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75th Senate of Europeia Elected


Contact Information (Discord): $eva #4106

(Europeia, 1/9/2020) - The citizens of Europeia elected their new Senate on Friday, choosing six candidates who will serve in the legislative branch for the next 70 days.

Supreme Chancellor Lethen opened standing on August 22, accompanied by a speech.
Originally, ten people stood, including three incumbent senators. However, two candidates then dropped out.

The remaining eight candidates campaigned for six seats. The number of seats was determined by the Senate size poll, marked by the introduction of an approval voting system.

Lime and Seva lost with 21 and 22 votes respectively, with Seva 4 votes behind Istillian, who filled the last seat. CSP, Malashaan, Forilian, Aexnidaral, and Darkslayer filled the first five.

Soon after the election, Darkslayer was nominated for Speaker and chosen unanimously. This is his first time as speaker, and he thanked fellow senators for "putting [their] faith in [him]".


More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here: Link