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The Imperial Senate (WIP)

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You are viewing this factbook from the Inner Cosmicium archive. For purposes of archival integrity, all parts are given as is, uncensored.


The Imperial Senate is the sole legislative body of the Greater Cosmicium. States have their own legislatures, but the Imperial Senate is the most powerful one. The current Head Senator is Naevora Xelden (Cosmician Communist Party). It was founded in 2257 after Mortheus Valixor became the first Emperor of Cosmicium, serving as his rubberstamp legislature to confirm Valixor's unlimited power.



The Imperial Senate consists of 15,000 seats, down from 30,000 before the Rebellion. 10,000 of them are in the Milky Way, 4,000 are in the Local Group's other galaxies, with Andromeda having the most at 806 seats, and 1,000 dispersed around the rest of Greater Cosmicium. Frontier regions have no representation. This layout has been criticized for being overly centralist, but the Imperial Senate has hit back by saying that evenly dispersing seats would result in problems travelling from the representing seat to the Imperial Senate.

Perpetual Seats

As it would be a dishonor to have certain seats occupied by the wrong species, around 100 seats in the Imperial Senate are designated Perpetual Seats. These positions can only be occupied by a member of a particular species. Examples include Nyr-Khol and Lyenkena, which are perpetual Khaazai seats, Alpha Centauri and Betelgeuse, which are perpetual Human seats, Lrnahax and Khvran, which are perpetual Scorpion seats, and Narmir, which is a perpetual Fire Dragon seat. Terra was a perpetual Human seat until 803,140 C.E, when its perpetuality was removed, as Terra is the home of all major species except the Nuironi.