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    Policing in Serpens Land is carried out at all three levels of government. The Royal Serpens Land Constabulary (RSLC) is the national police force. Each province also has their own police force, known as provincial police services (PPS). PPS carry out the majority of day-to-day police work in Serpens Land. Some larger cities such as Fort Charlotte have their own police forces, but most cities are under the jurisdiction of their respective PPS. Serpens Land's external territories - Diachen and the North Mesder Island Territories - are policed by the Serpens Land Territorial Police. Border patrol and customs are the responsibility of HSLM Coast Guard and the Royal Serpens Land Constabulary.


    The Royal Serpens Land Constabulary is Serpens Land's national police force. It was first established as the British Serpens Land Police in 1899 by the colonial Serpens Land government. It's name was changed to the Royal Serpens Land Constabulary in 1907 after Serpens Land was granted dominion status.

    During the Edrium rebellion, the RSLC was tasked with investigating enemy agents within Serpens Land. Some RSLC units were also given military training and fought alongside the Serpens Land Army in the conflict.

    The RSLC also saw service with the Serpens Land Armed Forces in the Imperial War.

    Upon Serpens Land's transition into a republic in 1957, the RSLC was disbanded and replaced by the Republican Home Guard (RHG). The RHG would fufil many of the duties undertaken by it's predecessor. It would, however, transfer some if it's jurisdiction to the newly created provincial police forces.

    The RSLC would be reformed after the return of the Serpens Land Monarchy in 1965. It would reinstate many of it's pre-republic traditions and duties.

    Although the modern RSLC is an officially civilian organisation, it is has many paramilitary characteristics. One such characteristic is the distinction between regular constables and officers. The RSLC also has the honourary status as an infantry regiment. As such, they are entitled to carry a regimental colour while on parade.

    The RSLC is primarily responsible for:

    • enforcing international law within Serpens Land and investigating international crime.

    • protecting important objects and people. The RSLC guards government buildings, politicians, foreign dignitaries, and members of the Royal Family.

    • coordinating investigations between multiple provincial police forces and investigating crimes such as domestic terrorism and treason.


    Serpens Land's provincial police services tackle most of the day-to-day police work within Serpens Land. All provincial police services were established during the Serpens Land republican era from 1958-1965. The Serpens Land Territorial Police also operates sililarly to the provincial police services

    While there are subtle differences between different services, the main duties of the provincial police services are:

    • investigating domestic crimes within their respective provinces.

    • enforcing national and provincial law.

    • patrolling Serpens Land roads and highways.

    • riot control and protection.


    The uniforms of Serpens Land police officers and constables are primarily based off of those of British police services. The majority of police services in Serpens Land share a similar uniform style.

    The custodian helmet - the quintessential headgear of police constables - is issued by most police services. In the RSLC, white helmets are worn by mounted constables while black is worn by non-mounted constables. Higher ranks wear peaked caps.

    All police personnel in Serpens Land are trained to operate firearms. All officers and constables on patrol carry a sidearm. All patrol cars are equipped with a rack for an additional carbine or shotgun. Personnel are also trained in the use of non-lethal weapons such as batons, tasers, and beanbag guns.

    Most emergency vehicles in Serpens Land are painted with battenberg markings. Police vehicles are painted with light blue and yellow markings. Unmarked vehicles are occasionally used by police in undercover operations.

    Due to it's paramilitary traditions, the Royal Serpens Land Constabulary uses ranks based off of those of the Serpens Land Army. Likewise, the RSLC makes a distinction between commissioned and non-commissioned members. The majority of the provincial police services also follow this structure and use similar rank titles and insignia.








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