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The NationStates Chronicle - Issue #2 - CCD statement, blurring lines in RP and TSP PM election

The NationStates Chronicle
Issue #2 - 29/08/2020

North Prarie elected as Prime Minister of The South Pacific

North Prarie wins a landslide victory for the office of PM in the South Pacific, with 24 votes compared with 4, 3 and 3 votes for their opponents. The election was organized after the resignation of Nakarisaune partway through their term.
Minor News
  • 10000 Islands' discord server has been severely damaged, with most of it's history destroyed and several members banned, after someone impersonated a moderator to gain access to the sever. The NS Chronicle reminds readers that NS moderators cannot take action on anything done offsite, so a forum or a discord server is run and used at one's own risk.

  • Indusse was recently elected to the position of WA delegate in India.

North Prarie ran a simple campaign, with a focus on transparency, but also included several foreign and domestic policies, such as defensive pacts, WA voting blocs and RP. In terms of the other candidates, Pencil Sharpeners 2 ran a fairly radical campaign that could be argued to be on the verge of a joke campaign. Qaweritoyu, legislator in TSP and an avid defender, ran a campaign based largely around defense, along with more interactions between the PM and the regional community. Islands of unity also ran but didn't create a campaign dispatch.

The Prime Minister in TSP is elected by the region's legislative assembly, instead of a region-wide vote. North Prarie won 24 votes,
Pencil Sharpeners 2 won 4, Qaweritoyu won 3 and Islands of unity won 3🟥

Jocospor and Confederation of Corrupt Dictators formally apologize to NationStates

Jocospor, regional founder of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and candidate in this year's Secretary-General election, apologizes to various parts of the NS community, alongside the NS community as a whole, for the region's self-commendation attempts, attempted usurpation of several region's sovereignty, as well as for anyone whose been offended by the words and actions of the region and it's members.

The region has been in controversy before in NS, earning itself a 'symbolic liberation' from the Security Council. The region appears to some as a fascist region, and while in terms of roleplay it is, the region strongly condemns out-of-character fascism, issuing a statement against it earlier this year, closing all embassies with regions that are known to be fascist out-of-character or even those with strong links to said regions. To an outsider, the region appears fascist, with very early 20th century imperial flags (no swastikas of course), and a rule that every RMB post has to end with 'Hail the Confederation'. Jocospor stood for election to the position of WA Secretary-General in April, campaigning against the 'WA elite', but lost due to tactical voters preventing them from making the final round of voting.

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The region is planning on repealing the region's liberation resolution, as the region has changed considerably recently. This might take some time before drafting in the WA forums begin🟥

The increasingly blurred lines between OOC and IC posts

Recently, it has become confusing for NSers to differentiate what is in-character or out-of character. For example, several regions have legislatures and regional courts. In theory, these aren't needed. Having dedicated legislators write laws and constitutional amendments might be easier than putting everything to a regional vote, but only a few essential bills, such as disallowed practices and their consequences, government procedures, etc, but eventually bills are being written for the purpose of writing bills and the government starts to simply regulate itself. Also border-control officers could simply suppress and ban nations as necessary, but a regional court can help sometimes, although full court procedures can be a bit lengthy for a nation simulator. This is why some people call this 'regional roleplay', rather than simply running a region.

Another example is the aforementioned region CCD. Even OOC posts have to include 'Hail the Confederation', and the region as a whole appears fascist, and while I don't doubt that OOC fascists are in the region, the government is firmly against fascism. Recently the region claimed that an election for the President of the Senate was rigged, but the dispatches about it were mainly RP, so it can be confusing to see what is actually happening.

Finally, the area where the line is most blurred, is done by players who don't even know that they are RPing. In hundreds of regions across NS, nations create 'defense pacts', declare war on each other, hold elections and more, without being part of a roleplay. In my main region recently, I asked someone who was doing this about whether they were RPing, and they said that they weren't. This doesn't involve game mechanics, so it is arguably RP, but they don't think they are, and they aren't officially involved in a regional roleplay. They might even create factbooks. I used to, and I had no idea what I was doing! What everyone should remember, is that as long as no-one is breaking regional or game rules, no-one is unknowingly spreading harmful ideologies and everything is done with respect, then there is no problem with this blurring line for the time being🟥

Editor's notes
Corrections: Arenado is not the PM of Thalassia, rather a former PM and Recruitment Minister up until the election when Owl Archipelago was elected to the office. Wymondham1 was also the Minister of Administrative Affairs, rather than the Foreign Minister as was stated. The NS Chronicle was contacted by someone who stated that Thalassia is mainly a Gameplay region rather than a roleplay one, but neither stance can be entirely accurate. Kuriko is also slightly involved in military gameplay contrary to what was previously stated, but not in terms of actual liberations and detags, due to their position as WA delegate of 10KI.

Thank you for your amazing reaction to last week's issue. I never thought I would get a dispatch to being the top of New dispatches, but the NS community never fails to surprise me.

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