it has been a While since I have posted an Edition of the Chronicle, something I hope to fix. over the next few days I will be running a poll to see if You all like this new format, for our readers from other regions, you can answer the poll on the New World Union Chronicle Region Page as well.
    Any comments and Concerns can be forwarded to me as well via Telegram or Discord DM.

    That's All folks!
    Editor and Delegate: Amaabj