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by The 😈 Admiral General 👿 of Amerion. . 703 reads.

Declaration of the New Minion Order


Darth Amerion

Minions of the South Pacific,

On this momentous day, we mark a grand transition.

For a millennia, we have stood as the Coalition, a region thriving on our democratic norms and principles, opposed to all the wrong in NationStates. We have fought for these values in faraway lands and places, against awesome beastly forces who have desired nothing more than the destruction of our way of life.

All the while, we never suspected the enemy to be from the within.

The dastardly Maxtopian Order, who we entrusted with the security of our most sacred institutions, have conspired under the shadows of Democracy to overthrow your beloved Delegate and Supreme Leader. They had hoped to destroy all which we have laboured to build, to replace it with a horrendous version of liberal utopia! But their wicked ways could not be hidden from us forever. At last, they revealed themselves for who they truly were.

To our eternal good fortune, loyal forces of Minion Guard contained this treacherous Maxtopian insurrection. Led by their heroic and dare I say handsome Admiral General, our platoons crushed these would-be usurpers. The remaining Maxtopians shall be hunted down and destroyed!

Alas, this attempt on my delegacy has left me scarred and deformed but I assure you that my evilness has never been stronger!

To ensure the stability and security of the Coalition, the Republic shall be reorganised into a new force for law and order, into a New Minion Order!

Our Order shall shine as a beacon throughout NationStates. It shall be a bastion for harmony and obedience.

I hereby dissolve the Council on Regional Security and appoint its members to a new vanguard of the Order, the Council of Grand Minions.

All faithful Minions of the South Pacific are hereby instructed to endorse the Supreme Admiral Delegate General, Darth Amerion and the Grand Minions.

Those who defy me shall be summarily exiled to the Rejected Realms, or should they be particularly insolent, to Balder.

Two days of Coup Tuesday Ten thousand years of regional progress begins today!