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The Monthly Tabloid:India Regional Newsletter (August 2020)

The Monthly Tabloid

India Official Newsletter
August 2020

Editor: Indusse
Writers: Indusse, Hindu Mahasabha, Armenasia, Awell Islands

Editor's Desk

Welcome back to the TMT editorial desk. We are here with the 3rd edition of TMT:August 2020. We have joined hands with Enadian Newsletter for a article. We hope that you'll have fun reading our August Edition. If you have any queries on the newsletter or want to write articles please contact me.
Editor in chief

#Vote4Indusse Trends in India as The Conservative Alliance Gears Up For Election

Written by Hindu Mahasabha from The Hindu II

Amid the WAD Elections in India, three candidates Indusse, Homeland of Great and Indus Valley Civilization have declared what can be said as strategic alliance. The three candidates have merged their candidacy, making Indusse as the WA Delegate Election Candidate.

Commenting on the alliance, Armenasia said , "I believe the new alliance of Indusse will be a serious competitor to my campaign. I believe that it makes sense for Indusse, HoG and IVC to form a political party of alliance, as all three have similar ideologies. Now the nations of India should have an easier choice for WAD candidate."

The proposed cabinet of the Indusse alliance would give an idea to the voters that the idea stands for nationalism and conservatism. With nationalist leaders like Indus Valley Civilization and Hindu Mahasabha and conservative minister like Awell Islands, the alliance promises to fight for nation and righteousness. On asking whether he lacks conservative ideas, Armenasia said, " I definitely lack conservative ideas, but that is not a problem. I am a firm believer in liberal and left wing ideologies. I think that conservatism will negatively affect our region. We should all be more liberal, to strive for a more equal society. As for nationalism, I believe nationalism is bad both in real life and in NationStates. Nationalism often leads to more militarization, which in turn destabilizes peace and security."

Next we moved on to ask how will the candidates promote Indian culture on being elected. Armenasia said he would host cultural exchanges with other regions. Furthermore, ambassadors to regions will be encouraged to help raise awareness about culture. Moreover, by hosting more interregional tournaments with other nations, other regions will gain greater exposure to Indian culture. Whereas Hindu Mahasabha said, "Writing only dispatches won't help. We need to discuss a strategic and practical idea. Also, straightaway posting on the RMBs on other regions won't make us look good. We need some creative ideas like Discord events and inter-regional conferences. Our government's main focus would be to promote India's vast culture to NationStates."

Make India Proud

Written by Indusse

The official wiki for the tournament: LinkIAFA World Cup 2020 Wiki
The 2020 IAFF World Cup will be the second World Cup, an international football tournament contested by the national teams of invited member regions, as organised by the Interregional Association of Football Federations (IAFF). It will be hosted by Kavagrad from 13 to 26 August. Four teams Qualified from India for the WorldCup. All the four were part of the event till the round of sixteen. But, only indusse got the chance to qualify. Indusse won the round of Sixteen and got qualified for the Quarterfinals. The other teams of India namely Armenasia, Rajpore and Bharat India played very well but luck wasn't with them.

Adieu AoR!!

Written by Awell Islands

In early August, I, Awell Islands made an announcement to the Assembly of Regions which is an interregional organization which India was a part of, that India no longer has any interest in AoR as it has never helped India in any way, but Indian nations worked so hard towards AoR without getting anything in return. AoR was failing to deliver its purpose and it only wanted to benefit a few certain regions and no one else.
Indian citizens protested against AoR a few days beforehand and there was a huge uprising and revolt on both India’s discord and rmb against the AoR as it was a political battlefield now with only certain regions getting the benefits. So, upon consultation with the people and cabinet of India, I removed India down to an Associate Status region as Indian citizens still liked to participate in the Roleplay and Learning Program which were both heavily influenced and created by Indian nations.
Indian nations were happy, but the AoR fell apart as another big region left it following India’s example, so the AoR fell into turmoil since two of the top contributing regions left. The new government of AoR came into power and wanted to change AoR as a whole and began working on it, but announced that almost all activities such as the clubs, sporting events, money arena, Twitter, and more were cancelled and removed from AoR. Almost all of those activities were made and run by Indian nations. Additionally, that same government which is still in power right now, announced that Associate regions can not participate in any of the two remaining activities, Learning program and roleplay, which are both heavily influenced by India and would fall apart if India was not in it.
Thus, I decided along with India’s WAD’s permission that India needs to get out of AoR completely now since we couldn’t access the learning program program anymore and were told not to participate in the roleplay. Now, the people of the roleplay wanted India in there and decided to allow all Indian nations to stay. However, this also called for India to have its own roleplay which is currently in the making.
All in all, India is at a much better place than what it once used to be and the pride and patriotism of India amongst the citizens has grown even more.

Jai Hind! Always Free and Flying!

🥔Potato Commands!!🥔

Written by Indusse

The Potato Alliance of Spiritus, which was the N-Day faction of India had major changes in their plans and a merger took place. The faction joined hands with The Canopy, which is one of the most successful factions in Nationstates which originated in Forest. Somyrion of Forest represents their region in the Alliance. The Alliance created a faction region known as The Potato Alliance. The members of these Alliance are Spiritus, Forest, The South Pacific, The North Pacific, The Rejected Realms, 10000 Islands, Europe, The Leftist Assembly, The Union of Democratic States, International Democratic Union, Yggdrasil, Autropolis, Oatland, Sonindia, The Hole to Hide In, New West Indies, Warzone Asia, Warzone Sandbox, India, European Union, Big Farma.

Pride of the Past

Upper Calcutta has long served as an inspiration for the nations of India. For the edition of The Monthly Tabloid of the region India, we interviewed Upper Calcutta over a variety of questions. Special thanks to our interviewer Armenasia.

Q1: Were you the WA Delegate of India? For how long were you the delegate?
Answer: Yes, I was delegate twice. For around 100 days.

Q2: As a delegate, what were your responsibilities?
A: Well, I was delegate at a time where there was very little activity in India. All the main players had either CTEd or inactive. My job was to hold the fort until a new set of regular players arrive. I also tried to recruit many new players to India.

Q3: What were your ideologies as WA delegate?
A: I was a left leaning liberal. I know these are bad words in today's time. But back then we would proudly declare liberalism as our main principle. Our focus was to improve education, healthcare and military average of the whole region. You managed to bring education from world top 15% to top 10%

Q4: Why is it that you left India for Osiris?
A: Upper Calcutta fell into a state of war within itself. It's provinces rebelled against the state with the help of an ancient secret society of spies. The secret society infiltrated the government, the military and the corporate sector and eventually used their powers to overthrow the Upper Calcutta government in Darjeeling. Once the state lost all its powers, the secret society established Bengal and reduced Upper Calcutta to a small city. We lost everything and eventually the country ceased to exist.
Then, after a few years, we regained full control of the city and reestablished the old government. One day we intend to go back to India and continue being active in the region.

Q5: Do you wish to return to India soon?
A: Yes, I will return to India and claim everything that I lost. My military is strong but we need a trigger.

Q6: Do you have any advice for current WAD of India?
A: Yes. Neo Kerala is obviously an experienced player and he is someone I trust. My advice to him is to not fall prey to propaganda and follow the values that exist in RL Republic of India. We have had a bad phase where a lot of people wanted to force their ideology on the whole region using mass propaganda. They had a strong government and experienced players so they were difficult to beat. But now that they have gone, we need to make India a region that values diversity, equality and free thinking.

Q7: Indusse, our PM sees you as a role model. Do you have anything to say to him?
A: Yes, Indusse has always been an ally of UC, Shantiniketan, Bengal, etc. He is fair in his decisions. He is a good listener. And most of all, he is a kind leader. I was extremely happy when he took over as Founder from Tripunithura. I wish him all the best. He has my support and respect always.

Q8: Any extra comments:
A: Long live India!
Jai Hind!

In conclusion, Upper Calcutta is a remarkable nation and has served the region of India very well. His advice will be considered and implemented. To end this article on a good note, an late Happy Independence Day.

The Importance of 'Namaskar' in Indian Culture

Written by Hindu Mahasabha

In Indian culture, people greet each other by joining their palms – termed as “Namaskar” (or Namaste). The general reason behind this tradition is that greeting by joining both the palms means respect. However, scientifically speaking, joining both hands ensures joining the tips of all the fingers together; which are denoted to the pressure points of eyes, ears, and mind. Pressing them together is said to activate the pressure points which helps us remember that person for a long time. And, no germs since we don’t make any physical contact!

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