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The NationStates Chronicle - Issue #1 - Re-organization of Thalassia, New Delegate in Forest and R/D News!

The NationStates Chronicle
Issue #1 - 24/08/2020

Thalassia Dissolves Government and Constitution, Forms Interim Council

Regional founder of Thalassia Sho, alongside Prime Minister Arenado and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wymondham1, dissolved the Thalassian government and constitution, forming an interim council, after making a statement last week. They stated that were systemic problems with the current system of government, and that government activity within the region has been through only a small handful of nations, them included. An interim constitution was signed without a vote, with the intent of the council being to create and pass a completely new constitution for the region. Roleplay events are being continued throughout this, the RMB rules are still in effect but the region has been password-protected.
Minor News
  • Lorania recently held a referendum on adopting WA citizenship, which passed. Prime Minister Stolkland resigned leaving Sail Nation (the editor of this) to continue as sole PM.

  • An election appears to have been rigged in the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, although given how much that region 'blurs' the line between roleplay and gameplay, we currently do not understand whether this was planned or if it actually happened. Details are hard to understand whether they are in-character or out-of-character. A more analytical article about this or possibly how the line between OOC and IC is becoming blurred in general may be featured in a future issue of the NS chronicle.

Thalassia is a relatively young region for it's size, having been founded only a year ago as of writing this. Many of it's residents came from Pacifica, which is effectively Thalassia's predecessor, a region which had a troubled past, culminating in the regional founder CTEing and a move to Thalassia. Pacifica's founder has since returned to the game. Thalassia is generally a roleplay-based region, but has two elected offices, a regional government, and the idea of a legislature was debated in the past, and the creation of such is promised to be in the new constitution. Amendments to the constitution can be written by citizens and voted on by the WA members of the region, but this was only done by few individuals, which was a key point in the creation of the council.

The reaction to this decision has been mixed both inside and outside of the region. Some believe that reform was seriously needed, and that it couldn't be done with the current system of government, so a brief period of reorganization is needed. On the other hand, there is a case for believing that this move was sudden, undemocratic and that it gave power to the few already in government, rather than the citizens of Thalassia. Some even go as far to call it an oligarchy or even a coup. For now, only time will tell and the NationStates Chronicle will keep posting updates in each issue🟥

Long-term delegate of Forest, Ransium, steps down

Ransium, delegate of Forest for over 13 years, steps down from the position. Ransium is a long-time NSer the nation going back to Antiquity, which is before nation founding dates were even recorded. Many NS players haven't even been alive in real life that long, and some players who were born just after Ransium started their delegacy, are even allowed to legally use the NS forums now! That just goes to show the amount of time Ransium has been on NS. During that time, Ransium has written multiple WA resolutions, issues and joined the issues editing and game moderation team. Ransium has also been commended by the security council, an honour very few players get to receive.

Unlike most regions, Forest's constitution states that the position of delegate is chosen by the Forest Keeper. With the approval of Ransium and regional founder Errinundera, Forest Keeper Verdant Haven chose Foreign Affairs branch head and long-time Forest resident Ruinenlust to become the new WA delegate.

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This moment is a relatively rare one in NS considering the length of the delegacy, one of the longest in NS history. It almost seems like a 'passing on the baton' moment, when a player whose helped build a region alongside their own reputation on NS, steps down and allows a newer, yet experienced player take over. While the mood in Forest has a twinge of sadness, there seems to be some celebration of Ransium's time as delegate, and congratulations on Ruinenlust's appointment. The NS chronicle wishes Ransium well on their continuing journey both inside and out of NS, and for Ruinenlust's time ahead as Forest's delegate

The never-ending R/D war wages on, this time in the technical forum!

NS is forever in a 'war' between raiders, who will violently take over regions, and defenders, who will respond by attempting to liberate those regions, sometimes through SC resolutions, but usually by sending as many WA nations at the raided region as possible to endorse the 'rightful' delegate, with only seconds before the region updates and the delegacy is safe for the next 12 hours. Both raids and liberations are dependent on strategy and fast reactions from both sides, alongside playing the game like no one ever thought would be possible.

During the recent raid on South Pacific (not to be confused with the South Pacific, which is much larger and a feeder region), The Black Hawks used a tacic usually used by defenders called 'update-bending' which distorts the time a region is updated by flooding regions that update just before the target region with thousands of puppets. This was used by TBH to prevent what was the largest liberation attempt in NS history, two updates in a row, by flooding a region with puppets, which meant that when the defenders moved in to South Pacific, they could easily eject them. The raiders eventually won this occupation, declaring victory after occupying the region for several days.

Several defenders, notably Roavin, took to the Technical forum to complain about this newly-found imbalance. Things became very difficult to understand for the average non R/D focused player, so I won't explain the discussion here to you, but basically the site admin decided against making significant changes to the mechanics that allow this to happen, but did make some suggestions about how defenders could utilize current mechanics in their favour, although they could be difficult to pull off. The NationStates Chronicle would like to remind readers that the NS mods are generally unbiased in terms of picking sides in R/D gameplay, aside from a few exceptions, for example forum mod Jakker is a high-ranking TBH official.

This hasn't been the only suggestion though, current WA Sec-Gen and delegate of defender region 10000 Islands, Kuriko, although not involved in R/D themselves, suggested that regional founders could appoint a successor nation, which would become founder if the old founder ceases to exist. This would possibly benefit defenders, as although it wouldn't affect occupations directly, it would seriously decrease the amount of regions that could be raided. This modification was deemed to be too big and could affect R/D too much for it to be implemented. Previously mentioned forum moderator and member of The Black Hawks, Jakker, proposed a 'Feeder Warzone'. Basically, it means that one extra feeder region would be added, but this would also be a warzone (a region where influence doesn't exist, but where bans are also temporary). This region would also be the last to update, making it a great 'jump point' for raiders and defenders alike. As raiders have more usable pilers then defenders, therefore having a numerical advantage, it might be easier for them to hold on to this region then defenders. As ever in R/D gameplay, it wouldn't be surprising if this ends in a stalemate🟥

BREAKING NEWS: Occupation attempt on Calefacta Aquas Piscinae fails as founder suddenly returns

Shortly before this issue was finished and ready to go to press, an occupation by the Europeian Republican Navy was abruptly ended as regional founder Torocabob refounded only 1 day into the occupation. The occupation was a join effort between multiple raiding and independent regions. The founder returned shortly after the minor update on the day of this issue's publication, then promptly removed executive control from the delegate. In a last-ditch attempt to retain control, the raider delegate ejected and banned the founder from the region, although this practically did nothing. Raiders have been seen to be returning to their respective regions and the occupation is now effectively over. Before this turn of events, the occupation was going to be a minor news story, but this surprise end has made this news major enough to be included. Regional rebuilding is expected to begin shortly🟥
Editor's notes
Thank you for reading the first issue of The NationStates Chronicle, and please consider both up-voting the dispatch and subscribing for the small price of one upvote for each issue. Please excuse me if this one isn't really good, it's only my first attempt at writing this. Please also note that the events of the last story happened just before finishing writing this dispatch.

Have any news stories that you would like to see in here? Then TG me with a brief explanation of what has happened/what you want to be in the story. Please make sure that it is NS-related, interesting to the general NS community and notable. Please do not ask me to make a story about moderator actions. I reserve the right to reject any story that I believe shouldn't be in The NationStates Chronicle.