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Operation Liberate Meridia

August 31st, 2020: Humanitarian Intervention by the Democratic Government of Aristopolis ("The State")
Dubbed: Operation Liberate Meridia

In compliance with World Assembly Resolution 390 ("Compliance Commission"), The State:

- HAS INVESTIGATED Lily's abuse of Meridia's WFE, falsely portraying it as a "voluntary advertisement" when it was illegally imposed by an illegitimate puppet dictator under pressure by a large interregional terrorist force which openly struggles against the World Assembly and international law,
- WELCOMES COOPERATING with the WACC to preserve the freedoms of the great region and Nations of Meridia from the terrorist network known as Lily who continues to invade regions under the pretense of "standing up for the little guy" - a dangerous and divisive populist lie.

In compliance with World Assembly Resolution 25 ("WA Counterterrorism Act"), The State:

- TAKES "all effective measures at their disposal, subject to the rule of law, to prevent non-state actors from using their territory to commit terrorist acts"
- WARNS all WA Nations to refrain from providing any "form of assistance to any party committing terrorist acts"
- URGES all WA Nations to provide any and all intelligence necessary to limit the territorial expansion of Lily terrorists
- STRONGLY ENCOURAGES "member states to do everything possible to address the underlying causes of terrorism"
- CONDEMNS "the use of terrorism by any member state of the World Assembly"
- REMINDS "any member nation employing terrorism to immediately cease and desist"

In compliance with World Assembly Resolution 130 ("Elections And Assistance Act"), The State immediately establishes a provisionary government to establish rule of law, free and fair elections, and the ouster of a tyrant in league with the foreign terror force known as Lily.

In compliance with World Assembly Resolution 155 ("Freedom Of The Press"), The State make LinkNS Press available to all for free and allows all reputable news organizations to operate without preferential treatment one way or another.

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