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The Rejected Times Outlander Program

The Outlander Program

Hello and welcome to the Outlander Program Dispatch!

The Outlander Program is a program within The Rejected Times (The Rejected Realms' Regional Newsletter, also known as TRT) which allows residents who are not members of staff to submit articles and other works to the newsletter. This is only open to residents of the Rejected Relams, and it is an amazing opportunity to get involved in the reigon, and get a taste of what we do in The Times!

So, err, does this mean I can submit Anything Anytime?

Well, there are some restrictions on what you can submit. Generally, you can submit most things, however, The Rejected Times reserves the right not to publish your article.

Where can I submit Things?

To submit an article, please fill out Linkthis form. A member of TRT staff should review it edit and publish it, or reject it.

If your submitted article is set to be published, staff should give you notice of publication and edits at least three days before publication. Due to the high volume of articles that are submitted, TRT staff will not provide authors with a notice of rejection if your article wil not be published.

If you have submitted mutliple article, it is recommended that you sign up to write for TRT staff. This has many added benefits, such as being allowed to stand for the Postition of Editor-in-Chief, being able to write articles at a greater frequency and being able to edit articles. LinkYou can sign up for TRT here