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The Geopolitics Roleplay Region: Help Section



I'm new & want to join the roleplay. How do I accomplish this?

Welcome to the Geopolitics Roleplay Region! First you're going to want to fill out an application. Once done, telegram it to Zhen Dynasty & Bosnia herzegovina republic so that regional administration can begin to review it. If you're on the Discord, simply submit it in #applications & we'll do the rest. Once accepted you may begin roleplaying on the RMB.

What happens once I submit my application?

Regional administration will review it & get back to you. NOTE: Our region is not for everyone. If your app simply deviates from irl history without a sufficient explanation for it. We may & will reject it. Our region focuses on upholding realism within the confines of divergent history. If you are rejected, you may submit another app at freewill. However, repeated apps which fail with no show of improvement on your part will enter into the consideration of the regional administration.

Regional policy on activity?

For major countries such as: U.S., China, Russia, U.K., France, Italy & India. They will be given a 20 day period of rest in between posts before they will be considered inactive & removed from the region. Non-majors which constitute those countries which aren't in the major list will be given a full 30 days between posts before they are considered inactive. When you are first accepted, depending on your claim you will be given either 20 or 30 days from date of acceptance to do a post before you are removed.

What does war look like here?

Warfare must be realistic & will be intensely moderated by the regional administration. However, while the administration does its best to provide a fair & regulated approach to warfare, we ask that players take it upon themselves to coordinate or develop warfare rp in a realistic & fair manner. So yes, this means taking appropriate dates for travel, mobilization, conflict, etc. into mind. This means keeping a list of equipment that may run out. Keep all of this in mind when going for a claim or general rp that may be oriented towards warfare.

Map? Flags? What does the cartography look like here?

Once accepted, the regional cartographer (El-estado-mexicano / that's me!) will add you to the regional map as soon as possible. For Nation flags, please send a flat & reasonable flag to the cartographer. If a flag does not fit the standards of the rp. The cartographer may deny adding it. Of course, you will be given an explanation as for why your flag was denied & how to submit an approved one.

Time? Do we zoom through at 2 years a week?

No. Our region adopts a 24 hour model. If you post at 2 AM & the time right now is 4 AM. Then yes, irp only 2 hours have passed. So please, take this into consideration when doing posts. Look at the posts of veteran or experienced roleplayers to see how they navigate around this rule.

OOC? IC? NPC? What does all of this mean?!

OOC means out of character. Basically it is how you discuss out of game. So say you want to hold a conversation with another player about real life? That's an out of character conversation since you're not adopting the persona, limits, etc. of your claim. IC is in character which means the opposite. You must do actions or moves as your claim would. This would be the equivalent to being in-game. NPC means Non Player Country which in essence means the Country is not ran by a player. These countries will act as their irl counterparts unless regional administration decides otherwise for specified reasons.

Do I have to join the Discord?

No. While we encourage it as most of the regional socialization takes place on there. It is not a requirement.

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