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The Conch Times - Issue 10

29.08.2020 ISSUE X 10 SHELLS

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Announcement : The price of this week's newspaper has been increased to 10 shells. For more questions or queries contact Rex Omnia.

RP News

Okay it has been a long time with this so we have a lot of RP News to cover. Get ready because there has been some interesting RPs in the few weeks.

❂ Now first off all we will begin with the Kharazastan expedition. A new and mysterious nation was founded in South - Eastern Elisia which attracted the intrigue of many nations. So on February 4th 2023, the exploration first began with Pervincia for scientific purposes. This group later increased largely extending to a group consisting of more than 5 nations. While this seemed like a good idea, this took a turn for the worse. Shortly after landing, they had to evacuate the nation due to a spreading disease.

The only success from this expedition was probably from The Third British Empire who launched a private expedition which was actually successful as they learnt a lot about the nation and discovered they had some modern technology despite hiding behind a veil of an ancient nation.

❂ The next RP event we have is the second Telrovan Meeting. Now this meeting took place to finalise the decisions made in the first meeting and build the foundation for the Telrovan Assemebly in CK RP. Now whether this will be successful or not is unknown.

❂ Coup in Liberto-Ancapistan! Now this all began with a stray submarine of L - A called the LAS Revenge that was stolen. It supposedly contained "nuclear missiles" but after it being successfully captured by a joint effort from The fleet of Oceans and L - A, it was found out that it was just a decoy.

And this is where the coup begins. The Chancellor of L - A is overthrown by Andreas Capelle a former ruler of L - A. Now Andreas Capelle rules with a threat of nuclear weapons if anyone tries to overthrow him. However most of the navy still remains under the control over the Chancellor. This RP continues to go on.

Interview with Socialist Platypus

Conch Interviews is back! Today we have with us is Socialist Platypus who is quite a active member of our community. Our interviewer will be asking a number of questions relating around their life in nationstates and a few about them outside.

🎤 Alright so my first question is what brought you to Nation States and what made you stay?

Platypus: I am one of the Drewpocalypse Nation, from the second wave to be exact. I've come to NationStates after discovering it existed thanks to his videos on the game. I had never looked into such games before, but when he made me discover the existance of the game it seemed to be very nice, and I ended up making my nation. I enjoyed answering issues from the start and managing my nation, looking at the stats of my nation and other nation from the start (and I still do) which is why I continued playing NationStates.

Now that I played more and I have been more familiar with the region, I like being involved in the CK, as much on discord as on the RMB but also in the CK RP and doing some recruitment for the region, on top of the other reasons.

🎤 Would you mind telling us the story behind the name "Somnialist Platypus"?

Platypus: (btw my nation's name is Socialist Platypus on NS but I can explain why it is Somnialist on discord as well if you want)

🎤 Yes please

Platypus: I don't believe people who are mainly active on the RMB know about Omnia

The story behind my nations name is quite simple, firstly I have wanted to made a Platypus based nation, why you might ask, simply because it's my love Platypuses, they are one of my favorites animals, being so uncommon and different from so many other animals but at the same time being very cute. Socialist came after that quite naturally since I wanted to do a socialist nation as my first nation (I also have a few other Platypus nation that I made for N-day but I'm only really active on my main one).

On discord it has become Somnialist Platypus with the trend of discord nation including Omnia in their name on discord as a reference to Supero Omnia. I don't know when the trend started exactly but I joined it by renaming my nation from Socialist to Somnialist which sounded good and felt like a good "Omnianised" name. (I hope my explanation on the Omnia trend isn't too bad)

Yeah I'd just like to add it's in reference to him "colonizing" nations.

🎤 What do you like to do outside of NS?

Platypus: Outside NS I like to play some other game for exemple I've been playing at Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 recently just to name the most famous ones, but I also like to spend time just being chill watching video, series or anime listening to music and things like that. Outside of that I have been practising two sports being archery and table tennis that I both enjoy.

🎤 How do you feel about the current candidates for the next election?

Platypus: I have a bit of a mixed feeling until now, besides LA who is doing a campaign that isn't serious, the current candidate are pretty new to CK politics. I find it really nice to have new people getting involved in CK politics, however I feel their participation might be a bit too early on for Hamptoria and Louisiana for example since they seem to have pretty much started the campaign without really gathering information on what already exist. And I'm not really enthusiast with FinalDelta's campaign either, while I do not particularly like what he propose in his campaign for the most part, the fact that he doesn't seem willing to join discord where a big part of the CK activity happens and where most of the CK political discussion takes place makes me the most reluctant. I'm afraid that if he isn't joining he might miss on either advice or even opinion on his campaign but also on involvement in future CK events.

I hope the current candidates will make me change my minds during the next month before the elections and that we will see some candidates for the MoDA and MoFA positions on top of the PM one as there hasn't been any candidates yet.

🎤 Any final thoughts?

Platypus: I would just like for everyone to take the time to enjoy the game and the region while eating some Conch Shaped Cookies™.

Government Info

On the 26th August Balan Bar was awarded the Order of Merit which is
the highest award in Conch Kingdom anyone can receive. This award was
proposed by Charville due to Balan Bar's massive contributing to this
region. Well deserved.

Unfortunately our Surveyor Covida resigned from his government
position. This meant that the position has to be filled. I am currently
looking for people who can take up this position. Their job will be to find
out what people want and try to engage them by putting up polls for the
region. If anyone is interested telegram Rex Omnia or DM me
(Rex Omnia#1518).

Current Events

Now as you read, the CK Winter Olympics goes on. We are
currently half way through the events and there has been
some quite unexpected wins throughout this journey. Now
I sat there thinking of what the prizes should be for those who
win the whole Winter Olympics. So I came up with this.

  • First Place - 1 Epic Card.

  • Second Place - 2 Ultra - Rare cards.

  • Third Place - 1 Ultra - Rare card.

Seems fair right? And yes I am not giving away any legendary

We have been getting a lot of sporting events recently so
I was thinking maybe I should do a choose your own
adventure. Would you want a Fantasy Adventure, Mystery or
Horror? Or maybe even some Sci-Fi? If you would like this
idea, let me know in the RMB.

Job Available

Now we currently have some jobs available in the Conch Times.
The Graphic Designer position is open if anyone is talented
enough to do some countryball drawings or even some comics.
Let me know if you are interested in the position because our
previous graphic designer has gone missing in action.

Now secondly, you don't have to be part of the staff to write an
article. So if any one of come up with an interesting article to
write telegram or send it through me on Discord.
(Rex Omnia#1518)

Dictatorship Tips

Dictatorship Tips is back! Given by The Hasrne for the fellow dictatorship nations out there. To continue on your path to become supreme leader.


Slaves, everyone needs them! Sadly not everyone thinks the same, having slaves demonstrates your race superiority! This will help you to have a bond with your people. Only the ones who have certain characteristics can success in life! Take the example of the Spanish Colonies! Having a system like that plus teaching the inferiors to support your rule are the perfect combination of an utopia! And punish those crazy ones who doesn't support your rule or ideas.


As stated before slaves are very important! But make sure you keep oppressing them, you don't need to think it 2 times! Just punish them for everything they do and for being born inferior! No compassion to any slave, you don't know if in the future they will overthrow you! Also a big advice for all of you who have slaves, limit the amount of slaves per person, because if most of your population is mostly composed by slaves, you will most likely be overthrown! And we don't want that, so you can have slaves but kill at least half of them in case their numbers are growing


Compulsory Consumerist State and Iron Fist Consumerist, aren't them the same? Well, not really. The only difference is that one is not a complete dictatorship, the CCS are a kind of a "Benevolent Dictatorship", they don't opress their people in exchange for reelection or permanent rule. Which I think is contradictory at some point since most of the nations following this path fall in anarchy or are overthrown. But in any case you could start as one and slowly and quietly revoke all of their privileges and finally become a full time dictatorship!

Written by : The Hasrne

Publisher = Rex Omnia

Senior Executive Professional Interviewer = Crionadh

Senior Illustrator = Hill Billy

Writer = The Hasrne

Any and all CK nations can contribute if they like. You can submit an article you'd like published in the next Issue. You can propose ideas to Rex Omnia about what you'd like to see in the next Issue. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, you can join the staff! You can become a writer and help in writing articles.