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Statement from the IC

Statement from the Interim Council on the Reorganisation of the Regional Government

Our fellow Thalassians,

Recently, Thalassia has not been the force it once was, with the government falling into inactivity, and the resulting administrative and organisational atrophy leading the region at large towards a similar downward trend. The failure of the government is not the fault of the Prime Minister or the Cabinet, instead the responsibility lies with structural issues with the regionís system of government, alongside certain long term trends that have plagued the region since the beginning of the year. The lack of government activity is due to the long term trends described below which are systemic in Thalassiaís structure.

The vast majority of the productive activity within the region has been driven by the same 4 or 5 individuals, since the end of 2019. With the current system of government encouraging short term bursts of activity, with no coherent plan being developed with regards to the regionís long term future on internal or external matters, due to the constantly changing governmental leadership. This has created a single point of failure for regional activity which is almost solely dependent on the availability of no more than 5 or 6 individuals to drive the government and organise the region. This is simply not sustainable and places the region's long term future into question.

As explained above, the problems are systemic and thus cannot be resolved via a simple amendment to the Constitution. While the established methods for altering the Constitution would lead to further instability and place the region in limbo for an indefinite period. Furthermore, Arenado and Wymondham, who have been the most prominent authors of legislation in Thalassia since the beginning of the year as well as possessing extensive external legislative experience, have both concluded that the current system in place for repealing and replacing the Constitution would be unworkable for the purpose for implementing a new Constitution to resolve the difficulties outlined above.

With this in mind, the Founder, alongside members of the newly appointed Interim Council, Arenado and Wymondham, has made the decision to dissolve the government, constitution and suspend all policies of the previous administration pending review. Save for the proviso that, for the purpose of honoring the regionís treaty obligations, the Interim Council retains legal continuity with the former government of the Kingdom of Thalassia.

We thank the residents of Thalassia, in advance, for their patience and understanding at this time as well their willingness to co-operate and comply with the new, temporary, regional structure. We also thank our friends and allies for their upcoming acknowledgement of the new governmental structure as the legitimate government of the region and we reiterate that we intend to fully abide by all of our duties under all of our treaties and agreements. We hope to have an interim constitution established in the next few hours.

Sho, Founder of Thalassia

Arenado, Member of the Interim Council

Wymondham1, Member of the Interim Council