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Embassy Policy of Geopolity


Welcome to Geopolity, ambassadors and diplomats of NationStates!

NOTE: Please contact us before requesting an embassy!

We are happy to see you here. However, before you request embassies with our region, we do have some guidelines that must first be considered.

- Your region MUST have more than 50 nations.
- Your region cannot be for puppet storage.
- Your region must also have a Discord server.
- Your region will also need to have an assigned ambassador from your region, and we require that they join our LinkDiscord server.

If you meet all of these requirements, we would be very happy to establish embassies with you. However, before you send an embassy request, please fill out the following application, and then post it in #embassy_requests on our Discord.

Nation name:
Region that you hail from:
Leader(s) of said region:
Number of nations:
Are you wanting an Discord embassy/NS embassy/both?:
Discord Link: