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Layem Times Issue 14

Saturday, August 22, 2020-Confederacy of Layem-Thanks to Editor-in-Chief Baaas, Writers: Virconia, Nexus Sierra, Advertisment Manager Elvato

Layem's Local Paper

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Our Endorsement for Minister of Foreign Affairs

After much voting and some discussion, we at the Layem Times have made our choice for our September Minister of Foreign Affairs Election endorsement.

Just for the record, I did nothing to sway the vote. I have screenshots to prove it. So if you don’t like our endorsement, just understand that it is just our opinion. We just want to help you make an educated decision, and not sway the election.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs deals with everything involving other nations and regions in NationStates. They do diplomacy and manage the embassies.

Masconvia’s plan is to “open our borders,” meaning to make more embassies and interact with more regions. He says this will pay off because the regions will be more friendly to us and will help us more, making us become a more well-known region.

Virconia’s plan is to keep the status quo and keep our isolationist way of playing NationStates. He says this is a good plan because opening up our borders has never done us any good.

Now, for the endorsement. In a landslide 4-1 vote, the Layem Times endorsed Masconvia because we believe that he will bring good reform, and a lot of it, to our region. Opening up to the world has helped so many other regions, so why wouldn’t it help Layem? These are the votes:


Interior Affairs and RP Correspondent Virconia


Former Editor-in-Chief and Moderator Masconvia
Editor-in-Chief and URA Correspondent Baaas
Politics Correspondent Nexus Sierra
Advertisement Manager Elvato

Authored by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

Advertisments and Memes

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Hey, fam wouldn't it be nifty to have people from regions all over NS come to Layem to hang out?

If you do, vote Masconvia for MoFA at the end-of-September Election!

I will open our borders (by creating embassies) to many NS regions to bring more people in to hang out and have fun with, on the RMB and in Discord!

Think there could be raiders? No problem! As MoFA I will stand by dutifully and watch for raiders the entire time I am online, and I will make sure my ambassadorial staff will too.

Ad by Masconvia

Meme by Elvato

Lazarus In Midst of Coup and Vote Stacking Situation

This past week vote stacking has been confirmed in the Lazarus Coup as two of the perpetrators proven guilty in the incident were exonerated. The highest court in The East Pacific also called The Conclave recently let two former delegates of The West Pacific go which are named Halo and Badger on Friday on the account regarding a lack of compelling evidence concerning the charges of high treason, treason, and sedition overall. On top of those charges, the two suspects as well were found innocent after a years-long suspicion regarding vote-stacking in Funkadelia’s coup of Lazarus. Due to these actions, the treaty between The East and West Pacific regions was destroyed since their relationship was beyond repair.

The charges brought against Badger and Honey resulted in The West Pacific closing embassies and withdrawing from the Best Pacifics Treaty with their long term ally The East Pacific. The administrative cabinet representing The West Pacific provided a mere statement alleging espionage on the part of The West Pacific after Delegate Bran Astor stated on August 10, “It has been brought to our attention that The East Pacific has made statements concerning their withdrawal from this treaty.” The East Pacific region made claims to suggest that this information could have only been received through espionage, considering these statements were made in a closed Cabinet session and shared in a closed session of the Magisterium, The East Pacific’s legislature meet up. In return to those accusations, The West Pacific responded by saying that it was false information, and gave denial having committed espionage, to begin with.

On August 14, 2020, which was last Friday of when this article was written, the Conclave announced the exoneration of both Halo and Badger, stating that:

“The evidence shows behavior which may displease or even worry the government, but presents no basis for charges of high treason, treason, or sedition according to the Treason Act of The East Pacific.”

These charges came up during a time when The East Pacific's current focus is to merely head towards the Defender sphere ideology like The Grey Wardens. After much speculation about their alignment, The East Pacific jokingly changed their regional theme to ‘Windows Defender’ in July of this year for temporary lengths of time. Thanks to NS Today for providing information for the article this week and credit is due where it belongs by giving reference to the authors who covered one of the largest recent events in NationStates. Return next week for more.

Authored by Political Correspondent Nexus Sierra

Nation Profile No. 3: Saxe Burdon

For this week’s Country Profile, we take a break from fairly well-known nations in Layem to interview an almost unknown, but still active, nation. Saxe-Burdon.

Baaas: How do you govern your nation? What are your beliefs?

Saxe Burdon: Saxe Burdon is a capitalist nation that is a monarchy. I run it as a dictatorship.

B: How often are you active?

SB: About every 1-2 weeks

B: Why did you join NationStates?

SB: No answer

B: Why did you name your nation the name it has?

SB: I just thought it was a good name for the nation.

B: Why do you have the flag your nation has right now?

SB: I chose the flag of this island in the English Channel to be the flag of Saxe Burdon because I just thought it looked good, but then I got a new flag 2 months ago.

B: Give me a brief history of your nation.

SB: Around 300 years ago there was a war in the region and thousands of people were exiled from a nation called Tanuof and after going around the region they found a peaceful land inhabited by the Burdonian people and they’d had a war and the settlers (called the Saxe) won and Saxe Burdon was born.

B: Do you hold any political power the Confederacy of Layem?

SB: I don’t.

B: Why did you join Layem?

SB: No answer

B: About how long has your nation been around?

SB: Around 3 and a half months.

B: How many regions has your nation been in?

SB: 2, the South Pacific and Layem.

B: Do you have any final remarks or anything to add?

SB: No.

Well, that’s the interview, folks. Hail Kalaria and Good Bless Layem!

Authored by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

RP Update

Wars plagued the European continent, here are some of them: Russia and Wallachia are fighting Poland, but Poland had a defensive pact with Germany, but then Austria got involved because they wanted German land. Before that, Scotland and Iberia fought France, both wanting colonies and French land. France repelled both of them, and the war was a French victory. Also, a new gun called the Kage Musket is being worked on. It is similar to a bayonet. That is all for the RP update.

Authored by RP Correspondent Virconia