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The Roleplay Times #1

Greetings Karmans, this is the first news dispatch about Karma's Discord Roleplay! Shall we get started?

The War for Calcaria

Part one: The Cursed Tongues

Calcaria, the holy city and birthplace of Bratholicism, Axio and Vryasha was discovered on a mountain by Lanironian and Thyrian soldiers. Laniron, an Axio nation, was the first to take action, they sent an army to the city and occupied it, against the protests of the other nations. Thyretress, a Bratholic nation, was preoccupied with a rebellion and was not able to stop Laniron. After some back and forth between the nations, "diplomacy" failed.

Part two: A Clash of Swords

Lanironian soldiers occupied the city on the mountain and waited, watching the Frescan camp below, as it grew bigger and bigger with the Kingians and Thyrians arriving. Soon did the battle start, with Thyrian ballista firing at the city, and Lanironian AWMs returning the favor. Thyrian soldiers begin climbing the walls, and soon their blades meet the Lanironians and the two armies clashed. General Zeno, the leader of the Lanironian Army and one of Laniron's three leaders, orders his "Elite troops" to attack. They were cavalry units who rushed down the mountain to the camp, though they did not have the flag of Laniron, but that of Eravon. It seems that the Lanironians and Eravonians have became allies, and now the Bratholics must face another opponent. The cavalry attacked at the surprised camp, clashing with the soldiers there. Some of the cavalry lost their horses (spears hurt, a lot) and became ground infantry. The infantry fought with the soldiers of the camp as the cavalry circled around them. Thyrians retreated from the walls of the city to defend the camp from the Eravonians, but the Eravonians (infantry) retreated to the safe walls of the city instead. The Thyrians attacked the Eravonian cavalry around the walls, the battle halted as the leaders of both armies dueled. General Tantii, commander of the Thyrians, and The Triarch, ruler of Eravon. The two dueled and clashed and a victor emerged, The Triarch had won the duel with his superior strength, but he spared Tantii, as he showed courage in the battle. Tantii decided to retreat, to avoid further losses on his army, and soon, the battle ended. Laniron and its co-belligerent, Eravon, had won.

Part three: The Trickster's War

After the battle, Fresca left the war, leaving Thyretress alone to fight against Laniron and Eravon.
Eravon, wishing to avoid direct confrontation, decided to be a pain in the buttocks for Thyretress. They dropped 700 of their prisoners on a make-shift fort they built near the Thyrian border, which forced the Thyrians to send an army to secure the border. Then they started a massive fire and spread rumors that a tribe with fire magic was going to attack. Then they spread rumors that an army of 100k Eravonians was going to attack, causing panic among the populace. Then they caused a breach in the biggest prison in Thyretress. And finally, they assassinated a governor and spread rumors that a rebel group did it. Truly, the Eravonian spider never runs out of silk.

Eravon soon left the war, having done their part, and now Laniron and Thyretress are to solve this war between themselves, with either fire, or paper.