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NATIONSTATES NEWS August 30 (BBCode changed!)



Place Region Yesterday Today

#1 The North Pacific 9,683 9,773
#2 Chicken overlords 9,487 9,490
#3 The East Pacific 8,518 8,600
#4 Osiris 8,336 8,418
#5 Lazarus 8,265 8,332
#6 The South Pacific 8,141 8,180
#7 Balder 8,093 8,160
#8 The Rejected Realms 6,721 6,775
#9 The Pacific 6,419 6,474
#10 The West Pacific 5,746 5,756


In the GA, GMO International Trade Accord is up for the vote, and it is ranked LIKELY FOR.
In the SC, "Repeal: “Commend Evil Wolf”" is up for the vote, and it is ranked SAFE AGAINST.

Hello everybody, welcome to another edition of NS news! As you can see, I have redone the dispatch quite a lot with the BBcode, and that was partially the reason I was not writing NS news for over a week. In the meantime, after Nakarisaune stepped down as Prime Minister of the South Pacific, North Prarie has been elected Prime Minister in an overwhelming landslide. Sail Nation/Sail Nation World News Service has launched The NationStates Chronicle! You should check it out if you want more news! On the forum, we have a question asked by Geneviev: Is there a higher power? We also know that 2020 will end if this gets 100 upvotes! Thaecia and The East Pacific have signed a treaty, called "THE POEM OF THE GREATS," and The North Pacific and the South Pacific will be having a festival!

In R/D news, Uniao da Cracolandia has been raided and occupied by a coalition of The North Pacific, The East Pacific, The Black Hawks, Europeia, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Social Technocratic Union, and Balder. Primula and New Dinosaurtopia have been liberated by The Order of the Grey Wardens, who is now fighting Lily/The Allied Nations of Egalaria for Outre Space. BHARATVARSH has also been raided by The Black Hawks.

Anyway, -tHe ChIcKeN-- has become the delegate of Chicken overlords! Eravon has published The Roleplay Times, publishing and recording the RP happening in Karma's roleplay discord. Plus Nova Imperii has published two new alternate histories: "What if America lost the Revolutionary War?" and a SECOND BRITISH CIVIL WAR?! We got another edition for the Conch Times, and wait, Enadia has another edition too! The featured region today is Supernatural! Congratulations!

Creator's note: The following is an opinion only and is not news or fact like the rest of the dispatch.


Why TWP is the bottom feeder

By La xinga

Let's get to the point: TWP has the lowest nations of any feeder, lower than all the sinkers, and even lower than TRR. You may ask yourself: Why? Why is a region where nations get founded in lower in NoN' (Number of Nations) than a region where nations get ejected to by 1,000 nations?!

To answer this, we need to see why TWP is different than the other feeders. Not in a good way nor bad way, but in a way that seemingly makes them have less nations. Let's take a look.

First of all, TWP doesn't care to be in the top, unlike some members in TEP (like me) and some people in TNP. TWP really couldn't care less.

Second of all, their ejections. The largest region, The North Pacific (TNP) has about 9,700 nations! Despite all of this, TNP didn't eject a nation in a week! Looking at TWP, however, with around 4,000 nations less than TNP, they ejected at least 150 nations this past week.

TWP seemingly ejects puppets, and some puppets (usually card farming puppets) don't usually care what region they are in. Thus, TWP has sent streams of nations into TRR, which helps TRR as well as TWP, since TWP doesn't want puppets anyway. A less active RMB and less nations could mean nations just moving out on there own.

However, TWP has a lot of nice members, willing to help new nations who struggle. If TWP keeps up their ways on the RMB, they could become the most active feeder on NS! Good doesn't come in specifically NoN'.

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And woops, almost forgot the memes! In case you don't know, a meme war has erupted between Pigeonstan and Xeosia Later.

First 4 by Xeosia Later, last 2 by Pigeonstan.

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