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What If America Lost the Revolutionary War?


Today's Question that we have to answer is how The United States would loose the American Revolutionary War. However the only thing we need to do is the British Army instead of laying a Seige in the Battle of Long Island, They Easily finish them off, and the Continental Army would be demolished and General Washington captured. The Revolution would lass a few more Weeks, but would be crushed and the Thirteen Colonies would be reintroduced into the Kingdom of Great Britain.

British North America (Red)
British West Indies (Pink)

The Timeline

After British Victory in the French and Indian War, The Kingdom of Great Britain, while gaining various of Territories in North America and India, Britain was in a 65 Million Debt. The British Parliament decided since most of the War was Defending the American Colonies, Taxes were created on the North American Colonies. However various of these Taxes were repealed after various of Protests and Boycotts. However once the Tax on Tea was created, Citizens of Boston dressed up like Native Americans, and dumped a shipment into the Harbor. The British Government disgusted by this ordered the City to be Occupied by the British Army, and Massachusetts to become under British Oversight. Other Colonies were Worried and then Angered that they may be Next. In the First Continental Congress, They offered the British to end the Taxes, and in turn the Colonies would gain reforms. However, King George III refused, and so Congress ordered the Militia to begin arming themselves. They were storing Supplies at Concord, so British Forces from Boston attempted to Seize the Supplies and Disband the Militia. The Two Armies were at a Standoff, until Someone Fired. The British retreated from Concord and then Lexington and forced back to Boston. Boston would be put under Siege for the next 10 Months, and Congress named George Washington as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. However with American Reinforcements from Fort Ticonderoga, the British Retreated and abandoned the City. The Continental Army would relocate to New York to defend the City, knowing it as a British Target. During this Time, the 2nd Continental Congress would declare independence from Great Britain creating the United States of America.

However a Large British Fleet and Force would force the Americans to Brooklyn Heights, by attacking them on Two Sides. The Americans would be overrun by British Forces and both Sides would suffer Many Casualties, but the Americans would be Crushed and Washington would be Captured, Kill, or Severally wounded. With Washington out of Command, The War would last a Few More Weeks, but with aid from Loyalist Forces the American Revolution would End. In the Treaty of London, Britain fear of Further Rebellions would End the Taxes imposed to the Colonies. The Colonies would be in Debt to the British, and The British Would pass the British North American Act, with the creation of a Local Legislation and Government in North America.

After the War, Spain, feeling Threatened by the British Position in North America, would return Louisiana to their Ally, The Kingdom of France, in hopes that France can defend any Notion of British Expansion into North America, especially since Spain remained at war with Portugal, whom was an Ally to the Kingdom of Great Britain. France and Spain would renew their Alliance to combat the Powerful British Empire. Meanwhile British would continue limited Expansion in North America (Western Canada), but primarily was Expanding in Asia. In order to decrease the British Debt, the British East India Company was Illegally Trading Opium to China, and Expanding into Indian States and Principalities. Before the Revolution, Captain James Cook found the Continent of Australia and Claimed the Southwestern area of it for Great Britain. With American Liberalizing and Industrializing, Parliament wanted a Penal Colony under their Direct Rule so in 1788 the first Prisoners as well as a Fleet of 11 Ships landed and Established the Colony of New South Wales.


The British Empire in 1788