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The Hindu: Issue II

August 21 || Issue II


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#Vote4Indusse Trends in India as The Conservative Alliance Gears Up For Election

Amid the WAD Elections in India, three candidates Indusse, Homeland of Great and Indus Valley Civilization have declared what can be said as strategic alliance. The three candidates have merged their candidacy, making Indusse as the WA Delegate Election Candidate.

Commenting on the alliance, Armenasia said , "I believe the new alliance of Indusse will be a serious competitor to my campaign. I believe that it makes sense for Indusse, HoG and IVC to form a political party of alliance, as all three have similar ideologies. Now the nations of India should have an easier choice for WAD candidate."

The proposed cabinet of the Indusse alliance would give an idea to the voters that the idea stands for nationalism and conservatism. With nationalist leaders like Indus Valley Civilization and Hindu Mahasabha and conservative minister like Awell Islands, the alliance promises to fight for nation and righteousness. On asking whether he lacks conservative ideas, Armenasia said, " I definitely lack conservative ideas, but that is not a problem. I am a firm believer in liberal and left wing ideologies. I think that conservatism will negatively affect our region. We should all be more liberal, to strive for a more equal society. As for nationalism, I believe nationalism is bad both in real life and in NationStates. Nationalism often leads to more militarization, which in turn destabilizes peace and security."

Next we moved on to ask how will the candidates promote Indian culture on being elected. Armenasia said he would host cultural exchanges with other regions. Furthermore, ambassadors to regions will be encouraged to help raise awareness about culture. Moreover, by hosting more interregional tournaments with other nations, other regions will gain greater exposure to Indian culture. Whereas Hindu Mahasabha said, "Writing only dispatches won't help. We need to discuss a strategic and practical idea. Also, straightaway posting on the RMBs on other regions won't make us look good. We need some creative ideas like Discord events and inter-regional conferences. Our government's main focus would be to promote India's vast culture to NationStates."

Militant killed in Azadpur Encounter

A militant who was killed in an encounter in Azadpur's Kupwara district along with a top Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) commander was identified as a Pakistani ultra, police on Thursday said. They said the Pakistani terrorist named Danish was killed in the encounter on Wednesday.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Azadpur Vijay Kumar said the killing of the two militants was a big achievement for the security forces.

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