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Electrumite IC/OOC achievements

Instead of an unwieldy signature, I decided it was probably best to list all the reasons why I've wasted so much time in NationStates over the years.



  • Topped the medal tally for six consecutive Olympics (starting from the Games of the X Olympiad to XIII Winter Olympics)

  • Won World Cup 78.

  • Won WorldVision 49, runner-up in WorldVision 50, third place in WorldVision 35, 36, 38, 45.


  • Elected to the WorldVision Commitee for three terms from 2016-2018 (WV46-50, WV51-55, hiatus, WV61-64, resigned)

  • Ex officio Vice President of the Olympic Council for three terms as an Olympic host

  • Elected President of the International Basketball Organisation (one term, IBC20-22)

  • Current President of the NationStates Tennis Tour, formerly Vice-President under Ceni, not an elected position

  • Maintain the "The History of Modern NSSports" thread. Completed a full thread update to 2020.


  • Issue 1352: The Brains Behind Kuru (won issues contest)

  • Issue 1353: Not yet discovered

  • Made an issues editor on August 11, 2020

Global Economics and Trade storefronts

World Assembly

Notable Characters
Detailed descriptions to come soon

  • Alexander Krane, Electrum's first ever football captain

  • Tyler Fernando, Electrum's World Cup winning captain

  • Jeffery Clark, Electrum's World Cup winning manager

  • Ronya (Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky), considered one of the best tennis doubles pairs of all time with three gold medals, one silver, three grand slams and two year-end tournaments.

  • Billiam Maskey, chief-editor-in-chief of The Turnip

  • Gertrude Pullman, perennial Electrumite WorldVision entrant, famed for her "joke" songs

  • Eliza Nord, fashionista and first ever Electrumite WorldVision entrant, had one of the best debuts in living memory

  • Michael Street, first and only Electrumite winner of the WorldVision song contest

  • Miranda Lawrence, conservative Centralis Herald columnist

Notable Publications/Media

  • Centralis Herald

  • Obscure Sports Weekly

  • The Turnip

  • Network ENN