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The Geopolitics Roleplay Region: Rules

[size=130][font=futura][color=black]T H E[/color][color=#3399FF][/color][color=black]G E O P O L I T I C S[/color][color=#3399FF][/color][color=black]R O L E P L A Y[/color][color=#3399FF][/color][color=black]R E G I O N[/font][/color][/size]
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[box][center][size=150][b]Rules: General[/b][/size][/center][hr]
[b]1.[/b] Behave respectably with others. Treat them as you would want to be treated.

[b]2.[/b] Clearly mark OOC comments or remarks within your post. Completely OOC posts are not permitted on the RMB.

[b]3.[/b] Avoid posting IC (In-Character) posts that are only a few lines at the same time. This way the RMB is not "spammed".

[b]4.[/b] Cheering, trivializing, or glorifying violence is not accepted. *

[b]5.[/b] Offensive, abusive, racist, sectarian, or otherwise discriminatory or bigoted posts will not be accepted. *

[b]6.[/b] We do not tolerate the glorification of terrorist groups. *

[b]7.[/b] Only those who have been accepted for RP may post on the RMB other than Regional Administration.[/box]

[box][center][size=150][b]Rules: Roleplay[/b][/size][/center][hr]
[b]8.[/b] All NPC nations are believed to be their real life, or as close to real life, equivalent as they can be made. This does not mean that NPC nations have international ties such as defensive pacts. 

[b]9.[/b] CTE'd/removed nations will have all of their RP progress [b]voided.[/b] This includes any characters, posts, and such. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if the situation calls for it.

[b]10.[/b] You cannot RP the actions of another nation without their approval.

[b]11.[/b] You must be realistic with stats pertaining to your Nation. I.e. economic, military, etc. they should be modelled on real-life stats. 

[b]12.[/b] Major Nations are permitted 20 days between posts before they will be considered inactive & removed from the map. Non-major Nations will be given a full 30 days between posts.

[b]13.[/b] Your nation must have some real-life precedent. I.e. it could have or once did or does exist. No, "Teletubbies Nation" or "Massive European Khanate in Europe".

[b]14.[/b] Any & all expansions must be submitted via application to the regional administration.

[b]15.[/b] Nuclear weapons are not permitted for use in roleplay. The only exception is for flavor rp pertaining to specific Nations. I.e. North Korea testing a missile. Otherwise, any & all nuclear weapons are banned.

[b]16.[/b] Do not godmode. I.e. transporting your troops from North Africa to South Africa in a single day.

[b]17.[/b] Do not metagame. I.e. learning that Russia may consider putting troops in its Western border then reacting pre-emptively.

[b]18.[/b] Claim switching (i.e. switching from Bulgaria to Italy) is to be handled on a case by case basis by the Regional Administration.

[b]19.[/b] Time progresses are a rate of 1 day IRL = 1 week in RP. (Exceptions apply to Character RP, where time may move much more slowly).

[b]20.[/b] If you wish to put your post in another language. Please provide an english translation to accompany it so fellow roleplayers may read it.

[b]21.[/b] Regional Administration may change or add rules as they see fit here or in other locations within the Region. This may not be a fully updated reflection of the ruleset.


[box][center][size=150][b]Rules: Sidenote[/b][/size][/center][hr]

[b]22.[/b] * <---- This means that these rules are for general conduct. You are allowed to pursue these actions in your rp within reason if it is for expressly artistic reasons to further the roleplay.


[box][center][size=150][b]Rules: Puppets[/b][/size][/center][hr]

[b]23.[/b] Puppets or 2nd claims need to be approved by regional administration

[b]24.[/b] You must avoid taking unnecessary actions with your puppet unless it has been approved by regional administration. Unnecessary actions is defined as any & all actions not done between the Nations in real life.


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