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International Affairs

Imperial Kandorese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IKMFA)



These are countries and regions with which the Empire of Kandorith shares political, cultural, and diplomatic ties, are popular with the people of Kandorith, and with which free trade agreements and diplomatic treaties are in place. These nations have more than likely supported the military and political pursuits of the Empire before, and have been supportive during conflicts of the Kandorese Empire in the past.





These are countries and regions of those whose intentions are not liked or disliked or have been deemed inscrutable. The Empire may or may not maintain relations with these countries, but even if it does, it does not consider the relationship strong enough to consider the other nation a friend. It is also likely that these nations have not been in contact with the Kandorese government for a relatively long amount of time, and as such, have fallen from a better political status.

International Organizations

This section includes the opinions and memberships of the Kandorese Government on the various international organizations that exist.

    MEMBER - World Assembly: General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council
    Delegate: Miyamoto Noriko

    MEMBER - World Cup Committee


These are countries and regions the Kandorese State believes to have motives that are not in line with its own long-term policy. They are likely unpopular at home, and though some may lie closer to neutral, there is likely some conflicting ideology or policy difference. Unlike nations with which the Empire of Kandorith is Hostile towards or At War with, there have been no major incidents between the Empire and these nations. The Kandorese government is still willing to maintain cordial diplomatic relations with these countries when given the opportunity.

The Divine Queendom of Yamatai


These are nations deeply unpopular within the Empire of Kandorith and are believed to be completely opposed to the Empire's long-term policy and ideological stance. One or more incidents which have defined the relationship between the Empire of Kandorith and these nations, as such they have more than likely destroyed any chances of a cordial relationship. If the States maintain relations with these nations, they are almost constantly strained.

At War

These are nations the Kandorese Empire is actively at war with or conflicts that have asked for the aid of the Imperial Kandorese Armed Forces in any form.

    The Kandorese Empire is currently not at war or involved in any conflict.

The Great Empire of Kandorith