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Layem Times Issue 15

Saturday, August 29th, 2020-Confederacy of Layem-Thanks to our staff who helped with this issue! Editor-in-Chief: Baaas, Writers: Nexus Sierra, The grand sultanate of Krm, Advertisement Manager: Elvato, Interviewee: Virconia

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New Layem Times Poll is Out!

The Layem Times September 2020 Election Preliminary Poll is now out and ready for you to take it!

The poll has questions about who you support for MoIA, MoFA, Chief Minister, and Speaker of the Assembly, plus a question about what Party you support, and a question about what ideology you most closely align with.

I will do 1 poll every week leading up to the election. I will release all the results from every poll when it ends in the Layem Times. The results from this poll will be released next Saturday in Layem Times Issue 16.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the poll here: LinkPoll

BREAKING - Masconvia Banned from Layem, Plans to Destroy Maur's Reputation

Masconvia, a highly well-known and quite infamous citizen of Layem, who ran for elected office multiple times, has been banned from the region. Maur banned him for conspiring with other members of the Democratic Party to bring down Maur and coup Layem.

Fact check: while people in the DPL did want to bring down Maur for what they saw as impeachable offenses, they did not try to coup our region.

After being banned, Masconvia did a number of things. First, he joined a region called “the New Western Empire.” Zekinistan joined the region as well. Second, he had an argument with Maur, trying to get himself unbanned. Third, he deleted the Democratic Party of Layem (DPL) Discord server.

On the morning of Friday, August 28th, Maur sent out a telegram to all of the Confederacy of Layem about all of this. In the telegram, he wrote, “In August of 2020, he [Masconvia] sought to use the Newspaper [the Layem Times] and the Party [the DPL] to gather supporters in overthrowing the regional government.”

Being a Moderator of the Layem Times Discord server, Masconvia did not use it to recruit people to overthrow the government, at least to my understanding. He did use it to recruit people to leave Layem and come to his region.

Maur tried to bring Baaas and Zekeinistan to trial for treason, but he quickly revoked the summon.

BREAKING URA NEWS: Suvmia Removes CrystalSummer as Head of Security

Suvmia, the President of the URA, announced on Sunday that CrystalSummer is no longer the Head of Security. CrystalSummer served as HoS for 27 days.

Suvmia didn’t give much reasoning as to why they removed CrystalSummer other than information that has recently surfaced about the former HoS’s region, the Free Nations Region.

The new Acting Head of Security is SawyerW12. He will be the HoS until someone is appointed to hold it until the next election.

Authored by URA Correspondent Baaas

Advertisements and Memes

Do you want an unbiased, independent, competent Speaker of the Assembly? Well, then you should vote Baaas for Speaker of the Assembly! To learn more about my campaign, I refer you to my Campaign Dispatch:

I announce my candidacy for Speaker of the Assembly

Hi, I'm Baaas, and I'm running for Layem Speaker of the Assembly. This dispatch will teach you what I will do if elected Speaker and who I am.

Who I Am and my Experience

My NationStates nation is Baaas. I joined NationStates in late March of 2020, in the early days of the Drewpocalypse. I saw as the nations in Layem blew up, and then slowly trickled down. NationStates is a special game because it forces you to create community. And that's a good lesson for life, to create a community. I think I can help the game a little bit if I'm elected.

I admit I don't have experience in Layem politics. But I know how it works. I've been a journalist for over 2 years. I know what people in power should do and shouldn't do. I've watched political debates. I've watched Presidential Addresses. More recently, I've watched the Democratic National Convention.

I've also been a leader myself. I've run for Student Council and won. Right now, I'm the Editor-in-Chief of the Layem Times, which is, if you didn't know, the official newspaper of our great region. I've been in the debate club, so I know how to debate well.

I'm also very active on the Discord. Less on the RMB, but I still talk there. I'm active on NationStates as a whole. I respond to issues and vote on World Assembly proposals around twice a week.

I also know what the working class is like. I live in Connecticut, the state with the most income inequality. You can see it in the streets of the closest Connecticut city to me, Torrington, a failed rust belt city. The same thing with Kingston, NY, and so many other cities around the world. What does this have to do with Layem? I will lift up the nations at the bottom so they have the courage to run for political office and bring their views to the table.

My Political Views

I've been a lifelong progressive. I want real change, not just the same old things that keep people down. And don't say I'm not patriotic when I say that Layem is not perfect. I really like Layem, and want the best for it. You have to acknowledge the bad before you can do the good.

I don't really like party politics. I want to work together with the Loyalist Party and all the other parties to pass legislation because, despite our differences, I believe that we both have similar ideas.

Also, I will be unbiased in deciding which bills to accept and not accept. Sometimes I will ask for citizen input in my decision as well if it's not an easy decision because I believe that the citizens should take back the power.

What I Would Do If Elected

There isn’t much to do while Speaker of the Assembly, so there’s not much in this section, but I tried my best to include some stuff.

3. Make a good checklist of criteria for passing laws to the floor of the Regional Assembly. I will make a good, comprehensive, well-thought-out checklist to make sure every law that goes to the floor is a law worth voting on. Here's the checklist, or at least my first draft of it:

1. Is the bill written well enough that it can be understood to the fullest?
2. Does the bill address a pressing issue in the region?
3. Does the bill give reasons to vote for it?

The bill needs to check all three of these boxes to be brought to the floor.

4. I will be transparent with all my operations. I will release a report every month about operations within the Regional Assembly so the people can hold me and other government members accountable.

If you have any policy ideas, please, feel free to tell me in the RMB or Discord!

Campaign Updates

- I am now running as an independent, following the dismantling of the DPL

- I now have competition! As of 9/21/20, Virconia and Hua are running against me.

Vote for Baaas in the September Elections!

Read factbook


Politics Update

In the past week, a lot of sudden political news has been occurring in the Confederacy of Layem, and both political movements have been evolving to compete for next month’s election season. In the beginning of the week, one of the two running candidates for the Minister of Foreign Affairs position named Virconia dropped out of the race, leaving his rival competitor Masconvia unopposed, almost giving him a guaranteed victory, unless someone joins in the race later on. Then, as the week continued, the DPL (also known as the Democratic Party of Layem) has released their official party platform with their party's goals they intend to provide to the region if they win any positions during the September election. Meanwhile, the Loyalist Party of Layem is still intending to keep their promises to give to the region if they win the election spots too. As the month of September approaches, the political divide between the two parties continues to grow, making the next election a tense and competitive environment for everyone involved. This is the sign of the evolving regional political system that's been growing more frequent in recent months. The DPL platform is going to be shown in an advertisement below.

Editor’s Note: Virconia came back into the race when Masconvia was banned recently.
Editor’s Note: The DPL is gone.

Authored by Politics and Court Correspondent Nexus Sierra

RP Update

Orthodox nations invading Byzantium:
Russia had declared war on Byzantium for access to the med soon after their alliance joined in against Byzantium as well and soon after Trebizond, wishing to kill the usurpers, leading Byzantium, declared war on Byzantium. Also, Sicily and Baghdad are preparing to invade Byzantium. No advancements have been made so far.

Italian civil war:
With tension growing in southern Italy, a revolt begins with Prince Enzo. After a long and bloody war, the Italians collapse into many states and the kingdom of the Two Sicilies gain independence.

the disgrace of Persia:
Persia, after trying to invade Byzantium, got invaded by Baghdad. No advancements had been made for 20 or so years because the player who was Persia coward away and was allowed to be treated as an NPC. After that, with an overhaul, the Baghdadi army quickly gained the border provinces, and with Georgian military access, was able to rush into Tehran. Persia quickly surrendered and the treaty of Tehran came into effect, with Persia losing a lot of land to Baghdad and Georgia as well as them converting to Orthodoxy.

the humiliations of Iberia:
France had declared war on Iberia quickly, with naval forces invading many ports. It got so bad that Iberia became a puppet of Prussia. But even so, they lost to France. And a few years after that, Baghdad, with a Palestinian Muslim problem, after failing to jihad, the Palestinian Muslims to Sicily jihaded into Iberia. The jihadis quickly took control of Gibraltar and the Iberians surrendered, forming the second sultanate of al Andalus in what used to be Iberian Morocco.

Authored by RP Correspondent The grand sultanate of Krm

Nation Profile 4: Virconia

Welcome to the fourth edition of the ”Nation Profiles” series, in which I interview nations big and small in the Confederacy of Layem. Today, I feature Virconia. Virconia is a somewhat well-known name in Layem. He is running for Minister of Foreign Affairs in the September elections. So, without further ado, I present my interview with Virconia.

Baaas: How do you govern your nation? What are your beliefs?

Virconia: I am a fair ruler. My beliefs are moderate democrat to democrat.

B: How often are you active?

V: Everyday.

B: Why did you join NationStates?

V: Because of Drew.

B: Why does your nation have the flag it has?

V: I like the color scheme.

B: Give me a brief history of your nation.

V: We were founded when a huge nation called Thallas collapsed.

B: Do you hold any political power in the Confederacy of Layem?

V: No, but I am running for MoFA.

B: When did you join NationStates?

V: April 27th

B: Why did you join Layem?

V: Drew.

B: Do you have any final remarks or anything to add?

V: Long Live Layem and vote me for MoFA!

That’s the interview, folks! God Bless Layem and Hail Kalaria!

Authored by Baaas