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British Civil War (Alternate Future) | Part 1

Various of Factions of the British Civil War


In 2024, Queen Elizabeth II, Head of State of The United Kingdom, Commonwealth Realms, and British Overseas Territories passed away in her Bedroom in Windsor Castle. Her son, Charles immediately accepted the Title as King of Great Britain and the Commonwealth Realms. However after this was announced to the Public, many Republicans and parts of the Labour Party advocated for the Abolishing of the British Monarchy. The Conservatives, whom were in power ordered the Suppression of these Radical Claims. After other Calls for dissolution of the United Kingdom, and an underrepresented Close Call in the General Election, British National Stability Collapsed. The Conservatives declared a Provincial Government in the South, While the Socialists and Republicans formed separate Governments in Northern England. During this time, Cornwall, Scotland, and Wales gained Independence and Formed an Alliance against British Unionism. Northern Ireland was occupied by the Republic of Ireland. The British Royal Family has at first Fled to France and Now is currently in Canada, to avoid the Turbulence in the British Isles. British overseas Territories are currently occupied by Allies to the Provincial Government, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. Whom will come out Victorious and Reunited Great Britain.



    - [:] Provincial Government

    After the Crowning of Charles as King of the United Kingdom, and the deceleration of Independence by Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall, as well as the Revolts by the Socialists and the Republicans, a Provincial Government was formed in London. The Provincial Government is considered by most Foreign Nations as the Legitimate Government of the United Kingdom. They are primarily consisted of Conservatives, Unionists, Monarchists, and Non-Republican Labors. They are supplied by other Commonwealth Realms Nations, NATO, and the United States.

Official Opposition

    - [:] Peoples Republic of Great Britain

    After the Coronation of Charles III, Much of the Labour Party, declared the Abolishing of the Monarchy and the Creation of a Socialist Republic, and we quickly Supported by the Communists Party of Great Britain. While having Minor Areas in Scotland and Wales, they are mostly Stationed in Northern England. They currently have a Military Government in Manchester, with a Combined Labour and Communist Government. They are backed and Recognized as the Official Government of Great Britain, by the Democratic Republic of Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Cuba, and Vietnam.

    - [:] Republic of Great Britain

    The Green Party of England and Wales as well as other Republicans, Collaborated with the Socialists in Abolishing the Monarchy, but left the Alignment after the Labors were aided by Communists. The Republic controls a large amount Northern and Western England, and has a Temporary Capital in York. The Republic has no Official Supporters but like in Scotland, some of the European Union may want to aid them in creating an English Republic, however the Republic wants to remain United.

Alliance of Anti-Unionism

    - [:] Scottish Republic

    During the National Crisis between the Labour Party and the Conservatives, The Scottish National Party seized Scotland, and declared Scottish Independence from Great Britain. While not Officially choosing a side of the British Civil War, some think that the SNP lean more towards the Republicans, in hopes of remaining Independent. They are primarily Backed by the Republic of Ireland and the Anti-Unionist Alliance, but some Members of the European Parliament for the European Union hope that they may Remain Independent and Join the European Union.

    - [:] Republic of Wales

    Around the Same Time Scotland and Cornwall declared Independence, Plaid Cymru, a Welsh Political Party declared Welsh Independence, and formed a Government in Newport. Similar to Scotland they also have minor Support from the Republic of Ireland and Individuals in the European Union. However they have No Official backers other than the Alliance of Anti-Unionism

    - [:] Free State of Cornwall

    Along with other Deceleration of Independence in Scotland and Wales, Cornwall declared Independence shortly after the fall of the British Government. They are members of the Anti-Unionist Alliance, but are less committed than Wales and Scotland. Unlike other participants in the British Civil War, the Cornish are the most Right-Wing, with the Right-Wing Cornish National Party in control of the Free State.


A Hypothetical Outcome would be uncertain and my Statement could be wrong, however I believe the Provincial Government would eventually retake the Nation. Mostly in part of International Recognition by NATO, the Commonwealth, and most European Union, and the Fact that they control one of the Most Industrial Areas and could easily Catch More. And the Peoples Republic would be divided by the Socialists and Communists, as well as in the Republic, Progressive versus the Capitalists. Once the Republic and Peoples Republic dealt with, The Alliance Against Anti-Unionism would be crushed, and Great Britain would be restored to Order.