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Place Region Yesterday Today

#1 The North Pacific 9,773 9,702
#2 Chicken overlords 9,490 9,623
#3 The East Pacific 8,600 8,567
#4 Osiris 8,418 8,423
#5 Lazarus 8,332 8,324
#6 Balder 8,160 8,185
#7 The South Pacific 8,180 8,158
#8 The Pacific 6,474 6,465
#9 The Rejected Realms 6,775 6,374
#10 The West Pacific 5,756 5,783


In the GA, "Land Reclamation Regulation" is up for the vote, and it is rated TILT AGAINST.
In the SC, "Repeal: “Commend Evil Wolf”" is up for the vote, and it is ranked SAFE AGAINST.

And we are back with more news! The amazing nations of Ihese and Pigeonstan have officially reestablished relations! Peace on NS is always good. And now into the gooey stuff:

First of all, I am in no way part of the stuff below, and I'll let the two "combatants" in this feud explain what on earth happened:

Pigeonstan said:

well he was trolling me with an alt called Pigeonstan is no when he was trying to get an embassy with TNP [Added: From the region FWO, where Ludistan served as delegate.]
not even from the dont troll in the first place but that he was this was during the embassy thing
so the embassy was canceled due to bad behaviour from the delegate.

Socialist States of Ludistan said:

Well, my side is that I created the account Pigeonstan is no and I then joined TNP, Pigeonstan got really mad and reported it to an NS moderator for harassment, I think the moderator was pretty unprofessional, because he called me dumb and banned the account, but the only “evidence” of harassment he could find was me saying “I’m and Ihese supporter and a Pigeonstan hater.”
Which if you ask me is not a reason to ban the account.

Keep in mind I edited out possible bad stuff from both sides, but did not change the info given.

Regardless, Delegate of TNP Prydania decided to reject the embassy request.
That's the thing with NS News, gotta report the sad and controversial stuff too. I probably got someone mad, and I am sorry.

Back to better news, the North Pacific Vision semi-finals are out, and TNP's Card 'Monthly Snapshot' is out. Onto the Number of Nations, TRR crashed, losing about 400 nations, the region TNP (not the TNP we've talked about in previous editions, that was The North Pacific) has become #15 in NoN'. First World Order saw a massive boom in NoN', jump point Trieltics also saw a massive boom due to puppets.

IN R/D NEWS, a liberation just happened at New Terran Blood, possible liberation may be happening at New Galactic Empire and the Spiritual Land, Uniao da Cracolandia is still under the control and occupation of raiders, Eunomia has been raided by The East Pacific/Frozen Circle, and World polemics has been raided by Europeia/Crystal falls. The region "Oppression" has been liberated by TGW.

Xoriet has found a challenge game bug, oh, and N-day is in less than a month. Hooray! The featured region today is Irish Free State! Congratulations!

Creator's note: The following is an opinion only and is not news or fact like the rest of the dispatch.


How other regions control the amount of nations in TRR

By La xinga

We discussed last time about why TWP has the least nations of any feeder and lower than any sinker and TRR. We also discussed how TWP sends streams of nation to TRR daily. THAT is what we will be talking about.

First of all, why does TRR have so many nations? Well, it obvious, nations that are ejected go there. But where do they come from? Well, everywhere. Mostly TWP and TP however, we discussed about TWP last time, and TP seemingly also has that mass-puppet-ejection policy.

So it really just matters on the two smallest feeders. As discussed last time, about a quarter of card farming puppets don't exactly care what region they end up in, and probably the most puppets are card farming puppets. This is why when TRR gains or loses, it does it in bulk, gaining or losing hundreds at a time. This I reason to some officer waking up and seeing in his/her region 300 card farming puppets of so-and-so. Boom, 300 nations just added to TRR. Two days later, the dude who owned those 300 puppets decides to take them out of TRR and send them to 10KI Card Farm. Boom, 300 nations TRR just lost. So an officer in TWP or TP could directly influence how many nations TRR loses or gains!

The only other thing that controls TRR's nations is raiders or defenders. Such happened to South Pacific, where about 200 defenders were ejected, sent to TRR. However, these stuff are usually 99% temporary. They'll either head back to their jump point or go to another operation.

So in the end, we can conclude that these two feeders control the amount of nations going into TRR by the hundreds!

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Meme by Pigeonstan

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