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The Hindu: Issue III

August 29 || Issue III


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Indusse Elected As New WAD of India

After a tough fight from 20th August 2020 to 24th August 2020, Indusse secured the precious WA Delegate position. The elections were scheduled to run till 31st August 2020, but were ended a week before because of what can be called as low 'Voter Turnout'. There was approximately no change in the endorsements of candidates. Indusse got an increment of 1, Rajputura saw and increment of 2 and Armenasia no increment at all. The voters were already made aware of the elections through an active campaign.

Another side of the coin is that Indusse managed to get the support of the citizens of India and won with a huge majority.

The endorsement count of the participants at the end of elections was Indusse (24), Armenasia (11) and Rajputura (13). The new cabinet appointed consisted of Homeland of Great, Indus Valley Civilization, Hindu Mahasabha, Awell Islands, Kilthanpur, Indusians, Rajputura and South Kerala.

New India Adopts New Foreign Policy

The Government of India has decided to adopt the new foreign policy of India. The new policy places the efficiency of administration at the top. With over more than 10 embassies being scheduled for demolition, the region began the adaptation of their new foreign policy. Some regions were exempted from the new foreign policy, including Regions sharing excellent diplomatic relations with India, Allies of India, Regions representing Real Life countries and Alliance and Organizational Headquaters.

Traders Guild on Protest

A group of traders under the banner of City Traders Guild held a protest demonstration at Press Enclave, demanding rehabilitation and compensation for the traders affected from up-gradation and widening of the road from Abdullah Bridge to IG Road.
The protesters said that Government without thinking about the rehabilitation of the traders started the project in November last year, affecting the livelihood of the traders.
They said around one hundred traders have been affected due to this project and authorities are not doing anything to redress their issues. "We approached the authorities several times about the issue but nothing has been done so far. We are not against the widening of the road but Government should rehabilitate or give us compensation," SA Rashid, a trader said.
He said the traders are doing their business from past more than 30 years and by demolishing their business establishments, they will be left un-employed and will not be able to feed their families.
General Secretary, City Traders Guild, Bilal Ahmad said that the development plans like widening of the roads are being made without thinking about the affected persons.

Hindu Mahasabha to Export Astra Missiles to Freindly Nations

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) which is in the process of readying a list of military items that can be exported has Astra Missiles among other items. “After fulfilling the requirements of the Hindu armed forces, Astra missile can be exported to third countries,” sources have confirmed The Hindu.

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