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Lower French Gregballs' Government

The leader, McGregory, had been certified Unfit to rule (on September 2, 2020, but he wasn't actually ruling for a few weeks before). The pro tem leader was his clueless secretary, Agnes Day, titled Acting Secretary of State.

Following elections, Jason R. Eston, an Independent representing big and small companies, has been elected to office Sept. 11, 2020. Since Sept. 24, 2020, the government is spending millions on lawyers' fees trying to get Jason R Eston off a murder charge. Agnes Day has been called in from the McGegory's sickbed at the Sanatorium to rule the nation.

Following new elections (held on the first week of October 2020), Anne-Marie Juliette (of the Conservative Party) has formed a Coalition Governement with Agnes Day's Libertarian party.

Since the Great Earth Upheaval transferring Lower French Gregballs to the region of Refugia, the government has focused primarily on Environmental issues.