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Regions of Sulivannia [WIP] (unformatted)

There are eight regions in Sulivannia. Before the current and full geographic extent of Sulivannia was reached in the mid-19th century the regions existed as independent kingdoms, republics or puppet states of Sulivannia.

Soon after the establishment of Sulivannia, the country occupied the northeast and east regions and was split between north and south in 1823, called Molennei and Conault which roughly correspond to the NE and E regions respectively of today.

Nowadays, the function of these regions is mostly symbolic, as more Sulivannians identify with the state they live in rather than the region. However they are used in statistics, television areas, radio areas, postal codes, and in the third and fourth tiers of the Sulivannian football league system.

The eight regions are represented in the Sulivannian Flag, as a white eight-pointed star.

List of Regions:


Capital City (Symbolic)

Population (2019 Estimate)

Number of States and Territories

NE (Molonnei)


36.84 million

6 states, 2 territories (1 partial)

E (Conault)


19.43 million

6 states (2 partial)

SE (Alacernia)


19.06 million

5 states, 2 territories

S (Fonare)


7.34 million

4 states

C (Torreld)


13.16 million

6 states (1 partial)

N (Hernmeld)


18.26 million

6 states

NW (Evernia)


20.40 million

6 states

SW (Valconera)


17.85 million

4 states (1 partial)

Note: The names of the regions (barring two) and most cities are simply placeholders (I will change this at a later time) and reflect the geographic positioning of itself in the country. The four states that are located in more than one region are shaded for clarity.

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